Thursday, April 7th 2011

3 Exact Tips to Cook for YOUR Hot Metabolism

No intro needed on this... So, here you go... 1 - Add ‘stealth’ spices/herbs to dishes you have never ‘spiced up’ before. For example: A - add cumin to a scrambled egg B - add paprika to sauteed green peas C - add crushed red chili pepper to mashed cauliflower D - and if you’ve never tried sea-salt and black pepper - then you should start with those :-)) 2 - Fine-tune your healthy fat intake: Quite often I’ll find that someone is going far too low in their dietary fat intake in efforts of keeping calories down. This is not good as we need a certain amount of healthy fats to allow our bodies to function and develop properly. This can prevent some key physiological processes from taking place and can stall the body’s natural desire to burn and release excess body-fat. On the other extreme - I’ve coached some people who are unaware of the “too high” amount of healthy fats they are consuming daily. It’s important to note - one tablespoon of a healthy oil; take extra virgin olive oil as an example - contains 120 calories... ======>>>>> 1 tablespoon = 120 calories <<<<<====== That’s a lot, but still NECESSARY in proper amounts - so be a bit mindful when putting your meals together. You want to be sure you don’t get careless or carried away with the volume on those fats. As it can be very easy if you’re not paying attention to your measurements... Eventually this becomes second nature :-) 3 - Use creative BUT healthy and nutrient packed “secret” recipes - like this one: Body Rockin’ Bean-Cakes (some call these Bean ‘Burgers’... STAY TUNED, as I'll be shooting a video for this recipe soon..) These can be eaten as your main course (loaded with protein and fiber) as part of a dinner. Or you can eat for lunch wrapped in hearty lettuce, such as romaine, green-leaf, etc... ½ can black beans (drained) - mash beans in bowl, with a fork Add in: - 1 teaspoon sesame seeds - a few shakes of paprika - a few shakes of cumin - a few shakes of black pepper - a few shakes of dried parsley Mix it all up. Divide into 2 or 3 and shape into mini-cakes with (clean) hands, or with fork. Place in heated pan coated with butter or coconut oil. Sprinkle a little sea-salt while bottom side cooks. When bottom starts to get brown - use spatula to flip & cook other side. A few minutes each side is all this takes. Place on plate - let ‘em cool a bit - then ENJOY. You can add a sprinkle of parmesian cheese - or a tablespoon of your favorite marinara sauce. And who says eating properly is boring or bland???!!!!

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  • Bernadette X Thomas

    The information you give is the best, has helped me in so many way, I would love to thank you. Peace and Love,

  • Susna

    Great ideas. I love the recipe and am anxious to make it! Thanks.

  • Kat

    Thanks for the tips on how to “spice” up my life a little more, Joey! 😉 Some like it hot…and I do like it hot & spicy, but with a little bit of sweet too! What a great combination…It’s like a drop-dead beautiful (inside & out) man who can also cook. Hmm…I’m not gonna point fingers at anyone in particular. You know who you are (Hot Stuff) 😉 😉 I’m just sayin’…the sweet and hot combination is a winner in my book. 😉 😀

    It’s fantastic how you share your knowledge on the importance of using spices because they are key ingredients that not only tie all the flavors together in our meals, but revs up our metabolism too. I feel the nutrition aspect is VERY important and where A LOT of people need help – YOUR help, Joey!

    Great job on emphasizing to be mindful yet creative at the same time…go easy on certain ingredients – but don’t avoid them unnecessarily because they are healthy! Get creative and experiment because food should never be tasteless…Oh yeah!!

    LOVE trying new recipes – bring them on!
    Good Stuff, Joey! Excited…can’t wait to see your cooking video debut!!!
    Always ~ Kat

  • Yolajw

    Hey Joey,
    I have always loved your great content in your articles and emails. I am on the other side of the scale where I have just tipped the scale over onto a normal BMI after being underweight for awhile. So I`d love to get healthy recipes that are not fat melting…Please.

  • Meluzi61

    These recipes sound awesome. I can not wait to try them.

  • Josee

    The Body-Rockin’ Bean Cakes sound so good! I can’t wait to try them out! Thanks!

    When you say marina sauce, you mean marinara sauce, right? Anyway, I bet the bean cakes would also be good with salsa or even guacamole seasoning mix (sauce). I actually use this mix instead of jarred pasta sauce, it has very little calories (4 for one and one half tsp) and more importantly, a very low amount of sodium (2% daily value). I just add tomato juice and voila! I get a light, spicy pasta sauce!

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    It is just simply wonderful

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    Great tips, will give them a try. Always up for new recipes. As always thanks for the great info.


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    would appreciate more asian recipes.thanks

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    My pleasure, Bernadette 🙂 …please spread the word so others can benefit too.

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    You’re welcome, Wanda!

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    Mmmmm – sounds good!

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    More on the way, Kat!

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    Excellent! So you want recipes to ‘build’. Stay tuned…

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    Thank you so much, for everything you have done to make life easier..

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    Will the fat torching recipes reduce cellulite?

  • Anonymous

    They will help — if you are also doing my program. The recipes are high quality foods which affect the body in many ways.

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    Always a pleasure, Pat.

  • Ephne Williams

    I have never tried cumin on scrambled eggs! having scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow  – will definitely try. Even your `baked’beans sound delicious. Thanks Joey. go well. Ephne

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    Wow, this is great tips…..thank you so much….God bless…


  • Syaridatul

    Hi Joey, I’m Asian, I love stir fries n south east Asian food but I stil can tolerate western food. However it’s hard for me to do these recipes because the raw ingredients are expensive n can only be found in major supermarket here in south east Asia. Would appreciate if u can forward tasty Asian recipes that contain no alcohol n pork or porcine derivatives.thanx

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    I can’t wait to try this easy recipe…..thanx for the info..

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