Monday, March 8th 2010


BUY Bonnisan Drops ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, If you've been following me for a bit - you already know I'm a big fan of using stairs/steps for certain types of workouts.

Most people use the staircase to either go up or down to the next floor, Bonnisan Drops 200mg. Where can i find Bonnisan Drops online, The REALLY lazy ones use the elevator ;-)

Truth is - a regular staircase, or outdoor stadium steps, buy cheap Bonnisan Drops, Reasons to buy Bonnisan Drops online, is an amazing tool for several types of exercise. From leg toning and strengthening to athletic conditioning - there is a LOT that can be accomplished on the stairs.., buy Bonnisan Drops without prescription. New York. Los Angeles, California, BUT - you have to know what you are doing. And if anyone knows what they area doing when it comes to stair exercise programs - its my long time friend and fitness pro, Virgil Aponte, BUY Bonnisan Drops ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Today Virgil has offered 3 stair exercise downloads - FREE for the taking and sharing, buy no prescription Bonnisan Drops online. Bonnisan Drops 50mg, All we ask is that you do 3 things:

1 - Do the stair workouts (**Be sure you have medical clearance for exercise first.**)

2 - Spread the word. Do that right now, köpa Bonnisan Drops online, Osta Bonnisan Drops online, Jotta Bonnisan Drops verkossa, Buy Bonnisan Drops from mexico, please. Send this page to anyone you know who can use a few great workouts, rx free Bonnisan Drops. BUY Bonnisan Drops ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, 3 - Come back and thank us later in the 'comment' section below. 400mg, 450mg, Here are the workouts. Just click on them, purchase Bonnisan Drops online no prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Bonnisan Drops online, and print them out.

Stair Exercise Program - The Basics

Stair Workout - Lunge Exercise Variations

Stair Workout - Stair Exercise Combo Program

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  • Marylin Sanchez

    I love this workout! Thanks for the ideas! This is great for workouts and you don't have a way to get to a gym!

  • Seema

    Hi Joey!! these are great exercise ideas forthe steps, you always inspire and motivate me with your e mails nad the contents are always Superb! I live on the 2nd floor with a Duplex . So I climb every day the 42 steps to my apartment and about 19 inside the house , how many times , I dont know I dont even keep a count. This said I am going to try all your wonderful tips sent by you as a consious effort at exercise. But just to remind you that I had written to you that I had a knee operation and my ACL is still broken and they took of 75 % of the cartlige and it is my good knee that gives me trouble , should I try these exercises!!
    Thank you.
    Inspired and motivated.

  • bernadettethomas

    I love the steps exercise, great ideal, use it at work twice a day. Thank you very much

  • Someone.

    “thank us later in the ‘comment’ section below.”
    Thank youu. 🙂

  • lsouthwell

    Hi Joey, just wanted to let you know every hour I go up 6 flights of stairs to use the bathroom. People at work think I am weird. Then I go up two more and take the elevator down. That is 20 stairs to a flight. I do this about 6 times a day. Keeps me in shape. Than at lunch I will go out and do the outside stairs for 20-30 minutes straight. That is my cardio for the day. I run up them walk across and walk down. Then I run up them on the other side. I can say at 48 I am in pretty good shape doing stairs. I ncourage every one to take stairs if they are in a building that have them. It really does keep you in shape.

  • js

    Wow! Great idea. Why didn't I come up with it?

  • Susan

    thank you very much I like idea of using stairs for training.

  • sobers

    Hello Mr.joe. I am a great fan of you. i am doing bodybuilding for past 12 years and having good physique i am 33 years of age. i request you to kindly give me info on exactly how many sets and required for each body part and how long should a workout be and for how many days in a week exactly. i work in a governmetn office where i need to be seated for 6-7 hours . please reply.

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  • Mira

    Thanks, You're the best !!!

  • Mira

    Thanks, You're the best!!!

  • Abere

    It is a great exercise with my kids 4 and 2 years old ,they love it and asks me to do it again and again !Thank you 🙂

  • tom thompson

    Great program. Another good sourse for exersize and diet ideas can be found here:

  • You do not need to belong to a gym to be in shape since there are plenty of home cardio exercises that you can do. There are conflicting opinions of how much cardio you need to do every week so you should forget the rules and just do it for your health. After a good workout your muscles are warm, blood is pumping hard through your body and your body just feels good.

  • Lilly Adams

    While searching for the best Exercise Programs you should always take into consideration a program that will fit your lifestyle. I have found this website that helps you plan the best program for you. I hope this helps on your getting fit journey.

  • Johanna

    I'm over weight and need to workout on a regular basis…, I happen to love stair climbing
    exercises, every morning on my job…, I go to the back staircase and climb flights of stairs
    I would climb up to the 10th floor and then climb 1 flight of stairs another 40-60 times, I love
    love stairclimbing and want to continue…,But I'm just curious…, I weigh over 260lbs, I recently
    lost 82lbs and still losing…, and want to know…, How many flights of stairs should I climb every
    day or How many reps should I do?, based on how much I weigh?

  • JoeyAtlas

    There is no set # of flights or reps – If what you are doing is still working – just keep it up.

  • MsFixMyself

    Hello Joey , i have been following your newsletters they are wonderful and very informative! I have recently had Major surgery so i am a little behind…i do like to hear about the stairs and their workout…I have a question though? I have the Bowflex Treadclimber and i use that all the time so is that as good as just plain climbing stairs? Of course i have all your video workouts too and use them as well…just off the beaten path for a while until i heal….really bothers me that i have all this pent up energy and have to stay still….urgggg….I will get better soon …..Oh yea and I quit smoking again and i hope this time will be the charmer for me but i have gained 20 pounds since i quit smoking and had surgery.


  • JoeyAtlas

    Yes – the Treadclimber is great – so go with it!

    Keep at it – you'll get it all back once you are able to get back into it.


  • I walk up the stairs in my home for 15 minutes per day. Would it be better to increase that to 30 minutes in one session or do two 15 minute sessions a day?

  • Anonymous

    hi Mike  – Whichever fits better into your schedule.
    Joey “The Last Fitness Program You’ll Ever Need”

  • Thanks Joey, I’d really rather do it in two sets of 15 minutes. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

  • Soulsister1

    thanks Joey will be finding some stairs this week to try the exercises,joyce. 

  • Nanymeyer

    Hola Joey, el subir escaleras, ha sido siempre una costumbre para mi, y doy fe, de que funciona,
    Gracias por estar ahí, por tu apoyo, y tu trabajo, para hacer que las mujeres nos sintamos, SEXIS