Thursday, January 5th 2017

Can You Help Name My New Podcast Show?

Ok, so there are great things happening behind the scenes here... ... and I'm doing lots of work to get the new site and podcast in gear - aiming to launch by Feb. 1st ...And I need your help. Since you're reading this - it's likely you've been following along for quite some time - so you know my approach to fitness isn't like most others out there... It's different.... more focused on the mindset first, etc... And I want that to reflect in the podcast show name - but without being too unclear. So... I have MANY ideas for the name of the podcast show - but I can really use your feedback on these ones listed below - and I would also love to hear if you have any ideas of your own... Either way - just let me know in the comment box at the bottom of this page which of these you like:

Possible Podcast Show Names

1 - The Joey Atlas Show 2 - Fitness Mindshift 3 - New Laws of Fitness 4 - The Mindshift Fitness Show 5 - The Fitness Journey 6 - The Fitness Wisdom Show 7 - Inspire and Motivate You 8 - The Atlas Way 9 - Lifestyles of the Fit and Healthy —————— And here are some subtitles I quickly noted. Let me know what you think, and more importantly - if you have some subtitles of your own please do share in the comment section below

Possible Subtitle Ideas:

1 - Lighting the Path of Lifelong Strength, Health and Wellness 2 - How to Be Fit, Healthy & Strong for Life 3 - A Mindset & Lifestyle for the Rest of Us Again all the above are just my quick brainstorm ideas - and I'd love YOUR feedback on them, as well as your ideas... THANK YOU! :-) - Joey PS - here's a cool local magazine cover that just came out today. Thought it would be neat to share it here: [caption id="attachment_2114" align="alignnone" width="550"]SCULPTAFIT Joey Atlas SCULPTAFIT Team and Joey Atlas in St Johns Magazine[/caption]

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, AGZ! 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thank, Jolene!!

  • JoeyAtlas

    NHY, Susan! Thanks for your input here!! 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Sola!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Elsaaaaaa….! Thanks for this! 🙂

  • Birgit Smith

    Hi Joey!
    How about ‘Fitness Inspired’ by Joey Atlas? since we have all been inspired by you 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  • Gloria Constantin

    The Joey Atlas Show: Lighting the Path of Lifelong Strength, Health and Wellness

  • JeanneMarie Ender

    Joey Atlas – MindSets

  • Linda Garrett


  • Kathleen Wilkins

    Fitness Mindshift: How to Be Fit, Healthy & Strong for Life
    The Atlas Way: Lighting the Path of Lifelong Strength, Health and Wellness
    Glad to see you doing so well!

  • Jan Harmony

    The Power of Atlas 4 Mind n Body

  • Daynie DeTrana

    I like the Atlas Way lifestyle ofitness – mind, body and soul

  • Cathryn Bearov

    My spur-of-the-moment suggestion is: Mind over body: a thoughtful way to total fitness-inside and out

    Most people seem to have trouble getting their minds in gear to overcome body problems. Since you are working on the body as well as what goes on in the mind, it makes sense to clearly point that out.

    Cathryn Bearov

  • Connie

    I really like show name 3, subtitle 2.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Connie!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Cathryn!! 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Daynie!

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    Thanks, Jan!

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    Katzzzzzzzz! Hope all is well there!
    Thanks for your ‘votes’ 🙂

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    Thanks, Linda!

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    Thanks, JeanneMarie!

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    Thanks, Gloria!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Birgit! Thanks for this! 🙂
    Be sure to check my reply on your other comment =>
    Have an awesome week!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Aw Yashasvi! sorry to hear this.. You still look like you have many years ahead of you… I wish you better health and strength to come… let me know if if need some of my easier videos, some of the free ones can be hard to find.

  • JoeyAtlas

    YES 🙂

  • Lori Uchida

    Hi Joey…My idea is “The Talking Atlas” Where your perfect map to a healthy mind & body await!!

  • Ersi

    Hi Joey, I think the “The Mindshift Fitness Show” is something people would remind easily. You might want to add your signature and make it i.e “The Atlas Mindshift Fitness Show”. I hope this is helpful.

  • Ersi

    With “How to Be Fit, Healthy & Strong for Life” as a subtitle.

  • Helen Silver

    Simply “Mindshift Fitness.” 2-3 words is typical. Otherwise it’s too wordy.

  • Maria Mercedes Rodriguez

    i prefer the first one: The Joey Atlas Show for a title
    and subtitle #3

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Maria!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Helen!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Ersi!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Lori!

  • Alanna Gale

    I like The Fitness Journey because that’s what it is, a journey. It isn’t a quick fix or a secret even. It’s a lifelong journey and a way of being that includes the small decisions we make each and every day. I like #3 subtitle because it naturally fits the title above!!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Alanna! This is helpful 🙂

  • Karen Matson

    I have a BSc Kinesiology, was a RMT for about 10 years and now have my Masters in Public Health (Health Promotion specialization). I work in the mental health realm now though in Alberta Canada. I’m a team lead for the Mental Health Capacity Building in schools initiative. We have 37 projects across the province that work with schools and communities to increase knowledge of mental health and wellness, skills related to self regulation and communication And knowledge of (and access to) existing services. We just came out with a framework that underscores the importance and interconnectedneas of all aspects of health (physical, social, emotional and mental), so I suppose I’m hardwired to “preach” this stuff! Hopefully something within that short novel was helpful 🙂



  • JoeyAtlas

    This is awesome, Karen. Thanks for sharing the details… Would be good to talk at some point if you’re open to it. I’d love to learn more about some of the things you mention… i.e. “skills related to self regulation and communication…”

    Let me know!
    Joey 🙂

  • Glenna AndJonathan Rollins

    Congrats, this is awesome!!! You look amazing, and hope to see you more on magazine covers as well as your own national show!!! I like “The Joey Atlas Show!” That name, simplicity says it all. Less is more, be concise, direct and define with your subtitle; thus, “How to be Fit, Healthy, and Strong for Life.!” Awesome, enough said!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Glennaaaaaaa!! Thanks so much! 🙂
    I love your idea regarding the name/subtitle…
    Doing a lot of thinking here!
    Stay tuned!!

  • Claudia Gaitan

    Joey congratulations. I like the Fitness Mindshift… I think it says all you want to tell us about what requires to be and stay fit. I like all the subtitles. Good luck!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks for the input, Claudia!! Very helpful! Question: Do you listen to any podcasts? Just thought I’d ask out of curiosity 🙂

  • Eleanor

    Joey, I like how to be” Fit, Healthy, & Strong for life” That is what we all dream of to accomplish!

  • JoeyAtlas