Private Training and Coaching with Joey

This is a private page for a limited number of private coaching clients PLEASE DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ANYONE ELSE. This is your secure Paypal payment link to reserve your private spot in this program - and get things started. Click the link, make your payment - and I'll be in touch with you within 48 hours. Let's do this, Joey Atlas - "your trainer"
Once your payment is processed via Paypal at the link above - Plan on hearing from me within 48 hours to set up our first skype/phone coaching session. This first session is where we'll cover the following to make sure you are starting at the best possible place for your goals: A – Initial Start-Up Phase of Program: Part 1 – One hour on phone or skype to get: - detailed history (exercise, medical, general nutrition habits, injury(s), rehab, etc..) - current state of readiness for exercise and/or new program design - goals (short term, long term) - daily & weekly schedule briefing (work, home, travel, etc…) - equipment, space (home, outdoors) and/or commercial fitness facility access/options - determine which of my dvds you need (whatever you don't have - you'll get at no extra charge as an added benefit of this private coaching) Part 2 – Analyze - info collected in Part 1 - most recent program/status notes and recommendations (doctor, rehab and/or training) - get medical clearance for training – check for any exercises to avoid and/or include - get waiver of liability Part 3 – Create Initial Stage of Program (covers month 1) - create daily/weekly exercise schedule in calendar form - create support PDF/document to coincide with schedule/calendar - 30 minute follow-up phone/skype time - email support as needed (you will sent a private email address that only goes to me) Then - in month #2 we take things a step further with another private coaching call to reassess, focus and execute your plan. Each month you and I will schedule a private coaching call in addition to you having private email access to me every day of the week - whenever you need it. I'm looking forward to helping you reach your goals - AND KEEP THEM! -- Joey Atlas