Wednesday, January 22nd 2014

Why I Quit Drinking Wine

As of Wednesday morning of last week, I’ve quit drinking wine... DONE. And here’s why...
[caption id="attachment_1148" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Why I Quit Drinking Wine"]Why I Quit Drinking Wine[/caption]
I’ve noticed over the last 2 years or so - when I drink wine with dinner, my sleep suffers. The most common problem being that I’d wake up in the middle of the night, and would have to fight the minutes in order to fall back asleep. I had actually stopped for about 4 months - but last Tuesday night, I was at a speaking/dinner event in Las Vegas and enjoyed a glass & a half of red wine with my dinner. I went to bed at about 11pm and by 2am I was wide awake and couldn’t get back to sleep. Not good AT ALL. So, I’m done with wine, even the sulfite-free Organic wines. My sleep (and yours) is infinitely more valuable than enjoying a glass or two of wine with dinner. Remember: Quality sleep is critical to optimal fitness, health and youth preservation. When our sleep is sacrificed - we pay the price in many ways.

Some of the ways we pay that price are:

1 - Increased Irritability and Moodiness 2 - Decreased Physical Performance 3 - Accelerated Aging (from looking like $#!% every morning - to hormone de-optimization) 4 - Limited Brain Functionality Those are just a few - and those alone lead to several layers of other ill effects of bad sleep, such as: A - Increased Body-Fat B - Muscle Wasting C - Sagging Skin D - Loss of Libido (YIKES!) There are many articles and resources that shed more light on this topic - all you have to do is search "Wine and Insomnia" From here forward, I’ll simply enjoy an organic/artisan beer with dinner, when I’m in the mood (usually during the warmer months here in North Florida). Again, our sleep is profoundly valuable to our wellness, longevity and the quality of our daily lives - all aspects of it. So, we must place priority on creating conditions that give us the best sleep-time possible.

More to come on the topic of high-quality sleep - soon.

Any thoughts, questions or comments? Just post below - that space is there for YOU :-) Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas

  • laidbackdood

    There is no proof that water dilutes stomach juices…..its a myth…….actually the best thing you can do is drink a big glass of water before your meal but there is no evidence to prove that taking small amounts of water with your meal is detrimental to digestion….In fact water helps digestion and also combats constipation.

  • laidbackdood

    There is also something in wine that can effect your joints…I saw a chinese guy who used a lot of chinese wine and he hip joints were a mess……..he was drinking a lot but he gave up and gradually h came right but just in time.

  • Milena Spassova

    Everything is good in moderation.You see my opinion is that even if you eat healthy food but don’t take care of the portions you take, it will eventually hurt your heath.As an European I really like wine and specially red.Back home every family makes it’s own wine, no chemicals in it,no headaches.But with the wines on the market it’s a different story.I would occasionally have a glass of wine but from now on I’ll go for the organic one.So, thanks for the tip Joey.And for the ones that have problem sleeping, any alcohol bevarage affects our nervus system. Moderation I guess in everything.Be blessed!

  • Gloria Terry

    I don’t drink thought, wine or beer or any alcohol at all but I tried red wine one time in 2010 New Year eve and I slept like an idiot. I dragged myself until 00:00 just so I don’t miss the celebration, then right after that I went straight to bed with my clothes still on.

  • Gloria Terry

    I don’t drink thought, wine or beer or any alcohol at all but I tried
    red wine one time in 2010 New Year eve and I slept like an idiot. I
    dragged myself until 00:00 just so I don’t miss the celebration then
    right after that I went straight to bed with my clothes still on.

  • Surferchick

    Insanity! It’s crazy. But had helped me with my surfing. I am improving in my heats and becoming stronger for sure. I looked up your program to stop cellulite and reverse the cellulite I have already. I am a competive surfer and a surf instructor so most of my life is spent in a bikini. So I appreciate your program as well as my insanity one.

  • Heather

    I think this pertains to alcohol in general, not just wine….

  • Carrizosa

    I placed an order months ago and Atlas never send me a thing through mail. He took my money. I emailed and no response.

  • Anonymous

    “He” happens to be me 🙂
    Glad to help you – please let me know which email you sent your request for support – and let me know your order # – and I will forward to my support team so they can help you 🙂

  • Carina

    It does work for my mom. She only drinks wine to help her sleep when my dad snores XD it helps her to sleep through it.

  • Aileen

    Thanks for the info Joey…I’ve never really liked red wine anyway, but on a rare occasion I’ll indulge a glass of white wine. The first time I had white wine it made me very relaxed, borderline sleepy. When I do have some, it’s always light, sweet and fruity. Probably not the “healthiest” wine to have but it’s the only one i can enjoy.

  • sharna

    I completely understand I feel the same however I do enjoy some wine over wknds. I have cut down but doubt I am able to quit.

  • JayD

    I agree – drink water before / between meals – I drink a lot of water generally. It depends on what you are eating – if the food is very dry, small sips of water will help (as will small sips of wine).
    You state (boldly) “There is no proof that water dilutes stomach juices”. To that , I would add that there is no proof that it does NOT dilute it either!
    Considering that ANY acid is diluted / its pH is raised – by water (which is pH neutral – usually!) then, logic tells me that water (H2O) will dilute /reduce the acidity of one’s stomach acid (HCl).
    How much this affects the individual’s digestive processes is – just that – individual! Some people feel bloated if they drink water with food , some do not. I also expect that it depends on how much junk you eat!
    A lot of factors affect ITT (Intestinal Transit Time) – water is only one of them. If you do not eat enough soluble fibre to absorb the water , then it will not help that much.

  • Mavis

    Thnks for the info. You are right, especially when u’ve not been drinking wine for a while.

  • Candi Murchie

    It will dehydrate hence the aging effect. I drink very little wine if at all.

  • JayD

    UR welcome. Thanks for all your fitness info. The most important message that I get from this article of yours, though, is the fact that getting good-quality sleep – and enough of it – is vitally important to our health.

  • Anonymous

    You got it Jay!! The priority here is “sleep quality”.. Not wine or any other alcohol for that matter… Everyone responds differently to different elements… So there is no right or wrong answer here… And these things can also evolve/change over the course of a lifetime.

    Sleep comes first – what (and when) we choose to do with wine, beer, vodka is secondary.

    The sharing of all the info here, experiences and perspectives is priceless and helpful!

    My pleasure on the fitness info 🙂

  • Noreen Wilkins

    Sometimes wine does effect me. I guess if I drank enough it wouldn’t effect my sleep much; unless, of course, I wake up thirsty and then falling back asleep can be troublesome.

  • Shari

    Diet pop, now wine! Your killing me!!!! 🙂

  • karateka

    Well done…wine [any alcohol] damages your liver and why would you want to ingest all that sugar.

  • Sarah

    Gwenda, could you tell other modes during a night time? some teachers are saying that the best time to sleep is from 8-9 pm up to 3 am.. then sleep is useless.. )))
    ant in the summer my body lives naturally in such regime, but not in the winter when it is so dark..

  • Sarah

    I think that beer is no way a better option than wine because of estrogen in it..
    I avoid any alcohol (ethanol) for years.. and coffee and other drugs.. )))

  • Maria

    Thanks Joey for the insight! So here are some doubts: 1. Is it because of the alcohol in the wine? Cause, well, we all know how bad alcohol is, but then it would be the same for beer drinkers, or those who like to sip some scotch or whiskey before goig to bed and after a long day of work…. 2. If not, then which is the component cause the insomnio? 3. Is white wine as bad as red wine? 4. Is it the combination of food/wine?? I, for example, don’t like drinking wine with my meals, I’d rather drink a glass after dinner or as an apperitive…. But I cant recall if those nights I had trouble sleeping, as it is usual hard for me falling asleep…

  • Gwenda M SMith

    Hi Sarah
    Thankyou for your question.The sleep hours you have been suggested are certainly not what work for optimum health when I reference my studies in Traditional Chinese medicine. Your organs rejenurate throughout the night especially from 10pm thru to 5. But then there are other organs that rejuvenate after 4am.
    There are also your personal biorhythms which are important for your health.
    Youre welcome to c make contact via Facebook or LinkedIn. Shapechanger Health and wellness. Regards Gwenda

  • Racheh

    This is good timing.. I have stopped drinking my nightly glass of wine for about 2 weeks now (detoxing off sugar, meat and alcohol). I was wondering if it was really a big deal to have a little wine here and there…. I am also doing my Joey Atlas Butt and Thighs regimen again…. OUCH!!!!!

  • Racheh

    Wine makes me sleep better too…. Only if I leave it at one glass. That’s why I started to drink a nightly glass to begin with!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good work Racheh 🙂 Keep me posted on the hot progress with the ULBHTM program!

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome, Maria 🙂

  • Racheh

    This…. LOL!!!!

  • Anonymous

    that’s a good one!

  • Racheh

    OMG….. It’s how I have been feeling!!! Did my third run through of my DVD level one…. it’s getting better. I can’t find my progression information…. how do I know when to move on?

  • Anonymous

    NICE 🙂
    Check your emails from us – there should be a “Thank you” email that has a links to the support materials for ULBHTM dvds, your progressions plans, etc. Let me know.

  • Debbie

    Hi Joey,
    Just completed my first session with your DVD. I am feeling my glutes today. It follows the anti cellulite program, I love being able to monitor my speed with your moves. I will keep you posted on my success.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, Debbie!! Tell me more about your goals – what else are you aiming for versus how far you’ve already come with the NB/symulast method?
    Joey 🙂

  • Eleanor

    My husband and I are members of a wine club here in our community in Cobble Hill where there are many wineries, and, therefore, monthly get together tasting different wines approximately 2 ozs of about 6 different wines. The next morning after the wine tasting I feel dehydrated with stiff fingers and joints – I attribute this stiffness to my wine tasting therefore I limit or eliminate my wine drinking on other days!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks for sharing El!! This will help other readers – no doubt 🙂