Friday, October 30th 2009


BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Last week I mentioned I'd be sending out this next issue of 'LIVE to the MAX' to highlight some things that are going on in my life - that, undoubtedly have, are or will be going on in yours - If not with you directly - surely with someone you know...

Let's take this one subject at a time:


Many of you already know I've already been divorced once. Purchase Methotrexate online no prescription, Well, I'm in the midst of divorce # 2 right now. It's an "amicable" one - But even amicable divorces are loaded with their own challenges, buy Methotrexate online no prescription, especially when a child or children are involved. Buy Methotrexate without a prescription, That being said - I have MUCH to be grateful for - in going through these 2 episodes of my life. I have grown in ways that ONLY these 2 marriages could have helped me grow, BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

I have learned things about myself - and other people - that I could have ONLY learned by going through these 2 marriages that I speak of...

The person I have become - the person I have grown into - could only have grown as such - by going through specific experiences designed to properly prepare me for the rest of my life, order Methotrexate online overnight delivery no prescription. And for all of this, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, I am thankful.

A diamond becomes a diamond after certain elements are combined and then exposed to incredibly extreme levels of pressure and forces... BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, We can choose to apply this example as a metaphor to our own lives.

I'm not a diamond yet - but I'm so much closer now, farmacia Methotrexate baratos, Methotrexate online kaufen. And the future looks undeniably bright - as I strive to make the most out of my life - and 'live to the max'. Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, CAREER:

This is an area of life where countless people never get a chance (or take a chance) to 'live to the max'...

Last week, during an evening fit-walk, Methotrexate 150mg, I was on the phone with my brother, Comprar en línea Methotrexate, comprar Methotrexate baratos, Dom, for about 90 minutes.

[caption id="attachment_67" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Dom, Marisa, Joey"]Dom, Marisa, Joey[/caption]

He's 3 years younger than me - but we've always been close in many ways, BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. We have many similarities - but also some clear differences, Methotrexate from canadian pharmacy. Our mother wonders sometimes if we are both hers!. Methotrexate 500mg, (we also have a sister too, Marisa - I'll cover her in the future ;-)

Dom looks up to me in many ways ...says he "wishes he could be as reckless as me..." (JUST KIDDING)... But I also look up to him in certain regards, Methotrexate 1000mg, 2000mg. BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, For example, he epitomizes the definition of a "good daddy" - and while I'm pretty good myself - He makes me want to be even better. That's just one example... Order Methotrexate from mexican pharmacy, He's also VERY funny - But I am at least neck and neck with him there.

For example - in this photo - If you could see the whole thing - before I cropped it, you'd get the full effect.., köpa Methotrexate online, Osta Methotrexate online, Jotta Methotrexate verkossa.

One of our Police friends stopped by. Dom went inside to grab some fake teeth and a hat, BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Methotrexate 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, He then had the cuffs put on him - and jumped into the back seat, stuck his cuffed hands out the window and... Boom - Instant Kodak moment - Classic, where can i find Methotrexate online. I laugh every time I look at that photo. Buy Methotrexate without prescription,

[caption id="attachment_64" align="alignnone" width="199" caption="Dom In Police Car"]Dom In Police Car[/caption]

Anyway - Dom has always been the 'conservative' type - While I've always been the 'risk taker' - especially when it comes to career... BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, He is essentially in the same field as me - Health/Fitness/Nutrition - But in a slightly different capacity. Most of his time has been spent in a physical rehabilitation setting, working with pre and post surgery patients - as well as work related injury rehab cases, Methotrexate 625mg,650mg.

It has been a steady and "safe" job for him - for many years - and to him it was 'comfortable'... Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, I must mention - there have been events and forces in his life - which made that job even more "safe and comfortable"...

In addition to that - he also has a steady and loyal following of private clients he sees several times a week for personal fitness training appointments.

He is VERY good at what he does - and carries a very similar style and philosophy to mine (smart guy!).., BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

But in addition to that - He also has a VERY special gift for creating very appetizing, købe Methotrexate online, αγοράζουν online Methotrexate, healthy, Methotrexate over the counter, yet simple meals that fit the busy fitness lifestyle - Meals and snacks that you, and many people you know, would GREATLY appreciate and welcome into your life, Methotrexate 125mg.

Anyhow - Our phone conversation revolved around the subject of imminent regulatory changes in the field of physical rehab medicine and therefore at the rehab office where he works - and hence the uncertainty of his position at the clinic. Methotrexate 100mg, Dom is married to my sister in law, Liz - and they have a daughter, Sophia, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, my lovely niece... 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg, He is responsible for a lot. BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, This uncertainty of his position is causing a certain level of anxiety and uncertainty... and I'm trying to show him this is his time where "the elements are being exposed to forces and pressures that can turn them into the diamond..."

Truth be told - he doesn't belong there - He has many talents to offer this world - Talents that other people pay dearly for to develop...

We also talked about:

1 - What is the subtle message the Universe is sending you right now, Methotrexate 250mg. What signal is it sending you. Methotrexate price, 2 - Fear is only something in your mind that you imagine. Fear is not tangible - you create it in your own head, BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. We fear uncertainty - or 'what if'?... When you think about the worst case scenario in most modern day situations - you realize you truly don't have much to fear anyway, Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee. Portland, Oregon.

3 - In 30 or 40 years, Kjøpe Methotrexate online, bestill Methotrexate online, if you look back at your life to this current time - Would you be happy with your actions in life. - Would you feel you truly tried to make the most of it by going after your true passions and motivations. BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Or would you regret just 'playing it safe' - and possibly resent the fact that you don't know "what could have been if I..." .

This chapter of his life is still open - its currently being written as we speak - And I'm trying to fuel his motivation to be the one holding the pen - who writes most of it - if not, order Methotrexate online c.o.d, all of it...

He has some special talents - he has some valued skills... He just needs to decide which ones he wants to pursue - and then, hop to it...

He knows I'm here to support and help him.

And I think if you are still reading this - you would gladly support him too, BUY Methotrexate ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. All I ask is that you show him some encouragement, by posting your comments and thoughts below - the more the better...

He knows this world holds much possibility when you decide to put yourself out there - now he just needs to 'feel' it a bit...

He and I may work on a project together that addresses healthy yet, simple and tasty meals and snacks for busy people, that fit into the fitness lifestyle - Or he may do it on his own - Either way, it will be incredible.

[caption id="attachment_70" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Dom & Joey Cooking It Up Healthy"]Dom & Joey Cooking It Up Healthy[/caption]

I didn't think this post would turn out to be this long... amazing what comes out when you start writing...

I thank you for being here - and for being a part of all this.

Your trainer for life - your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas


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  • lucyanncaldone

    Joey & Dom, I've known both of you since you were little boys and you have come a long way. Life has it's trials & tribulations as we all have experienced in some way, but we keep on moving forward. I know you both have done just that. It sounds like you have a big decision to make, but a good one, remember that. I think it will work out for you positively, but by chance if it didn't, what options would you have then? If there are other options to turn to, then go for it. I believe you have many people's blessings, how can it not work for you? Whatever your choice may be, God Bless. Miss both of you. Lucyann

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Lu!
    Thanks so much for reading this post – and adding your support. Dom has already been blown away by all the responses – But he'll surely get something extra from your added support. We are blessed and grateful for the friendship between our families – Amazing how far back you and my mom go – and still so many years to come. Love ya – and miss all you too – Please give my regards to Frank and all 'the kids'.


  • Trish

    I would LOVE some help with healthy and tasty food! It has to be easy and taste good because I don't have time to cook separate meals for my husband and kids. I think Dom should at least give it a try, maybe while he still has his regular job, he could put something out there.

    Good Luck!

  • Anu

    Waoh! That's one of the most inspiring posts I've read. Glad to see men who still care for their loved ones this much. I pray God will guide Dom through this season as he thinks, plans and takes the steps to greater things ahead.
    P.S- What would you do if you had no fear? Stop fear from freezing your mind and making it impossible to do what u've been gifted and prepared for. I'm also going through this phase in my life and i see how i'm changing as I conquer the fear within me:)

  • dianemoodley

    thank you for sharing this article with us. I think going with the healthy meals idea would be a sure success and i wish you and Dom every success in this venture if you choose to do so. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your articles as i find them very informative and inspiring.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hello again everyone – Joey here just wanting to express my thankfulness to everyone posting support here. Your words and thoughts are greatly appreciated and extremely helpful !!!

    Keep it coming, please…


  • elainedolan

    Hey Joey,
    I'm using a laptop instead of my usual computer,because i'm in a different country at the moment.I cant access my private client site because the link I had saved with my email seems to have gone.I'm so upset about this .I have memorized all my cellulite busting excercises but I would rather see you on the screen directing me to do them.Hoping you can help me. yours sincerely Elaine Dolan

  • bashar

    thank you very much Joey for sharing these messages with me and Im lucky to be your friend

  • Karen L.

    Your words repeat, almost verbatim, what I have said over and over to family and friends following my own divorce 7 years ago. I suspect we are two of a very large number of people in this world who are willing to accept that things happen for a reason & prepare us for potential future events … although we may not understand a logic to it, at that moment. Sometimes, there is no logic involved nor an answer to the “WHY???” question. All a person can do is accept “what is”, and move on. Sounds like you're very proactively doing that, so be proud of yourself. My immediate family jokingly claims that we are our very own best therapy, at times. If one of us has an issue, we call one another and may relate the story 2-3 times … but talking it out helps … and so does the repetition of retelling the story. Lean on your family for support during this emotional roller coaster ride (sounds like you have a loving one), and don't forget you have an entire world of extended family who will be there for you … if you let them. If writing gives you relief/release, then use it. Your words & advice come from your experiences and your heart; your fans will, I'm sure, recognize this & will respond accordingly. You are a big believer in sharing free information that will benefit others. I have one for you that may be helpful/interesting some late night if you can't get to sleep. The topic is “The science behind EFT (Emotional freedom techniques) … following the premise that emotional relief brings physical health. The website is: . I have no affiliation to this site & I am not a medical expert. My sister, who is into homeopathic medicine/alternative treatments & does do some limited teaching, recommended I check out the free download, free newsletter, etc. I've only just started to check the info out, but it's very intriguing. Best regards to you & yours!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Karen – thanks for your great support here – Much appreciated – and I'm sure your words will be helpful to many others as well… Thanks for sharing that resource- will surely take a look at it.


  • devonnja

    Hello Joey,
    I havent heard from you as much and now I know why. I have been married for 10 years and we have had our ups and downs. It takes a lot of work to be successful in marriage but is very rewarding when it comes together. I havent been as successful in my career and I will definitely take what you said about fear to heart. I know you will find your soulmate and I will be praying for you. Thanks for being so vulnerable and humble. These are really great attributes.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Devonnja – your comments are deeply appreciated – Thanks for adding to the conversation here. And thanks for your prayers…. remember 'No fear'…


  • Pat Woodruff

    Joey – I love reading your blog. I wish you and your brother all the best in whatever happens. I can't believe you read all your comments and pretty much answer them all too!! You are such an inspiration.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Pat – thanks for reading and adding to the cause here – and I thank you for the compliments. Yes, I try my best to keep up with the comments – and my replies 🙂

    Spread the word…


  • susanstmartin

    Hi Joey and Dom,
    Just got done traveling the country in an RV for about 2.5 years with my husband's job and had a great time. I am 42 , he is 53. No we are not “retired” (such an antiquated concept anyway). It was an opportunity and we took it. Now we are moving into a new town and reinventing ourselves again. Kind of scarey but more exciting because I have done it before so I now feel more confident about it. No doubt there is still fear there, but fear is our friend. It is a survival mechanism that we should appreciate having or we would probably all be in trouble. A very successful friend once told me “If you aren't feeling uncomfortable, then you are not moving forward.” I kind of live in that now.
    Best to both of you. You guys Rock!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Susan… VERY COOL!! …sounds like you two are 'living right'… Keep at it!

    Thanks for your great words here – they are greatly appreciated – and it means a lot, not only to us – but everyone else who follows along and travels this journey with us… We all do it together – we are all connected whether we know it or not…


  • Yasmeen

    Hi Joey, Dom… I admire yr entrepreneurial spirit and I definitely agree with Joey that this is the time to realign yr goals and rethink yr priorities. So one very important question I think is: what do you really really really want to do with the rest of yr life? About yr cooking, I'm sure you are a swell cook but to actually prepare and distribute food to as many people as possible, you will need start-up capital to rent a place, equip yr kitchen, maybe hire staff, and so on. I was thinking: why not create yr own website and educate people about healthy eating habits, incredibly healthy food items, and publish yr recipes online. For instance, I know that a lot of people have no idea about the bad effects of artificial flavorings, preservatives, taste enhancers et al (you know the items indicated by “E”-xxx ), and don't get me started on Aspartame, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and their ilk. You could affiliate yourself on yr website with healthy products like organic food items, free-range chickens and eggs, and meat that does not contain hormones, antibiotics, and what not! Yech! You can teach people to break their bad eating habits and teach them awesome ways to a healthier life. With a positive attitude, one can always take away the “mis” in misfortune. One day you will be able to look back on this time and say that the best thing that happened to you was when you were made redundant! All the best to you and yr families.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Great comment Yasmeen!
    We appreciate this input. Excellent ideas.

    — Joey

  • tammycampbell


    There should be more siblings who band together to love and support each other….cheers to you guys! I personally would LOVE to recieve healthy, easy recipes. I have a pretty good hunch most people go threw their busy day with out giving much thought to what they put into their mouths, and usually end up making bad food choices. Also, I believe people don't realize how important good food is to your body and mind….Dom wouldn't it be amazing to be part of a possitive CHANGE in someones life choices!

    I encourage you to go for it…go for anything! Take a leep of faith, if it doesnt work thats ok…at least you tried, success comes with adventure.


  • sheilalu

    Hi Joey!
    I truly agree with you: “A diamond becomes a diamond after certain elements are combined and then exposed to incredibly extreme levels of pressure and forces…”.
    As an only child I was really spoilt and pampered by my parents but after my father's death, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and life has been hard ever since. Although I sometimes really think of what my life would have been like if nothing would have happened, I am very proud of the mature and responsible person I have grown to be.
    I hope all will be well for your brother, but if things don't turn right, I know he will find the strength to start over again and maybe build something bigger.

  • carolinacanario

    i totally agree with you Joey, be encouraged Dom, this is your time to fullfill all your dreams and goals and not to stay in safety zone, this is the time that God has given to you! We will support your job… and im not even an american or live in the US, im from the dominican republic, so you two (Joey and Dom) have people watching over you worlwide! 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks for these great words of support and encouragement, everyone – They are MUCH appreciated!


  • delka

    Hi Dom or Joey,
    I do not know who will be accessing this post but I just want to let Dom know that one psychologist, Havinghurst, noted that people in their middle years tend to be uncomfortable with their jobs and go insearch of another. The thing is, I had this same unsettling experience when I was in my mid thirties, I have done nothing about it and now in my mid forties I am indeed regretful and miserable at the same old job. I am also afraid of taking risks, venturing out, looking for new horizons. This does no one any good. So sit down and carefully explore your options and do not let fear of the unknown cripple you. I still want to venture out but do not know how. Crippled? yes but not giving up.

    I am a Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator/Clinical Instructor. I have both a bachelor's and master's degree but am I fulfilled career wise? NO!!! Yes, I am giving advise that I should take for myself and I really want to make some significant changes this year, this may involve migrating but I need to change or else…

    So Dom, do what you need to do but move on. All the best and good luck.


  • Dell

    Mandy, this is touching I really like your soulful comments. I can identify with your issues too.


  • elainedolan

    hey Joey hows life?I have been checking my emails and have discovered my private client access has disappeared once again..I originally have it on desktop on another computer but this is elsewhere and I wont be there for another while.hoping you can resend the info again .Yours sincerely Elaine Dolan