Thursday, November 11th 2010


BUY Mellaril ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Today’s article will make a bit more sense if you’ve already read my book. 400mg, 450mg, If you haven’t - you can get a free e-copy right here: Free Fitness Book

If you have read it - or if you’ve been following me for a while, then you already know my past struggles with weight, Mellaril price, Købe Mellaril online, αγοράζουν online Mellaril, body image and food/eating issues - and how I overcame them to reach my best potential.

One of the critical keys to my success was learning how to focus on my goals and stay committed to them, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California. Mellaril 1000mg, 2000mg, This happened in a series of competitions I entered between the ages 18 and 22.

The ‘mechanism’ by which this happened is one that can be used by anyone - including YOU...

For many people - the challenge of finding the fuel for motivation when it comes to total fitness success is usually one which ends in self-defeat, buy Mellaril from canada. It’s like a ‘battle with the self’ from day 1, BUY Mellaril ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Comprar en línea Mellaril, comprar Mellaril baratos, There is so much going on emotionally, mentally, Mellaril 200mg, Order Mellaril from mexican pharmacy, psychologically - and when you throw in the elements and obstacles of “every-day life” - the average person surrenders to those forces, throws in the towel - and usually quits, Mellaril coupon. Buy no prescription Mellaril online, One of the most powerful ways to ‘side-step’ that self destructive scenario is by focusing on an “external object of desire” - something of great value - something which can only be acquired after you reach your important goal.

This gives you a real source of fuel for motivation.

You have something TANGIBLE to place your focus on, 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg. Buy cheap Mellaril, Even the element of competing to win a contest can do this (as it did for me) but it all becomes exponentially more powerful when all of this is combined... BUY Mellaril ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Picture this - you are presented with a chance to win an awesome sports car, a duffle-bag, fully stuffed with cash, and an all-expenses-paid vacation to an incredible place - along with the chance to win the title of ‘CHAMPION’ and the fame which comes with it - simply for just reaching your own personal fitness goals...

Doesn’t matter if you just need to drop “that last 10 pounds” or you are ready to reverse years and years of life-killing weight gain and a painfully declining health profile, purchase Mellaril online no prescription. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, It changes your focus, doesn’t it, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina. Mellaril over the counter, Kind of gets your heart racing a bit, right, buy Mellaril without a prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, Hold that thought because you may be surprised to have a chance at this very opportunity in the very near future...

This external fuel for motivation holds a VERY important key to life-long fitness success - and here it is.., BUY Mellaril ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

THE KEY is... this can become MAJOR catalyst for lifelong transformation, Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, Purchase Mellaril online, significant change and a massively positive ‘shift’. And here’s how.., online buy Mellaril without a prescription. Mellaril 125mg, - You learn what you’re capable of.

- You get a taste of your own potential, buy Mellaril online cod. BUY Mellaril ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, - You realize a major difference in how you feel. Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, - You become significantly empowered.

This can trigger a level of self-motivation you never experienced before - based on a strong desire to continue the improvements and all you are feeling both inside and outside, Mellaril 200mg. Rx free Mellaril, How does this happen?

The ‘prizes’ take your focus away from the task - and place it on the coveted objects of desire. This pushes you to dedicate, New York. Los Angeles, California, Mellaril from canadian pharmacy, commit and persist - in order to give yourself a high chance of success, and to win the prizes at stake, where can i order Mellaril without prescription.

Sometimes the coveted prize is simply a trophy and a title, such as Mr/Mrs USA.., BUY Mellaril ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

But sometimes the prizes and winnings can come in other forms. Forms which make the average man or woman get totally fired up and ready to make something incredible happen...

Your endorphins start flowing, your mind starts seeing you reaching your goals - week after week, going after these alluring prizes with a powerful level of energy and a sense of unwavering commitment.

Momentum, positive feedback, people asking “WOW, What have you been doing??!!” all add fuel to your internal fires of desire like a super-powered magnet pulling you toward your best potential in a way you’ve never experienced in your entire life. BUY Mellaril ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Once you reach your highest goals, and you’ve won the rare prizes and you look in the mirror and truly realize how far you’ve come...

You are then ready to set your sights on a bigger, more meaningful goal, and even more important package of prize winnings.... which is you at your best, living your optimal life in a strong, healthy and “fit” body.

You can then focus on ‘YOU’ and all the benefits you will reap by maintaining your best self - for the rest of your life.

You’ll never want to go back to the old you.

You’ll never want to experience all the garbage that comes with being so out-of-shape, unattractive, low on energy and unhealthy...

Your mind, body and spirit will want the new you to be the only you - the real you, BUY Mellaril ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

If you feel something buzzing in you right now... If you’re thinking “Yes, I can do this...” and all you need is an incredible prize package to aim for - a once in a lifetime jackpot to go after - then stay tuned because as the New Year approaches you are going to have this chance...

You define your goals. You go after them with proper guidance and support - and if you stay true to yourself - you stand a solid chance at winning some rare and valuable prizes (Italian sports car, $10,000.00 cold cash and a dream-life vacation package - plus more...)

I can’t reveal much more than this at this point... But feel free to post any comments or thoughts about today’s article - and feel free to share this link with anyone you know.

SIDE NOTE: I have 2 spots open for OPTION 3 – Long distance training and coaching see the details on this page:

Your trainer forever - your trainer for life,

-- Joey Atlas.

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  • Bellefarr

    Ooh, I'm up for this I am wanting to be a body sculptor – my body of course, however winning those prizes in 2011 excites me even more bring it on I say

  • Gerdaline

    It's always nice to hear from you, and I appreciate that you send me stuff, However, one day maybe you'll look me up in Google, particularly in “” which has my career outline in it amongst other things about my achievements, and you might actually stop talking down to me.
    Best wishes, Gerda

  • Loulabelle V

    Hey Joey,well im buzzing,thats just what i need to give me focus and determination!!! Ive never won anything in my life but i wouldnt care as long as i get transformed in the process : ) Just imagine if i won tho……..: )

  • Kat

    I am really quite puzzled at to why you think Joey is talking down to you. As far as I can see, Joey is just trying to motivate and give some helpful strategies and incentives.

    While Joey gives some tips, some general and some personal, the overall message is that we all have the same common goal, “good health.” I don’t understand how encouraging someone to set goals and keep motivated is talking down.

    I am glad that someone (Joey) with such a health and fitness presence takes his time to encourage me! He is a great role model and is taking that responsibility seriously. This is not talking down – it’s leadership. Joey is just trying to make a positive difference. He’s seen it first hand, lived it and now wants to continue helping others improve their lives.

    Joey provides an example of how you can take control of your health goals and get pumped up to keep those goals with motivation. I and many others on this blog can take Joey’s life experiences and see the truth in them and the good that is meant by it.

    Joey never said anything negative and he sure didn’t imply that anyone should live their life in a certain way. Joey’s right on target – his words are inspiring, they are asking people to look in the mirror, not to place value on superficial things, but to do meaningful things, to develop oneself and healthy manners, to learn, to make a better life for oneself.

    The only people who think they are being talked down to are the ones that aren’t understanding the point of the message Joey is delivering.

  • Kat

    While most people are excited about the prizes, I hope that they understand the underlying meaning to your message.
    With that said, I know that I can do anything that I put my mind to – persistence is my specialty.
    I don't care about those prizes you listed, money can't buy the prize I would like, I have my eye on one prize…guess I'll have to wait and see if you put it on the list. 😉

  • lamasherif2

    My sole problem when it comes to weight loss has always been commitment. I always start out very well, lose some weight and then I give in to food again. (That usually happens after a month)
    I'm not an inactive person, I really do exercise, but I don't exercise enough to burn all that crap I eat.
    I'll definitely try this!! I just need to figure out a motive that will keep me going strong and for long.

  • Kidtrans2006

    I don't understand how you get that Joey is talking down to “you”. He is simply trying to help people, people that want help. If you feel he is 'picking you out of the crowd' and you don't need/want help in becoming healthy and fit then why don't you unsubscribe???

  • Chelsea

    Super motivated by the prizes and hoping it's true! Wish you would blog alot more and still waiting for the Joey & Kat blogging…the real fun & excitement! Me & my friends are wanting more of the both of you two. Looks like you are keeping us hanging…

  • Chelsea

    Think I know what you want for your prize…will have to see if Joey's smart enough to put it on the list.
    Hope it happens!!

  • Chelsea

    Why is it that whenever someone is trying to be nice that someone else has to be so not nice? How is Joey talking down to you? Really, I don't get it! I agree with Kidtrans2006…then unsubscribe! And Kat sure knows what she is talking about…you need to read & listen to her awesome words! Maybe you will learn something.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Stay tuned!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Be ready!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Your optimum self is THE best prize – so yeah! it's on the list.


  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks for chiming in here, everyone 🙂
    A little confusing – but all good…

  • JoeyAtlas

    Stay tuned, Chelsea! For the prizes, contest, etc… 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    Be ready, Loulabelle!

  • Kat

    Nope! Wrong guess, Joey! Of course the optimum self is one of the best prizes, (that's a given) but that's not the prize I WANT on the list… I am sure you will figure it out, but if you need a clue just let me know. 😉
    Always ~ Kat

  • Kat

    Thanks for your support, Chelsea!
    Yeah, I bet you do know what I want for my prize. I sure hope I get that PRIZE! 😀

  • Chelsea

    Your welcome! Us girls gotta stick together and you sound like an awesome person. You will get that prize…unless that prize is not worthy–hope not. hahaha!! Think you need to give Joey a clue. You two are sooooo cute!! Lovin this stuff!!

  • Kelley

    Joey – Thanks for the freebie. Yay! I'm so excited and can't wait for the contest! There are some big prizes on that list. I like the motivation! Thanks for all your advice!
    To give back – here is some advice for you: In your last blog I suggested to you to take a chance with your heart and Kat – from what I'm reading, you haven't taken that chance – don't let a good thing pass you by. There is something special about the pair of you. The third time is the charm.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Kelley – thanks for adding to the conversation here! 🙂 …very much appreciated!

  • Chelsea

    Hey Joey, Live a little…have some fun!! Don't you want Kat to give you a clue?? Ball is in your court!! Live to the Max!!
    Ohhh btw — I have some friends coming your way — if you keep the fun going!! 🙂

  • Diane

    Hi Joey! I'm new to this blog. Chelsea let me know about your contest going on soon. I'm fired up! I hope I win this one! Chelsea also let me in on the more personal excitement going on…this will add a little extra fun until the contest starts. Let's see what you got!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hello Diane – and welcome!

    The contest should be amazing – It's being put together by a few fitness colleagues of mine – who have access to some incredible resources. Because of the way they are doing it – I have no choice but to help promote it – since it really will change a bunch of lives for the better.

    Stay tuned!

    – JA

  • Chelsea

    Hey Joey, No reply?…No Living to the Max and having a little fun anymore?

  • Chelsea

    Sorry Kat, guess Joey's not interested in finding out or seeing you get that prize you hoped for… 🙁
    That's a guy for you!! Me and my friends are with you!! 🙂

  • Kat

    Thank you, Chelsea. While I know that you mean well, I didn't expect so much excitement over a few good intentioned words/comments. I can't understand why my personal life is getting so much attention. I mean really – Am I that interesting?… I guess that I am flattered that you think so, but this blog isn't the place for this kind of thing. Thank you for the insight and making me see the message more clearly… yes, the silence does speak volumes. Thank you for your “girl” support and I want to wish you happiness in life and luck in the contest.

  • gabby

    oooooh my its not for me im slim already. but i love th idea.

  • Chelsea

    Hey Kat, I am a girl too and I can read between the lines like you. You aren't leaving this blog are you? I only was trying to help you and Joey. Before Joey said that love was part of Living to the Max. I really thought that something good was in store for you and Joey together. Other people thought so too. Don't give up on Joey — oops I mean your prize…one never knows!! I thought you both said you were good from last time?? Joey acted like this was all good and it was part of Living to the Max — and he never discouraged me or others any different about this or maybe blogging with you and he lead us all to believe it might happen. I don't know why he isn't acting like he did last time. Pleeeease don't let Joey's silence hurt you and don't leave this blog or there will be no fun anymore!! We want you here!!

  • Nicole

    Joey you have one hot blog going on right now. The prize thing better be no jk. I'm on board with my friend Chelsea!

  • Voodoo_chef

    Thanks for all the great tips and advice.I do need something to motivate me!My excess weight is growing and my legs are beginning to suffer from the extra weight.

  • JoeyAtlas

    All is “good” here…. 🙂
    Let's just not lose focus of what this blog is all about – in the big picture.
    Don't want anyone to be misled or being under inaccurate impressions.

    Carry on!!
    — Joey

  • Chelsea

    All was good…
    I didn't lose focus on the big picture–being motivated and living to the best. I was trying to help two people who I thought were good for each-other and deserved it–part of living to the best.
    Communication is missing here…
    Carry on–I will!!

  • Deb

    Thanks Joey for sharing your personal background with us. I feel that I can finally come to terms with fighting being overweight and fat just listening to you. I do make healthy choices with food, but I slack off with exercise most of the time since I am not motivated on my own.
    Again thanks for all your help.
    Happy Holidays

  • JoeyAtlas

    You're welcome, Deb.
    Thanks for reading.