Wednesday, July 2nd 2014

The Inside Scoop On My 3rd and Final Wife

As I search the universe for my ideal mate to share the rest of my life with - I find I’m “looking” in different ways than I have in the past... This is a good thing... A VERY GOOD thing... And I plan to write more about this, in depth, in the near future...
[caption id="attachment_1233" align="alignnone" width="500"]joeys search Who Will "She" Eventually Be?[/caption]
LOTS of revealing info to be shared; such as - some of the recent relationship books I’ve read, thoughts I’ve had - and observations I’ve made... One of these details ("looking" in different ways) has to do with make-up - or lack of it... See, I’m realizing how much I LOVE the look of a woman who wears no make-up - or hardly any...

***It’s much deeper than the superficial look though... It SAYS something about how she sees herself - and her confidence in her own natural beauty... She is SECURE.***

Again - there are several layers to this - and I’ll be writing a full blog post about it soon - as I’m feeling slightly prolific again... That being said - there are times when a woman wants to wear some make-up - i.e., special events, date night, etc... I get it - and I’m all for it every now and again… BUT - I would say, even if only once in a while - if you place importance on what you put on your body (just like the quality of the foods/nutrients we put in our bodies) - then you’ll appreciate RAL's Gluten-Free, Natural Cosmetic Line  <= Visit their blog AFTER you finish reading the rest of my sweet post here :-) I’ve made mention of their amazing product line in the past - and I still get lots of positive feedback about it... Not only that - but, my sister and older daughter are hooked on several of R.A.L.’s all natural beauty items (such as Rallye Balm) ok - Before you go visit their fantastic blog and website... I’d love to know if you have any great relationship/dating resources that have helped you, or someone you know, at some point in your life. I have a handful which have already helped me profoundly (I’ll be sharing those in my next post)... BUT, If you know of a great book, a blog, podcast, etc - please share below because I plan to use some of that feedback in the next big blog post I write for this topic - which is important to me - and most likely a number of other readers here. AGAIN - I’m scratching the surface in today’s post - and plan to go much deeper in the next one... So, in the meantime, let’s also have a little fun with this: If you want to nominate someone for my ideal life-time match - then just post below - even if you’ve never played ‘match-maker’ in the past. Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas

  • JoeyAtlas

    Just ordered The Prophet – thanks for the great tip!! ..and just rcvd my copy of 5 Love Languages (and a few more mentioned by others here) See photo here:

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Dayna – just got it today! Looks excellent – thanks for adding here!

  • Joan

    Joey, I agree that they are trying to have a healthy product and getting gluten out of their makeup is a great step. I also look to role models like yourself that when you recommend a product that means you have done your research on its safely. So it bothered me that you were recommending this product when it still has toxic elements in it. I think most will just assume you have done your due diligence and it’s a safe product when it’s really not. Yes, I understand the whole affiliate concept and at the same time my hope is that all aspects are checked out before recommending to a fairly large audience and setting the stage for unknowing buyers relying on your integrity to keep them safe. Yes, it’s safer than others, especially if it’s a gluten sensitive person. But if the lead is going to the brain of an unsuspecting woman was it worth it? I don’t think so. Yes, many women want the pretty lips more than a healthy brain, that’s a sad situation all of its own.
    Thank you for allowing me to participate in the conversation.


  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Joan – and thanks for posting. Not exactly sure where you’re seeing ‘lead’, but…

    After double checking with Jay and Andrea – it seems there may be some misunderstandings here… This is what Jay sent me:

    From Jay & Andrea:

    There’s no lead, and this is the first time anyone has ever said anything like this (specifically saying there’s lead in a product as if it were a matter of fact) online.

    It’s difficult to expound without knowing which ingredient she is referencing.

    That’s where I would start. Which ingredient are you referring to?

    There are certain ingredients used in cosmetics that typically come from an area of the earth where lead is naturally found. It can be refined out to 0 ppm or it can be … “less well refined” depending on who refined it. In Europe, they refine the gunk right out. In China, they (most, not all) barely meet the minimum US standards, if even.

    In a lot of cases, ladies will reference the EWG – and the EWG never takes into consideration refinement. The EWG always points out the “worst case potential” of an ingredient, with “potential” being an important word.

    It’s generally inferred that any ingredient listed on the EWG applies equally to all ingredients within it’s generic subset, but this is far from reality.

    I’ve spent a lot of time investigating these ingredients and suppliers, and I’m confident in the ingredients I use. I do not use ingredients I’m not comfortable with.

    I wrote a blog post once on the subject. It can be found here:

    R.A.L. on the E.W.G.

  • daynie25

    Hi Joey it’s me, dayna Detrana, I do not know if others had mentioned that book (5 love languages) but it definitely was the one I had mentioned! That’s so cool! I am also curious about this new pink thingy it looks very interesting! Thanks for keeping in touch, Joey!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Yes Dayna – thank you! I also have the 5LL for Singles – just started it!
    More to come 🙂

  • peppermint_paddy

    I am going to ponder that sentence all day.
    Just reading it induces a feeling of contentment and calm.
    (you’ll know you’ve found your life-mate when you feel the way you want to feel.)

  • Sharron Woolley

    Rather, he has has been made in God’s image but has not followed God’s laws as in “loving your wife as yourself”. People leaving their husbands were never heard of in the Bible because at that time a woman needed a man ‘to provide money to live’ and could not own property etc. Anyway as per the first sentence remember the motto: “Happy wife… happy life” 🙂

  • Sharron Woolley

    The first time I married I was very young (and tender) we had two children. The in-laws were interfering, their ideals were alien to me; and looking back on it now I realise I just needed a few more years experience to determine there were ‘grey areas’ instead of just black and white. However, my family didn’t particularly like my choice of husband either. My husband seemed to want to still be included in his parent’s suggestions about family involvement often over-ruling what ‘we’ had privately planned. The last straw was when my husband’s union went on strike for 3 months and we had no money! I started work again and though we now had some money my delight in our relationship was dimmed more than somewhat, not knowing how to improve it. (Had I been older I probably have told a few people off! LOL) Anyway… not actually looking for anybody to replace the situation, I did find a loving man at work. He was older than my previous husband, we have now been married 36 years. Consequently he will be 76 at the end of October and due to various health reasons and retirement from age 62 he is very hard to live with: depression, poor hygiene, lazy and wants to stay up all night watching TV and sleep in all day – nothing gets done, no maintenance around the house/yard and we have a BIG yard.. I am finding I need to be doing more and more and it drives me nuts! I don’t think he will last till he’s 80 the way he’s winding down, he won’t tell me what the problem is; he doesn’t want to go out etc., he’s on anti-depressants. So, I find myself in a not so fantastic place at age 62 but since sex has been a thing of the past for almost 20 years, expectations of a loving/caressing relationship are just not there. I am just going to have to live the life of a celibate forever as I ‘stand by him’. I will be honest, this has been a REAL challenge – look for someone else and divorce or stick with what I’ve got? I’ve decided on the latter – dear oh dear the thought of packing up was too overwhelming if not anything else!

  • Sharron Woolley

    I think that’s the trouble today… everybody just rolls in and out of bed. A lot is missed that way, including respect.

  • Sylvia

    Hi Joey, I just wanted to wish you good luck! I, too, am looking for my first and final husband :)! We shall find, if we keep our minds positive, the same way that we keep our bodies healthy – I am convinced of that. As a book or material to help, I can recommend the Abraham Hicks materials – any and all, but I find the dating sites unhelpful and even slowing you on your path to internal peace and achievement of your dreams. I even tried that link in your e-mail for the new Patti Sanger site and…ran away. There is something off putting in online dating, indeed, but that’s of no consequence. I believe you will soon find the lady of your dreams. There is such a thing as amazing never-ending love. And everyone deserves to find it.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Sylvia – and thanks for sharing your thoughts here… Yes, some great material from the Hicks camp… Though one may not agree with everything there – so much of it is valuable, even if just to get one to ponder the important aspects of life, mindset and living by value-based intentions. That alone can lead one to evolve – and connect with others along a similar path.

    Agreed – the dating sites are a paradoxical environment for finding a lifetime mate. This is an opinion based on my personal experience using them – and also by observation. Much more can be written on this (I’m sure others have)… Maybe another day.

    ALL the best to you too!
    Onward 🙂