Thursday, October 16th 2014

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging & Life Extension

I have a feeling this is going to be the first post of many - on this topic... I've known about the field for quite some time - but in the last 4 months I've started to learn a lot more about the finer details - and the potential it offers us in terms of Anti-Aging & Life Extension. One of the catalysts for me wanting to write about this for you - is the back/disc malfunction I went through about 2.5 years ago (depending on how long you've been here in 'AtlasVille' - you might remember me writing about that excruciating period of life). But there are more ingredients at work here...
[caption id="attachment_1292" align="alignnone" width="478"]regenerative stem cell solution - pre-delivery pre-delivery stem cell solution (MSC)[/caption]
The photo above is one I took - just a few days ago, during an actual Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy procedure. The vial being held by the doctors assistant, held over 1 Billion active mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), drawn just 1 hour prior - from the person they were re-injected into just 30 minutes after the photo was taken. For now - that is all I can share in terms of the details of this story. Once I can share more, I will be sure to do so - because I believe anyone reading this will benefit from the information.
To be clear - when I speak of "Anti-Aging & Life Extension" - what I'm referring to (for now) is; Enhancing the performance and function of the human body and mind, AS WE AGE - and extending our quality of life - as a result.
Being in my mid-forties now - I am much more receptive to, and curious about, the potential and possibilities of regenerative stem cell therapy; including cell harvesting "to save for use at a later date" :-) The more info I gather - the more fascinated I become. Part of this has to do with what I already know about the body & mind - and some of it has to do with my personal desire to "LIVE to the MAX" - for as long as possible... Although in my early stages of exploring & learning - I thought it would be best to start sharing as I investigate & learn, instead of waiting to share... I wouldn't call this a rabbit hole - but rather a larger gateway into a field with many sub-specialties and intriguing applications. A field that is considered to be "young" at this point in time. For now - I thought this resource would be a helpful piece to supplement what I wrote above - to give you some more insight into what potential exists in Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging & Life Extension Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine More to come... MUCH more. Your trainer for 'life', - Joey Atlas PS - I'm currently reading about 5 books. And one of them, 'Mastery', has a handful of absolute life-changing "gems" that I'll be sharing in the next few weeks (and I'm only on page 31!), stay tuned. PPS - If you have any thoughts, comments, questions, kind words of praise... I want to hear from you - so please post below in the box. It's there for YOU :-)

  • Lisa Silver

    Before my father passed, stem cell therapy was an option for him to assist in alleviating symptoms of Parkinson’s. Sadly, he was afraid to undergo any treatments. I am very excited by what can be done using this treatment and hope to utilize it myself at some point in the near future!

  • bethanyhissong

    I know using embryonic stem cells is immoral because it destroys human life, but are you saying they are harvesting stem cells from the patient to use on that same person?

  • Yvonne

    This is a very thought provoking subject and I will be interested to hear further reports on this subject. Especially if this therapy could be used to help delay aging and keep a person healthy into a longer life span.

  • Margaret

    I agree with bethanyhissong’s comment and would also like to know if the stem cells are harvested from the patient to use on the same patient.

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  • Sharron Woolley

    Yes they are Margaret, there is no chance of rejection.

  • Sharron Woolley

    That is correct Bethany. I know this from stem cell technology in Australia.

  • Sharron Woolley
  • Lisa

    Who would even be able to afford this kind of therapy anyway? Just wondering if there is any research on something you would take to increase your own stem cells?

  • Gaylene

    Hi Lisa…
    Great question, and great news! I have found an incredible break through in cell renewal. It is patented and it works. The true results are incredible and I’m excited to see even more. I have herniated discs that have healed and the benefits to skin, nails, and hair are also astounding. The short videos teach so much. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Gaylene

    An incredible break through in cell renewal. It is patented and it works. The true results are incredible and I’m excited to see even more. I have herniated discs that have healed and the benefits to skin, nails, and hair are also astounding. The short videos teach so much. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • antoinepgrew

    Canada has been doing it for 20 years. They use your own blood extracted three different times in a lab. When the stem cells are ready, they let the doctor know. Don’t forget it was Bush who stopped the research here. Amazing cures, like bone marrow cancer, heart disease, within weeks. America is like the third-world when it comes to Stem Cell technology, and the government is not funding sufficient research. Australia, Canada, and Germany are far, far ahead.

  • antoinepgrew

    Cheaper than slicing you up.

  • antoinepgrew

    No, no, no, embryonic stem cells are not taking human life. They make it from the detritus after you give birth to a baby. The afterbirth. The stuff they throw away. So if you have a baby, ask them to save that stuff. Freeze it. I don’t know that I would want embryonic stem cells from someone whose medical history I don’t know. HOWEVER. I do not know enough about the embryonic stem cell process, so my reservation is based on ignorance.

    EDIT: they use your own blood to make stem cells FOR YOU.

  • bethanyhissong

    Embryonic stem cells (ES cells) are pluripotent stem cells derived from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst, an early-stage preimplantation embryo. Human embryos reach the blastocyst stage 4–5 days post fertilization, at which time they consist of 50–150 cells.
    So no, it is not the afterbirth, it is in fact the human being.

    After researching this topic which he posted about, it sounds like they are harvesting stem cells from the patients own bones and such which is a very painful procedure and difficult because it is hard to capture viable adult stem cells. I would never do this if it was just for vanity’s sake because the surgery is too major. I think this whole topic should not be discussed without addressing why people are afraid of aging and dying in the first place. It is a fact of life that can be accepted gracefully and beautifully, because nothing will prevent it ultimately.

  • antoinepgrew

    That’s too bad. Stem cell therapy could have helped him. I tried to talk the parents of a little boy in NYC to go up to Canada to save the life of their nine-year-old wracked with cancer, but they thought going to Canada and trusting their stem cell research work was like trusting a bush doctor. It was announced this AM that Canada has a cure for Ebola that was on its way to Switzerland for final tests and should be ready by Dec 1. We can’t figure out how to safely gown the nurses.

  • antoinepgrew

    A friend’s two friends had their lives saved with stem cell therapy. Both had bone marrow cancer. Both had chemo and bone marrow transplants to no avail. The story I was told by my friend was that he saw one of them, a 6’5″ man, in a wheelchair at a church social with three hairs on his head (hyperbole) wrapped in a blanket, and weighing just over 100 pounds. My friend said he didn’t think he would last the week. My friend knew nothing about the stem cell plans. He saw this man a month later at a local hardware store, standing, full of energy; didn’t recognize him. He was absolutely shocked at the difference. Apparently, he died four times in the ambulance on the way to the hospital for the operation, but was on life support so they could revive him. A lab had taken blood three times (like a blood test) over a month, and when the stem cells were ready, the doctor performed a complete blood transfusion in the operating room. The man recuperated in a ‘clean room’ for a week afterward, and then went home. The kicker of the story is that when the man arrived at the hospital, he died on the operating table for the fifth time on life support. The doctor asked the family what they wanted to do. The family said to go ahead because the stem cells were ready and they wanted to exhaust all possibilities. The man was still in complete remission after 15 years when I asked for the name of the man, called him, and spoke to his wife to confirm the story. It was true.

    Why would you harvest stem cells from bones? Blood doesn’t flow through bones. You need blood to make stem cells.

    Using live embryos is murder, and would get any doctor who did that kicked out of the medical profession, and probably jailed. It reeks of Dr. Mengele or Frankenstein. Are you sure these weren’t miscarried or aborted embryos, the ones they throw out as medical waste?

    And yes, they can and do make stem cells from the placenta or whatever the afterbirth is called. A friend from Melbourne Australia is one of the world’s leading stem cell research experts, and told me so.

  • bethanyhissong

    While I’m sure you feel invested in this through “friends”, I think it would better if you actually looked at the facts. Here is a good FYI page about Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy:
    And bones do have blood which is how they grow. Basic Anatomy classes should have taught you that. As well as the fact that an embryo is a human being and there are many of us who believe abortion is equal to murder since it ends the life of a human being. There is no reason to end one life to save another. That doesn’t make sense.

  • antoinepgrew

    Proves my point that we Americans are behind the eight-ball on this. Your link states, “These individuals have dedicated their lives to the study of stem cells in the hope of developing the science into human therapies that can cure disease and treat debilitating conditions.” IN THE HOPE . . . .

    It’s being done in Canada
    “World-class stem cell program first in Western Canada to be awarded accreditation from Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy”

    Search for stem cells

  • bethanyhissong

    I think Americans are behind on many things, but regardless, I’m all for the treatment as long as it’s ethical. That seems to be a problem in today’s medical community though. There have been many doctors and scientists who’ve found ways to cure cancer but because it has to have government support, it is usually suppressed. There is a warning about stem cell therapy possibly causing cancer or tumors so I don’t think they have a complete picture of what the ramifications are of this treatment. I don’t want to be a guinea pig!

  • antoinepgrew

    This is an example of what I was talking about: stem cells made from umbilical cords.

    “South Korean Woman Paralyzed for 20 Years Walks After Adult-stem Cell Treatment”

  • antoinepgrew

    And another: “Finnish patient gets new jaw from own stem cells”

  • antoinepgrew

    You might want to bookmark this story in case you or a family member ever needs this.

  • antoinepgrew

    Well, well. JUST announced on BBC Radio. Watch the video!

    21 October 2014 Last updated at 00:31 ET

    “A paralysed man has been able to walk again after a pioneering therapy that involved transplanting cells from his nasal cavity into his spinal cord.

    Darek Fidyka, who was paralysed from the chest down in a knife attack in 2010, can now walk using a frame.

    The treatment, a world first, was carried out by surgeons in Poland in collaboration with scientists in London.

    Details of the research are published in the journal Cell Transplantation.

    BBC One’s Panorama programme had unique access to the project and spent a year charting the patient’s rehabilitation.

    Darek Fidyka, 40, was paralysed after being stabbed repeatedly in the back in the 2010 attack. […]”