Friday, October 19th 2012

Playground Workout in Wellington New Zealand: Chest and Back

Long gone are my days in the "stuffy" gyms with the weights and machines... If you've been here in 'AtlasVille' for a while - then you already know the core of my methods are based on natural body-weight training - and when I'm traveling - the playgrounds of the world are my outdoor gyms. I add in some of my 'special ingredients' and the results are magical... Here's my chest and back workout from last week's visit to Wellington, New Zealand. I invite you to try this - or something close to it - and let me know "how it went" :-)
It all comes down to deep-muscle-fiber stimulation for results... And with the variety offered on the playgrounds - the options are almost endless. You just have to know how to use your body in relation to the "tools" available to you. Post in the comment box below and let me know your thoughts on the chest and back training session in the video... A: Would you like to see more of these? B: Would you like a complete training package all focused on playground training? Also - while you're here, feel free to grab these brand-new info-loaded freebies from the team at Pro-grade:
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And a pretty good video: 5 Things You Never Knew About ProBiotics Lots of work went into today's post - so please feel free to spread the word and share the link to this page with anyone else you know who will appreciate it. Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas p.s. - we are still working on the Biodynamic Winery video and the Organic Pizzas from Scratch videos... you'll be getting those in the next few weeks, once we figure out the "fine-tuning" of the video/editing software.

  • Trashandaw

    Oh yeah! I see where you are implementing the ASSymmetical variation.  And uh, you already know my thouhts. lol

  • Trishonda

    oh! More and More 2. lol

  • Christineseseb

    Oh yes,more of those

  • guest

    That was great.  Wish I could go to that park.  We don’t have many playgrounds around here that would have such great “fitness” tools. 

  • Mandyw

    That was great for those who are already really fit. How about an easier version for beginners?

  • Lacelle1

    i think its great my daughter and I do some similar moves when walk the around our neighborhood lake. keep up the good work.

  • JoAnn S

    I need to find out how to view the original video that I purchased a few months ago.  I emailed to find out.  I did the workout once or twice but then sold my house and moved and when I was ready to start the program for real, I can’t find it.  thank you

  • georgina

    Good gracious, Joey!  Two or three more rounds of that?  You preparing for the acrobat section of the Cirque of Soleil?  Now seriously you are amazing and an example for all of us your enthusiastic followers!  Lovely surroundings too..

  • Sharath

    Hello Joey,
     Your video of outdoor playground workout was superb. Great guns!   

  • Donald


  • Gelvisfan

    Like to see more playground work outs.

  • Kate Q

    Your strength is astonishing. I am 57 and feel I can only dream of doing that. Yes I’d like to see more playgroung workouts! I do feel inspired. Inspired, but not hopeful.

  • Bahia

    WOW, its great…

  • Kwelch61

    I get cortisone therapy in both shoulders. I can’t hold my own body weight in that manner.

  • ana1123

    I think maybe this is a little overdone. Recognizing that we all need to exercise when we are away. This exercise program at the play gym is a little bit toooo difficult even for the very fit.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Or maybe not 🙂

  • debbspink

    You lost me….Way too difficult and public for me. I just do not have the upper body strength yet for this.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Something to aim for? maybe… 🙂

  • Denise

    Truly amazing Joey! I’m still a beginner and building upper body strength is a challenge for me. I can do some push ups but not as many as I would like and have lost 30 lbs but have more to go. I don’t think this is good for beginners but great for those who are more advanced. Thank you for the video! I look forward to learning more ways to tone and stay fit by you!

  • JoeyAtlas

    You got it, Denise! 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas
  • JoeyAtlas

    Settle down there, young lady…

  • JoeyAtlas