Monday, September 19th 2011

My Question for You

I’ll get right to it. Here’s the question:

“What do you want from me?” In other words: “What is it you do not have - that you wish I could give you?” "What is lacking in your fitness, nutrition and mindset arsenal that you would like me to help you with?" Post your answers below in the comment box, please... The reason I’m asking this now is we’ve been getting inquiries asking when I plan to come out with a new program or what plans might I currently have in the works... Well - I do have a few in the works - but I want to hear from you and I want to make sure I’m focusing on what your deepest needs are... Not just now - but also looking into the future. I’ll share a few of these here - but I still also want to hear from you in the comment section. 1 - A new program focused on serious fitness training at home with no traditional gym equipment. This is based on a combo of how I train and what I’ve coached others on, via private coaching sessions. This is a very simple - but extremely unique, fun and effective approach to working-out with results that knock your socks off. 2 - A complete exercise series focused on playground fitness training. This is also a very unique method and makes all other playground workouts look like.. ummmm - child’s play. Trust me on this - I showed my brother some of the exercises on a local playground in Rye Brook during our Summer visit to NY - and not only was he impressed - but he started looking at the playground(s) from a whole new perspective. 3 - A “Joey Atlas App” - many people asking if I’m coming out with my own app for clients to use when they are on the go. I am researching this now - but would like to hear if you are also interested in this. And if so - what would the ideal Joey Atlas App look like to you? What would be in it? What would you wish it had? 4 - Would you be interested in a monthly Q&A Coaching Call? You send me your specific questions - I answer them, in depth, on the coaching call. And you also get to listen to the recording as often as you wish. I have some other ‘secret’ ideas in development, but I can’t share those just yet :-) I appreciate you being here and allowing me to help you in your quest for optimal fitness and quality of life. This is part of what defines “Living to the Max”... I look forward to everything you have to share in the comment box below... Nothing is off limits. If you're thinking about it - I want to hear it. Let your imagination run... Your trainer forever - your trainer for life, -- Joey Atlas

  • V.

    Hum…what i want….i want to tone up, work cardio along with muscle and not feel pain while trying to do it. Am slim hence, i don’t want to lose weight in every area i want to gain 2 or so in certain areas and just be neat. That’s what i think i would want you to help me to accomplish. 


  • Mamassh69

    I Want to know good workouts to get a bigger more firmir booty.?

  • Maureen

    Short fitness/cellulite reduction dvds with minimal space/equipment needed.  Also want to build my calves – need some specific exercises for this.

  • Megan

    HI Joey,

    I’m currently using a TRX for my training and I’d be very interested in some workouts using this equipment as I travel a lot and I want to learn more about using this tool for when I’m travelling.

    Any info would be fantastic!


  • Catherine Cd

    Yes. I did follow a few like the lower body makeover, which is awsome by the way. I did get nice toned legs from it, but again i feel like it is more for people that want to lose fat on their lower body. In my case, I want to gain muscle mass without gaining weight on my upper body.
    Thanks joey.

  • Rachyl

    I love your UHTBM and have used them, but now need some targeted ab tools or training. Please help me get my abs and weight down. I just can’t get my weight down.

  • Melissa

    I love your workout dvd’s, I currently have the LBHT and your abs of steel. However I wish you had dvd’s that have the option of cutting out all the talking. Since I do the abs DVD so often sometimes it gets annoying to listen to the talking over and over again, but it is nice to listen to the audio when your first starting a dvd. Also, after reading some comments below, I would also enjoy a workout dvd that combined cardio into the workout, or even just a faster paced workout; especially focused on abs! =] 

  • Meia

    A game would be awsome!! like a wii fit Joey Atlas type of game. That way feedback is involved in the game and therefore with each workout. Also people would be able to tailor the workout to what they need  and could choose a time length, 20 min, 40 min, 1 hr, etc. 

  • Susan Rae

    The phyclogical ups and downs with food. I can be eating with clean and healthy habits and sometimes
    when I see progress I go on a major binge and like an alcoholic, I fall off the wagon and it takes alot of mental torture to get back to control.
    some times food is like a lover I’v dumped and I just want another taste. But if you do, like a drug addict
    your hooked back on to fat. 
    How do I Stay focused on clean eating. 

  • Louise Edgley

    An App would be good – one that sends me motivational words just when I am deciding at the end of the working day if  I should turn left to the gym NOT right to home and the couch.  Also it would be good to be able to download your DVDs onto my iPhone/Pod/Pad so that I can take them to the gym/park/holidays and use them there. I also like the idea of the playground workout; I live on a bay with lovely parks along the water with lots of new play equipment recently installed.
    Am I getting greedy now? I would also like information on what you call “covert fitness” and nutrition – I don’t have the time or inclination to measure food and assemble special meals – I like basic clean foods but need ideas to make them interesting, quick and easy to prepare that I can make for work lunches.

  • Charie Williams

    I am 66, with heart and lung issues … most programs are to strenious … can’t do or stay with.

  • Rob Mignano

    Joey, Thanks for the opportunity. My primary concern is not so much the dietary issues, but more so the mindset issues. Eg. How can I motivate others and motivate myself, to hit the gym and tracks, hard and consistanly? What’s the mental elements needed to consistantly overcome barriers such as, poor hydration, poor nutrition, poor workplace relations? Very open-ended questions… but you asked. 

  • Billi

    I love the good feeling I have after working out and eating right but find that with work and taking care of my mother I don’t always make the time or I am to exhausted to work out. 🙂 would love to be reminded to work out or tips about making time and keeping quick good snacks around for when I am too tired to fix something healthy 🙂 Thank you!!!

  • Ldpeak2

    Hi Joey,
    You have been such a dedicated coach to me but all the stomach exercises I have tried have resulted in huge neck and back pain.  I have six herniated discs, bone spurs,scoliosis, and broke T1 and T2 from a horse accident.  I am trying to be a faithful follower with the DVD’s I have bought but I have so much pain following these exercises.  I have had my physical therapist view these exercises before doing them and he seems to think they are okay but the pain is so intense after trying these I feel totally hopeless at this point.  What to do???
    Linda in Jackson Hole,Wyoming

  • Rosie

    Finding motivation is so important. I live in the UK, so cold weather now until next summer (and then it might rain most of the time like it did this summer) so always got loads of clothes on, Im a single mum so noone gets to see my body anyway, it’s dificult for me to motivate myself to exercise sometimes if noone is going to see the result.

  • Gaudencio Obial

    Thank you for asking me about your program,however at my age of 81 yrs l am unable to do much exercise because of health issue,however l do some just to get me going,increase my flexibility and stamina. l go to our local gym which have those machines and thats about what l can do. Thank you.

  • Lizajordan71

    like so many others here, i just need the motivation , that first kick start to get me started working out again. i have your videos, i have equipment, i have a gym membership, its me that i cant get started again. could you suggest anything that can help get my metabilism going, i take vitamins but i just seem to be stationary when i need to be so much more mobile.

  • Nicole

    I would like to see a program that combined HIT cardio, muscle building exercises and rcellulite reduction  all in one dvd using body weight only, or at least light hand weigts. One that would cover upper body, lower body and abs. One that was about 30 minutes long that only required 3 or 4 days a week to get the same results as exercising with weights. In a nut shell maybe your version of a  Metabolic Resistance Training program geared specifically toward women. Been reading a lot on MRT and everyone seems to think that it  is the absolute solution to rapid fat loss. There is just so many programs out there to choose from and most seem to be geared toward men. They all require barbells, heavy weights and some gym equipment. It  is just too expensive to even consider.

  • Theresa_zaino

    Could you send me an email every Monday if possible to remind me to do the cellulite files work out at least 2 times per week.


  • Ruth

    Keep providing options to mix up my workout..that keeps me motivated! Thank you!!

  • Caitlinwilliams3

    I want motivation.A video of of motivation perhaps?

  • kittykat

     cellulite and fat reduction exercises for the stomach area where i don’t
     lose any weight. i lost most of my best assets T& due to weight loss NOT intentional but my stomach is flabby & loose with cellulite around the’s gross!!
    Any way to get the T&A back & firmed up without adding weight because it probably won’t go anywhere but my thighs and stomach and I can’t lose any more weight either or i won’t have anymore T&A left…frustrated beyond belief. I don’t even know how much i should be eating in a day doing your program so i don’t lose anymore weight!!  

  • Irene

    your motivation, I am a personal trainer and after training my clients day in and day out, which I totally love and could never see me doing anything else, I find it really tough to think, “ok I have trained my clients for the day, now I need to train myself”, so motivate me PLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Irene, Thanks for commenting here 🙂 …motivation is coming – be sure to get on the VIP Early notice list here:

    – Joey

  • Tim

    a good wholesome diet and complete exercise program to help with motivation issues.

  • Rachyl

    I need some abs trainining. I also need some ideas to lose weight. I have read a lot of stuff but nothing has worked.

  • The app seems a great idea. Some people including me have an issue with motivation so, an app which would include an exercise scheduler – reminder – or even a timer would be great.

  • Stillinluvwt

    Hi Joey, I started doing the naked beauty workout the end of October and loved it. I dont know why but I stopped one day and haven’t started up again. I’m 53, 5’4 and 158 pound. I think maybe I’m to old to get into shape again (even though I am not that bad) Do you think it could help me at my age? Should I go back to working out and hope it does something?
    Thanks, Peggy

  • Anonymous

    Peggy – you sound like a smart woman… So I will ask you: Do you think working out consistently – with a high quality program (which you have 🙂 will “do something”?


  • Sw

    I would like to have a workout which takes only half an hour to do. The exercises in the lower body series have excellent results. But I am unable to follow them beyond a point due to the time it takes. SO I dont see results. A half an hour workout would be great!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Swethini, right… not sure if you may have missed the last few updates – but has everything you are asking for – PLUS many other features and functions which have been on many subscribers wish lists for a long time. Now it is all a reality in The MAG-Factor. Hope to see you in there.
    — Joey

  • donia

    motivation, and an easy program to help me have my sexy body back, I lost it 10 years ago 🙁
    i want to lose about 30kg in a blink.

  • Mars

    i would like to give me ideas , how easily flat my belly out. …..and what is the best excercise for everyday, ……..