Monday, January 24th 2011


At 44 years old - She decided "enough was enough".... BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, It was time to take control of her body, her mind and her life.

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This time it was all or nothing, Accutane 250mg. Accutane 500mg, A shift in mindset and a simple lifestyle adjustment were in order. As you can see from SummerGirl's Before & After photo below - her success is undeniable, BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

Now - at the young age of 46, Accutane 625mg,650mg, Buy Accutane from mexico, she is pure proof of what can be achieved with a simple and straightforward approach to proper nutrition and consistent exercise...

Click the triangle play button to hear how she did it - and how she's stays committed:

[caption id="attachment_329" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Powerful Proof: 46 Years Young"]Powerful Proof: 46 Years Young[/caption]

Feel free to visit Gwen's blog where she shares more before and after photos, Accutane in cats, dogs, children, Accutane for sale, tips, recipes and other bits of helpful info you can use today:

You can also catch up with her on Facebook here =>> SummerGirl on Facebook

Have any thoughts, order Accutane from mexican pharmacy, Accutane 50mg, comments or questions about the interview. Please share them below.., Chicago, Illinois. Houston, Texas. 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg, Also - here's a reminder... BUY Accutane ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, In keeping with my big "Transformation" theme, don't forget to check out these great B&A stories being shared by my fitness colleague, Bill Phillips.

Just click on it.., Accutane 200mg. El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington,

[caption id="attachment_332" align="alignnone" width="450" caption="Marty & Valerie B&A Videos"]Marty & Valerie B&A Videos[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_334" align="alignnone" width="282" caption="Bill Phillips; Best-Selling Author"]Bill Phillips; Best-Selling Author[/caption]

And one last note - Tomorrow night, Belinda Benn (in photo below) and I will be recording an in-depth interview of her Mid-Life Transformation - and since you are a valued subscriber of mine - You get access to the interview 100% FREE, Accutane 800mg, 875mg, 900mg. Rx free Accutane, It's one you WILL NOT want to miss... Trust me on that, buy Accutane from canada. Acheter en ligne Accutane, acheter Accutane bon marché, It will be ready for you by the weekend.

Here is the preview post - just in case you missed it:
Bel's Mid-Life Transformation: The Secrets Will Be Revealed

[caption id="attachment_337" align="alignnone" width="214" caption="Bel - 11 Years Ago"]Bel - 11 Years Ago[/caption]

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  • Michelle

    All nice and well when there is no mention of children.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Stay tuned, Michelle… There are plenty of parents (moms and dads) who haven't let being a parent stop them from being healthy and fit… Some have actually used that to fuel their motivation – as an important reason to be their best… You'll hear from some of these parents in future interviews.

    – Joey

  • Waseela

    congratulations to all these people that shows hard work – really hard work and commitment for consecutive days, weeks and months pays off. Children or not – It is not an overnight or a month's work. My Joey Atlas butt hip and thigh dvd actually got pinched out of my house because people could notice the transformation I am going through. Joey I will be ordering another shortly.

  • elitest

    Amazing although I wouldnt want to look quite so ” bodybuilder” like

  • JoeyAtlas

    Good stuff, Waseela! lots of women get their ULBHTM dvds “borrowed” – and they come back to buy another set…

    Keep at it – and “thank you”

    – Joey

  • Don

    Yes Joey, Some people can do fantastic things. In 62 years I have found the mind is the hardest part of the body to change. Trying to get past a personal loss and going on with your life to the fullest is a battle. I commend the ones that can get on and prosper.

    I feel like a person like you do help people that need incouraging.


  • JoeyAtlas

    Your potential is unlimited – You decide where you want to take it 🙂
    — Joey

  • JoeyAtlas

    Great insight, Don. Every one of us has unlimited ability, wisdom and energy to offer others. Most people just don't realize this… Some do – some learn it later in life – some never realize it… So, those of us who do – must give it all we got…

    Thanks, Don.

  • Daygemini

    I am 44 too and although I'm not overweight I do have a very high body fat percentage.The interview that you did with summergirl has really inspired me and now I've seen proof that I can have the body that I should have fat-free and toned and I'm gonna work even harder to achieve it,and maybe I'll send you my before and after pics too.Thanks so much for all the info you share with all your readers.It's awesome!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks for tuning-in!! We are glad it inspired you – That's what we were shooting for!! Please do keep us posted – and you B&A's would be welcome!
    You are welcome – please spread the word,
    – Joey

  • EssTee

    Too much avoidupois is not a good thing, but I want to leave looking skeletal till I'm dead. Poor summergirl! You may have been chubby, but now ??? Pictures on this blog show that Marty and Valerie lost weight and look great. Going to extremes – too fat, too bony – isn't good. The happy, healthy medium is the place to be.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, EssTee – we welcome that here… But we should keep in mind a “happy, healthy medium” is very subjective… It's more of a personal definition, with a wide range of “rights” – as opposed to a standard, quantitative measurement.

    Keep at it,
    – Joey