Thursday, July 7th 2011

Metabolic Syndrome X: Don’t Let It Kill Your Body, Libido or YOU

Looking great is nice. But...

Looking great and being internally healthy is the key to life. Internally healthy can be categorized two ways: 1 - Physical/Biological/Physiological 2 - Mental/Emotional/Spiritual My primary focus in talking about Metabolic Syndrome is: 1 - Physical/Biological/Physiological (Even though there is certainly a connection to #2. We will save that for another day.) If you're into living a healthy and fit lifestyle - then you surely have heard the term "Metabolic Syndrome". The problem is - a strange confusion surrounds this major health issue and what it means to you, your body and your health... Syndrome X is the medical 'slang' term for "Metabolic Syndrome" and all the medical conditions which are listed as part of its definition. It is associated with overweight/obese people in every country. In the USA - some studies estimate 25% of the population as having Metabolic Syndrome... There are several major health organizations who have their own, slightly varied, list of criteria for what classifies a patient with Syndrome X. For the most part they are all very similar and offer the same conclusions and recommendations. BUT on a lager scale - there is a major point of confusion - and what I share below will help you make sense of this life killer... Most people never stop to think if Metabolic Syndrome is something which causes all the medical conditions - OR - if the medical conditions are the result of something(s) - and the conditions are simply given this “group name/label” of Metabolic Syndrome/Syndrome X. Here’s the summary on that. Please understand, this is my perspective, based on my academic studies, clinical hours, and one-on-one time with clients over the last 23 years...

Metabolic Syndrome is the result of poor lifestyle habits and choices. A result of self-neglect. A result of believing “doctors and medications” are supposed to keep me healthy and in-shape”.

To be more specific - you are most likely to give yourself Syndrome X: - If you do not exercise properly, on a consistent basis. - If your nutrition habits are based on empty calorie foods with weak nutrient profiles - If you drink excessively - If you are a smoker - If you lack proper sleep Those are the biggies - and many people can easily write “GUILTY”next to at least 3 or 4 of those. Hence the high rate of people who have given themselves Metabolic Syndrome. So, what does it look like? Here’s a photo for a simple example.
[caption id="attachment_443" align="alignnone" width="242" caption="Metabolic Syndrome X"]Metabolic Syndrome X[/caption]
For more examples just observe people next time you’re in a public place. At least 25-30% of them will be obviously overweight and out of shape. That’s what it looks like on the surface... Going below the surface: A - Your hormonal functions are all out of sync and out of whack, most likely on “low” setting B - Testosterone/estrogen (depending on gender), growth hormone, thyroid hormones all suffer C - Blood lipid levels enter the dangerous zones D - Blood pressure escalates into the disease ranges E - Your sleep patterns are thrown off and the quality and depth of your sleep decline F - Cholesterol levels and ratios are pushed into the “high risk” category G - Elevated glucose and insulin levels (diabetes) H - You become a walking time-bomb with a very limited quality-of-life. Period. End result (while you are still alive): 1 - You have no energy 2 - You are moody 3 - Your sex drive and desire are in the dumps 4 - You are depressed 5 - You can’t keep up with your kids or your grand-kids 6 - You age so much faster 7 - You can’t do the things you used to do 8 - THE LIST GOES ON.... I highlight all this because, most of this, most of the time is AVOIDABLE. But - it’s up to you to take responsibility for your own body, your own health - your own total well-being. NOBODY can do this for you. NOBODY. Your life is in your hands. You make of it what you wish. I’m not sure where you are at right now in your life - as I write these posts for so many people... You may have perfect control of your body, mind and health. Or, you may be trying but still struggling to find the right “solution”. Or, you may have already given up and let outside forces dictate the choices you make at your own will - with little hope to turn things around. Stay tuned for a follow up to this post as I will provide some insight and direction no matter which stage you are at - even if you have lost hope and are already suffering from the Syndrome. I will be pulling together info and resources on actions steps, growth hormone effects, sleep improvement and libido enhancement - just to name a few. MAKE NOTE: There is hope... But for now, if you want more details on Metabolic Syndrome I have linked directly to a great page on featuring a deeply detailed entry on all aspects of Metabolic Syndrome/Syndrome X. If you are interested - here is the link: Metabolic Syndrome on If you know anyone who will benefit from today’s post - PLEASE feel free to share it. Many people can use this right now. And I appreciate you helping me get the word of health and fitness out there... And if you have any comments or thoughts - please post in the 'comment' section below... "LIVE to the MAX..." Your trainer forever - your trainer for life, -- Joey Atlas

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  • Kat

    LOL – OK, I guess I’ll be the first to comment…I am, after all, your biggest fan. 😉     
    This is a great post Joey, really important too! This type of information is especially critical for those living an unhealthy lifestyle. It shows how important it is to learn about a healthy lifestyle and move forward in a healthy way. 
    Being healthy (internally) is much more important than “looking great!” I love this! It couldn’t be said better. The message you give is pertinent and accurate on ALL levels. And yes, Joey…you are right!! “There is HOPE!!” I applaud you for telling it like it is…”YOU” make the choice in life – NO truer words have ever been written. Until “YOU” choose to take control of “your” life no-one can help. The GOOD news is: You, Joey, are here to let those who need you that there is HOPE. You are willing to help those who CHOOSE to help themselves. You can give them the knowledge and strategies/plan that will place them in the RIGHT direction. YOU, Joey, are an angel!!! 😉   As always, thanks for sharing your experience, wisdom, and heart! ~ Kat


  • Anonymous

    Kat! thank you for adding to the “message” with your words and thoughts. Great stuff!!

  • Beryl

    Great post Joey, and u are a great inspiration too! You are right in your article and give hope to us that have been struggling with the hope that there is a solution to our problem!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Beryl!

  • Kris

    Great…makes a lot of sense. While body is fit, due to genetic reasons I seem to be having low cholostrol and put on high risk category… what ?

  • Anonymous

    What country you in? High risk for low chol?? What’s your ratio? high to low.