Wednesday, December 21st 2016

May I Interview You?

If you read yesterday's email I sent out, then you know that I'm moving on to bigger and more impactful things...
[caption id="attachment_2080" align="alignnone" width="259"]Moving Onward and Upward - You Coming Along?? Moving Onward and Upward - You Coming Along??[/caption]
That means I'm going to be leaving this blog, and its narrow focus, behind... And I'm building something more progressive, more appropriate, more expansive, more inclusive... MORE HELPFUL.

And it's quite possible I may want to interview you for my podcast show in 2017

[ To put this all into context, if you missed my last email ("I'm moving on, here's my farewell letter...") I've copied it as a blog post here ]

So here's where you might come in (or maybe someone you know)...

The new project/website (which should be ready by February) is going to be home base for my ["name to be determined"] Podcast (in addition to a few other key components)... The podcast section will offer various types of audio content, one of these being inspirational stories & examples of fitness/health success. (plus MUCH more) And if you believe you fit this category, and have a story that will inspire others - then here's what you do...
[caption id="attachment_2081" align="alignnone" width="278"]"Post Your Thoughts In the Box Below" "Post Your Thoughts In the Box Below"[/caption]
1 - Post a good summary of your success story in the comment box below. 2 - Be sure to include your email in the 'email' box (it won't be public, only I and my support team will see it.) 3 - Check back for my comments or questions under your post later today, this evening, or in the morning.

  • Patricia Mitroff

    Hi Joey,
    I purchased the Naked Beauty program when I was 52 yrs old.. combined with your program and the paleo diet I lost 30 lbs. and was in the best shape since I was in high school (well pretty close :)) My Dr. even asked if I was a runner (what a good compliment).
    I’m now 57 yrs. old …..since then I broke 3 bones in my ankle (2 yrs ago) and cannot yet fully exercise … ankle still swells and slightly painful. Would you have any exercise suggestions for someone like me that has had an injury?
    thank you,

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Pat! WOW that is an awesome success story – many women would pay a fortune to turn the clock back like that!!

    So – suggestions for your current issue, the ankle… Even though you can’t “fully exercise” – you have to focus on all the things you can do. But this is assuming you’ve gone through proper physical therapy and they’ve given you some guidance on “what you can do on your own…”

    With the above in mind – do you have a list of things you “can do”?

  • Mie K. Andersen

    Hi Joey,
    When I purchased the Naked Beauty Program, I struggled exercising, because I had trouble with my left knee, which I inherited from my father’s side of the family. I tried to start in the gym and get a proper exercise plan to lose weight and throw my previous medication away. But I had a hard time to do that, because I lack of concentration when I was at school. I was 19 years old back then.
    Slowly as I started on the Naked Beauty Program, I could slowly start running again, which I haven’t been able to do in forever. I can now run with ease without my knee hurt at all. I have gotten a lot more concentration and I’ve been able to throw away my medication thanks to the gym and your program. 🙂
    I’m currently 21 years old and I’m graduating this summer with an above average grades.

    I thank you for giving me the opportunity to turn around my life! 🙂


  • JoeyAtlas

    This is soooooo good to hear, Mie!! LOVE it! What country are you in?

  • Melissa

    Your Naked Beauty Program gave me hope that I could reduce the cellulite in my thighs. I don’t have a weight issue, just a cellulite one. I started the program last year, and it worked! My cellulite was greatly reduced. Thank you!
    Good luck with your transition from Trainer for Life to Life Trainer. I wish you the best!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Melissaaaaaa….! This is AWESOME! Love hearing success stories! How has the cellulite reversal changed things for you? What are you able to enjoy doing now that you weren’t before??
    THANK YOU!! 🙂

  • Mie K. Andersen

    I’m from Denmark, and I’m not leaving Denmark anytime soon due to my education. 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    LOL.. no worries on leaving!! Was asking to help me put your story into context. It sounds like the NB program has given you a solid foundation that works for you and feels good. Please Keep me posted on your progress and if you can share more details please do!! THANKS 🙂

  • Anderson

    Merry Christmas ans Life Trainer your will always be. Thank You for all the hope and encouragement you have given to so many,that includes me. Wish you the Best it is yet to come. Phyllis Anderson

  • JoeyAtlas

    Ahhh Phyllis, you’ve always been a sweetheart – thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts… Hmmm “The Life Trainer”?

  • Jeanene

    Thank you and you are right xmas was yesterday for me and very stressful, being my first xmas with a partner and I’d forgotten to take my blood pressure tabs for 4 days so no wonder I was stressed and unhappy. I wish you a Merry Christmas full of peace, love and joy. I got an engagement ring last night after spending all day doing puzzles to be proposed to which when asked I said no, then yes, but I don’t want to. I had a massive headache. He ended up forfeiting the treasure hunt because I went to bed while he played with his xmas present all day and night and no it wasn’t a game it was chords to connect his keyboard to his computer. He hasn’t played for years. 2016 will be one to remember because I proposed to him on the 29th February and he gave me a ring on December 25th it was almost midnight. What was yours like?

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Jeanene… Mine was blissfully peaceful. Me and the kids had an awesome walk and talk on the beach and then more fun while making and eating dinner together 🙂

    Sounds like yours was interesting. But unless this was a typo, I’d really pay attention to this “but I don’t want to.”

    Better the think it through now instead of “later”.

    Either way – ALL THE BEST to you!

  • Melissa

    While my cellulite is still there somewhat, I was able to feel more confident wearing my shorts and bathing suits knowing that I am slowing getting rid of it.

    I also do Belinda’s workouts for my abs. Andddd just recently started biking so I’m positive that given a few more months the cellulite beast will be bidding me farewell!!! Thanks again for the no-nonsense approach – building muscle conquers cellulite, not creams or pills or magic!! Best of luck, Life Trainer!

  • JoeyAtlas

    This is AWESOME 🙂 Love it! and thanks for sharing. May I email you a question list to get some more details on your improvements and what goals you still have?
    THANKS, Melissa!

  • Mie K. Andersen

    Sure 🙂
    If interested – I can send you an email to keep you posted about my progress 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    Perfect, Mie – I look forward to it!! 🙂

  • Sandra

    I started with your Fitness DVD in January 2009. Since that time I have been hooked on just about everything you tell us about. You have a great inspiring and effective program. Thank you.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this here, Sandra! It means a lot to hear this kind of feedback.

    Which DVD(s) have you been doing?

    Joey 🙂

  • Nikita Ross

    Hi Joey,
    I’m on day 5 of your abs and thigh/butt videos on line. And it is getting easier. I’m really looking forward to the arrivals of your DVD’s that I ordered.
    Thank you so much for your on-going support!
    Your student for life! Nikita

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Nikita!
    Awesome – sounds like you’re doing the Naked Beauty online program with the extra bonus videos and waiting for the DVD/book set version to arrive…
    My pleasure! Keep me posted 🙂