Thursday, August 30th 2012

Fitness Lifestyle Adventures: Insights, Motivation and Photos

ok so it’s almost September 2012 (crazy how the weeks FLY by!) and I have some helpful topics to update you on - before we gear up for the Australia/New Zealand Trip... The New York trip came and went in a flash... 3 solid weeks catching up with family and friends - taking the kids to NYC and Brooklyn - and a few awesome gelato shops in Greenwich, Connecticut... I’ll list the specifics, some awesome photos, and even share direct links to the places in a few seconds. But first - a few words of motivation, inspiration and insight: 1 - with all the high levels activity, kids and family time - we still MADE time for our daily workouts and made sure we didn’t “over-do” the trip. We “pre-planned” our days for maximum pleasure and minimum stress. 2 - we made sure “balance” was always a factor in anything we did - and trust me, this isn’t always easy when trying to entertain an 8 year old - a 14 year old - and a 16 year old. BUT, it worked - with a few minor, and expected, snags. The kids were awesome and truly enjoyed simply just “being” with family and friends. And as you’ll see in the photos below - we took advantage of the incredible outdoor offerings by hiking and walking at various nature preserves and conservancies (nice list posted below). 3 - indulgences were at concentrated levels (remember we are Italian Foodies) BUT, again - we implemented strategies of “balance” and “moderation” - and over the course of the whole trip - our fitness levels held steady - again, because of “balance”. 4 - a random act of evil touched all of us during the trip and almost caused some serious damage. No need to share details - but I want to share this: Some of the most heinous scams are so random and perpetuated by complete morons - that they can happen to anyone at any time... (this one was pretty bad). Everything turned out fine - but the episode cause us to do a lot of thinking, talking - and yes even laughing (a lot). That’s a short summary of what I want to share from the trip - and before I show you the links and photos - here is some quick but important info about the OZ/NZ trip: I am planning on shooting several videos for new programs while in OZ/NZ and am also considering a few mini-seminars. If you are near any of the following cities (below) and are interested in a ‘Joey Atlas Fitness’ seminar, have a group who is also interested - or manage a health club which would be interested in hosting a seminar for your members - then just post details below and we will be in touch asap. - Adelaide, AU - Wellington, NZ - Auckland, NZ - Bay of Islands, NZ As promised here are the links and photos to some of our NY/CT summer adventures: The High-Line NYC The Chelsea Market (under The High-Line) Donatella's Williamsburg, Brooklyn Rye Marshlands Conservancy
rye marshlands and bambi
my 2 older monkies Greenwich Audubon
greenwich audubon Meli Melo Greenwich Greenwich Point Park - Tod's Point Martime Aquarium - Norwalk, CT Byram Shore Park, CT More random adventure photos:
Atlas Restaurant Norwalk CT
grilled pizzas
grilled pizza
Questions, comments, thoughts, ideas?? them below - that space is down there for YOU :-) ...just keep it positive, ok? Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas

  • Beth

    I’m glad everything is okay now! I hope you weren’t involved in the shooting incident in NYC! Your photos are gorgeous– nothing beats being outdoors in nature! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kathy

    Nice pics!  Love the outdoors….  Best places to be are in mother natures playground!!  Thanks for sharing….  

  • Ferealc

    my dear coach no welcome to an older person in activities they look at him as if he is an intruder

  • Queenmary04

    Wow, homemade Pizza on the Grill, tell Dom I want some!  Love the pics, love you guys!

  • Nicki_patrick

    Joey, looks like you had a wonderful time with your family and friends.  Good on you. Love the photos!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Joey,

    Hope you had an amazing trip in NYC!  Glad everything is ok with you and your family concerning that episode and hope and PRAY I was not a part of that incident almost happening.  If I was, please let me know ’cause I’m in NYC.  Hope you and yours have a good trip to Australia and New Zealand.  Hope to travel there someday.  God Bless!

  • Janelle_field

    Hi from Australia, What a shame you are only visiting Adelaide.  I’m in Canberra and would be thrilled to be inspired by you. I work at two different health club, so maybe next time pencil in a trip to Canberra (also the capital of Australia)… Cheers 

  • Jaxstrx

    Hi Joey I am from Melbourne Australia and one time you will have to come here
    Sounds like you had. Great holiday I very envious

  • Willlowry

    Hi Joey, looks like you are having a blast. I regret you are not going to visit more major centres in OZ like Sydney Melbourne and others.

  • Teja1

    nice picture….

  • Jan

    Hey Joey, great pics, I grew up in NZ so know you’ll love Bay of Islands. I live in Brisbane now so won’t be able to attend any seminars, anyway, hope your trip is trouble free and full of great experiences!

  • Ssizziling

    great pics…! hope u had a wnonderful time…..!

  • Geogarasino

    Delighted to share those precious moments with the lovely kids and the beautiful surroundings!
    Hope you were not in danger..

  • Peter8359

    hey Joey and family
    great pics of you all having a great time. Too bad you will only be coming to Adelaide here in Oz. I am in Brisbane now but come from Canberra. They are both wonderfull places but so are many many more cities and towns here in Australia… maybe next time.  That pizza looks absolutely delicious,  scuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.

  • Frida Spalt

    Lovely pics…family time…thanks for sharing Joey…Must have been some great outdoor adventures