Tuesday, August 20th 2013

Fitness, Busines & Fun on the Road: 2.5 Weeks in New York

Family, Friends, Fitness & Business - in New York This year's Summer New York trip was another awesome one. It was a powerful mix of business related activity - and great times with family and friends. Let me share the sweet details with you... 1 - There are 3 playgrounds within 1.25 miles of my parents' house. This means we have at least 3 awesome places to workout when we are there :-) 2 - We also stopped by the gym where my father works - for a 'guest appearance' and some indoor bodyweight-training... 3 - Almost every night consisted of a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood - maybe about 45 minutes each time. 4 - Here is an "underground" video clip of me and quickly-growing-teen-son, JoJo - in Rye-Brook, NY... You'll see us doing our shoulder routine - which we knocked out in about 20 minutes by pulling a few dumbbells out of the garage of my parents house. The 20 minutes also included body-weight shoulder presses which we did in the backyard on a part of the patio which was PERFECT for the move... NOTE: like I said above - this is 'underground' footage, most likely taken by paparazzi hiding in one of the bushes nearby :-)...
Before we did the shoulder workout - we did a 2.25 mile run - which was actually something we did first thing each morning. Joey, Jessica, Michelle and (???) on The Better Show (Nov/Dec) While in NY - we shot 'segment 1' of the TV feature that will be airing in Nov or Dec on The Better Show. A lot of time and energy is going into this - even though it may only amount to about 4 minutes of airtime - what is shown will be powerful :-) ...we had MANY volunteers from around the world, especially in the NYC/Westchester area, respond to the email I sent out - and as it turned out we only needed 2 women for this feature... they are Jessica and Michelle - and they are now, under my guidance, on the NB/SYMULAST method routine... And in mid-November we will all be meeting and the Better TV studios in NYC to shoot the "after" segment - and they will be reporting all their results and changes... and you'll be able to see this all on TV - and probably on the web channel as well... I'll keep you posted for sure! Matilda on Broadway... AWESOME Another one of the highlights of this trip was seeing Matilda on Broadway (highly, HIGHLY recommended) Words don't do justice - you simply have to see this production for yourself... AWESOME: Before the show, me and my brother took the kids to an amazing ORGANIC "burger joint" just a few blocks from the Shubert Theatre. INCREDIBLE FOOD. http://www.bareburger.com/ - An amazing coincidence occurred during that meal... Our server's mom - actually lives just a few streets over from us here in Jacksonville, FL - Think about those odds!! Crazy but true. Williamsburg, Brooklyn We managed to make a trip into the historic, vibrant and FUN neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn - a favorite place of ours to walk around, check out the unique indy shops and sample some amazing foods - here is one of them: http://www.motorinopizza.com/williamsburg/ On a day of amazing weather - we spent half a day trekking to The Highline for a great walk with cool views and more awesome foods: http://www.thehighline.org/ After the Highline, we headed to the Flatiron area - with Eataly as our destination point. And the gelato there was one of the best I've EVER had... A combo of chocolate and hazelnut. So smooth - so decadent - so clean and 'delish'. http://www.eataly.com/market Yes, this is a "fitness" blog... But, if you've been around here for a while - you know I live a life of balance and enjoyment.. NOT deprivation and extremes. And this is what I try to share with you... Balance. And part of balance is exploring - trying new things... This year, it is "organic beers and ales" - again - all in moderation :-) As of now - some of my favorites are: http://www.peakbrewing.com/category/our-brews/ https://www.facebook.com/wolavers I also had a chance to sample some local (Hudson Valley, NY) nutrition bars - and these are awesome: http://amritahealthfoods.com ok - that's it for now... LOTS of interesting and exciting things going on behind the scenes here and I'll be aiming to share whatever I can as things unfold and become reality - stay tuned!! I'll be back in New York City/Westchester in mid-November for the Better TV, "Before and After" segment.. So, if you are in that area and want to meet-up just post below and let's see if we can make it happen... And if you have any additional thoughts, comments, questions or words of wisdom.. PLEASE share them below! :-) Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas

  • Liz

    Why did I think you only had GIRLS?! I’ve been following you for several years now and feel like a completel dope over the fact that I’ve missed that you have a SON! LOL It’s adorable watching you train together, though. What a great value to instill in your children. Do you think your girls will ever get into weightlifting?
    I’m in Rockland County and find it so amusing that you were right next door for over 2 weeks. 🙂 Did you grow up in Westchester? I can’t recall if you’ve ever said so or not. . .Too bad you’re going to miss the Fall change/foliage; it’s the Hudson Valley at it’s best. 🙂 For that and the mountains, I don’t think I could ever stray far from here. 🙂

  • priscilla

    wish i was t here

  • Anonymous

    hi liz 🙂
    yes – the girls are already doing mostly body-weight training – the younger one is one doing a little 🙂 .in time we’ll add some dumbbell work to the mix…
    – yes – grew up in rye brook/port chester area… love visiting now – but love coming back to sunny and warm florida even more!!