Monday, March 29th 2010


BUY Flomax ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, If you've been following me for a bit - you know I don't like to intentionally 'stir the pot'. I'm just not a fan of drama.., order Flomax from mexican pharmacy. Australia, uk, us, usa, That being said - I do all I can to share my core values and beliefs in all aspects of my life. If someone doesn't agree - or isn't on the same frequency as me - I'm ok with that, Flomax 5mg, Purchase Flomax online, just go your own way if what I share doesn't jibe with you...

When it come to the specific topic of fitness - the same rules apply, Flomax pharmacy. There are many methods and approaches out there, BUY Flomax ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Flomax 250mg, But this isn't a judging session - just don't have the time or need for that.

I simply lead by example, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina. Flomax 500mg, Whoever wants to join me is free to - Whoever doesn't is free to seek their way.

Quite often, where can i order Flomax without prescription, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, leading by example means nothing more than doing your own thing and letting your actions carry the message. BUY Flomax ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, On that note I have a great story which is tied to the headline of this post. But before I share that story, where can i buy cheapest Flomax online, Buy Flomax without a prescription, I want to give you a few quick 'behind-the-scenes' updates on what's developing here in AtlasVille...

1 - The Atlas Unit: Many people have been asking "When can I buy one??"

Fitness Centers, acheter en ligne Flomax, acheter Flomax bon marché, Købe Flomax online, αγοράζουν online Flomax, Conditioning Pros and Personal Trainers can buy one right now (the sale price is part of the pre-release promo). We had to set up a temporary demo site to allow this to happen, purchase Flomax online no prescription. Flomax withdrawal, All details are here:

If you are interested in one for your home or office - the good news is I am making a home/residential version of the unit specifically for you. It is less expensive than the Club Model and still does everything the Club Model does, BUY Flomax ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

2 - I've met a true fitness pro who shares a very similar philosophy with me - not just in fitness but in other areas of life as well, Flomax for sale. Flomax from canadian pharmacy, Because of this rare synergy - there lies the potential for us to create some VERY helpful materials for you in the near future. **Stay tuned.., Flomax in cats, dogs, children. 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg, In due time I will introduce you to her.**

3 - Free Home Fitness Videos: I've been getting a lot of great feedback and 'thank yous' about my Home-Fitness-TV channel. Over the next few weeks and months I'll be adding more fitness videos BUY Flomax ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, to the channel. I'm planning on shooting some VERY cool playground/outdoor workout videos for you.., El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington. Buy generic Flomax, Most likely with the help of my friend mentioned above.

OK - now I share with you a great post from a devout Joey Atlas Student (Deena posted this on my Facebook page) - who leads by her own example, San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas. Order Flomax no prescription, She learns first - then leads by example. Simple - yet profound.., BUY Flomax ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

"Hey Joey, buy Flomax online cod, Farmacia Flomax baratos, Flomax online kaufen, I had to share this with you......

I've been doing the fourth exercize from the mini core workout (what I call the overhead wood chopper!, online buy Flomax without a prescription. Flomax 150mg, (",)) on alternate days at the gym for about three weeks now, kjøpe Flomax online, bestill Flomax online, Japan, craiglist, ebay, hcl, and I've noticed considerable change in my mid section, and in my core strength and balance (I do the exercize in a slow controlled movement from a standing position).

The funny thing is, we've got one of those body-builder types at gym who thinks he knows what's best for every one. BUY Flomax ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, He's an old guy (65 years) who competes in competitions, and when I first started doing the exercize he came over and asked what I was doing, and why, and then proceeded to scornfully tell me there was no point to it unless I'm into yoga (",)

Then last week as I'm halfway through my set he comes over and asks me if I can show him how to do it!!!!!!!.

He said he'd been watching me over the past couple of weeks and had noticed how fluid and controlled my movements had become (plus i'd increased the weight from 15kg's to 35kg's!), and that he'd also noticed the change in my mid section (I bit back the urge to call him a dirty old man).

It just goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks and I can't wait to get to gym tomorrow to show him the exercizes from your latest free workouts!"


Best regards,
-- Deena
South Africa

Yes - I enjoyed reading that just as much as you did - Maybe even a bit more :-)

Are you leading by example.

If so, please tell me how - in the 'comment' box below. Or just feel free to post any questions or comments that may be on your mind...

And if you're not leading by example - then it's never too late to start. Never too late...

Your trainer forever - your trainer for life,

Joey Atlas


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  • bey

    Hey Joey , I need to know about good protein to build up good muscle stay for ever.

  • Eva

    joey i really need to work out my tummy fat. i feel iritated

  • Deena

    (“,) This is CLASSIC! Thank you for using my story on the site!

    I was hijacked by the old dog at gym again this morning so I could show him your tricep pull through and the turning curl!!! At the rate I'm going I'll have to become a qualified Joey Atlas Fitness Coach!!!! I wrote down your website address for my new found friend & Atlas fan so he can take a look at what you've got to offer……and I can get some peace and quiet at gym (“,)


    South Africa

  • maggy80

    Keep up the good work Joey!!

  • karambirgill

    hi joey i enjoyed the article its very good iwant to know how to build up strong and big legs

  • Dee

    Hey Joey, Thanks for the post, Ioved the little story and it really goes to show that you can teach old dogs new tricks.
    All the best and be well

  • Wendy Duncan

    My husband is a firefighter who is 41 years old. This is his passion and calling. Despite the fact that he was a college baseball player and knew what it felt like to live in an athletic body, over time he gained considerable weight. Believe it or not at 6'7″ being 300 pounds doesn't look that heavy. It did feel that heavy on his joints though. He loved that I was into fitness and want to be healthy but didn't want to/was to tired to workout for himself. Last Christmas his dad died of a massive heart attack and it got both of our attention. My husband is doing some of the core exercises to begin with and the stretches. I am so proud of him. His job is to save other people, now he is taking the time to save himself.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Wendy – this is great! Thanks for sharing this. I'm proud of him too – pls let him know. And keep me posted.

  • Terra

    sure im sure he was an asshole for thinking he was a know it all

    but him noticing your exercise was good doesnt make him a dirty old man maybe big enough to admit his mistake.

    stop and dont subtley flatter yourself.

  • theresesalamida

    Loved the “Fit Lady” story. Interested in hearing more about the home use Atlas unit. Thanks for all the updates and exercises. I'm slow to respond because I have more limited vision and it's much more difficult to use the computer. Thanks for your patience. I continue to do some of your exercises every day. Therese Salamida

  • Deena

    Actually Terra, it's not subtle flattery on my part, the 'Old Dog', as he's affectionately known as at our gym, has a reputation for chatting up the ladies…..and his comment of, 'you've got nice tight buns when you bend over' before asking me to show him the exersize definitely justifies me calling him a 'dirty old man'. (“,)