Tuesday, October 23rd 2012

Biodynamic Wines: NGERINGA Vineyards South Australia

While scouting out locations to shoot videos for new blog posts and travel fitness training programs - we met some incredible people and made some new friends. We still have another week to go (and some VERY cool things are in the works), but I wanted to share another update here - as I promised a few weeks ago to get this video up and out to you:
[caption id="attachment_786" align="alignnone" width="227" caption="NGERINGA Vineyards"]NGERINGA Vineyards Biodynamic Wines[/caption]
A key part of living the fitness lifestyle - and Living to the Max - is searching for healthier and more fulfilling ways to enjoy the pleasures of life. The experience at NGERINGA is a perfect example of this - and making this video is my way of sharing the example with you. In the video, Erinn shares The 4 Principles of Biodynamic Wine-making. If you think you are allergic to wines - or seem to have "trouble" whenever you have a few glasses - then watch the clip to see if trying a cleaner variety of natural wine might be better for you. Visit http://www.NGERINGA.com for: - info on events at the vineyard - dealer/distributor inquiries or - to simply place an order for some clean and healthy wine. Erinn and the NGERINGA Team also produce an incredible Olive Oil! We actually used it to complement the organic pizzas (Thora's action pizza making video coming soon!) and salad during our vineyard adventure. ...Have any comments, questions or thoughts? Post below in the box... Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas

  • Bahia

    We are Muslims, It’s forbidden to drink any kind of wines cause its disturbing brain which is the gift from the God to mankind.