Tuesday, June 26th 2012

Big Fitness Updates from AtlasVille: June 2012

LOTS going on in AtlasVille right now - and I want to share some of the highlights as 1 or more of them may deserve your interest. Each of these on this are all in line with the simple motto.. "Live to the Max" ..and Here they are:

1 - A Very Special Phase of Life: This week marks the start of a very special phase of life. It’s taken a lot of work, both inside and out, over the last several years - but the rewards have all been worth it and they have only just begun to flow. I know this is vague, but I promise to share much more over the next few weeks and beyond. LOTS to come on this.... One thing, being a simple but worthy project called “Hedonistic Living” ..stay tuned, as this runs deep :-)
magical sunrise
2 - Osteoporosis In Women: Osteoporosis is a debilitating condition that affects women all over the world (it also affects men but to a lesser degree). Without strong bones you are prone to life-threatening breaks and fractures, amongst other problems. The good news is this: Not only is this preventable but the condition is also reversible. The debate over drugs versus natural methods is a heated one - and one where lots of gray area exists. So, I’ll be sharing some of the latest and most helpful info about osteoporosis in the next week or two. We are preparing the materials and you’ll be one of the first to know when they are ready - so keep your eyes on your inbox. In the image below, you can see normal bone matrix on the left - and on the right is what bone matrix looks like, with osteoporosis.
osteoporosis illustration
3 - Summer Road Trip: Our annual summer trip to Westchester, New York... and NYC.. and maybe Long Island :-) is just a few weeks away. And we have an awesome itinerary lined up. Stay tuned as we are planning on bringing you tips, updates and “behind the scenes” insights as we continue our fitness lifestyles and work-load, while on the road. We’ll be spending some time in Greenwich, CT too!
rye brook ny and greenwich ct
4 - Joey Atlas Coming to OZ/NZ? In September, a trip to Australia and New Zealand is highly likely. Not sure if any live seminars will be in order - but it is a strong possibility. If you’re interested (or have comments about anything I’ve listed here today just post below. That space down there is for YOU :-)
Joey Atlas Coming to OZ/NZ
5 - Sister Marisa In AtlasVille: Some of you already know, Pam has graduated from the hustle and bustle of AtlasVille and is now tending to other life forces where she is needed most. Her parents are both in their 90’s and need her attention - and she is also looking beyond the horizon to “what may be next”. She’s been an awesomely huge help behind the scenes here for the last 6 years and I’ll miss her for sure as I’m sure many of you will too. So who steps into take over where Pam has left off? That is my sister, Marisa. Yes, timing was such that her stepping into take over Pam’s role was perfect. Some of you have already had the pleasure of exchanging emails with Marisa. She’s doing an awesome job, even as things get busier and busier every week here. 6 - Do Dreams Come True? Well, some of what I touched on above is proof of the answer, “Yes.” to the question, but right now we are involved with a BIG project we can’t even hint at yet because of the sensitivity of the info and the future potential of this simple concept. We will share more as we are permitted, but eventually you will know about this whether you see it from us or “on your own” :-) ..this is further proof that dreams do come true if you are willing to tap into your own potential, your own super-natural powers. VERY exciting things happening right now.
kid taps into super natural powers

Remember, whatever thoughts, comments or questions you have about today's Atlas Update, please post below as the comments section is for YOU.

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  • sheila

    Have a great trip excited to hear all and i have been working on your program for now two weeks I still don’t see any results but i am not giving up  thanks for not giving up on us women .

  • Was wondering where you’ve been lately Mr Atlas, lol. So good to hear all that is happening in your life because you deserve it. I’m still keeping with your program and the improvements are still coming, amazing really even after having kids. The big guy is loving your abs and core program which he does on his lunch break at work and he’s drinking less beers during the week so he may actually get his washboard this summer. Thanks for the update Our Trainer for Life. Enjoy your travels and adventures this summer. We look forward to more updates from you!


  • Leilani Letgoandlive

    I am interested in your location for Australia, I live in emerald Qld. Thanks Leilani

  • Judyd

    Now you are going to tackle the issues revolving around osteoporosis!  Wow, that is incredible as it is a topic I am very much interested in and I value your opinion very much.

  • Trishonda

    All I can say is WHEW!!!  Job well done on your part and hope your trip around the world is super fantastic.  Wish I could be there. LOL!! “Thank You.”

  • kathyank

    Can’t wait for the info on osteoporosis as I am trying to avoid taking medication. Looking forward to your recommendations and tips.  Thanks.

  • Georgina

    Many thanks for your continuous  support and motivation, apart from dealing with topics very dear to us girls. Have a successful trip abroad  and please include Argentina sometime in the future!  

  • Dbnguyen37

    It would be nice to follow up on the naked beauty program i’d ordered, but it never came and  i would like to know who to talk to on this, thanks, Deanna 

  • Anonymous

     hi Deanna – naked beauty/symulast method is an online private access program (clients can upgrade to the dvd/book set at a special low discount rate). You should have rcvd an email receipt when you purchased access and our support info is in there. But you can go here http://www.AtlasHelpZone.com and ‘submit a ticket’ – and from there Marisa will help you get private access to your program so you can get started asap. Include your order # when you submit your ticket.


  • Jeanene

    Hi I live 2 1/2 hours west of Cairns Queensland, Australia.  If you ever get close enough that I can drive to see you would be great.  Australia is a huge country and I’m sure there are plenty of people all over it that would love to see you.  Enjoy your trip and make new friends along the way.


  • Rachael Leah

    Please do a seminar in Sydney Joey.

  • Jan

    Hope to see you downunder in Sept, in Brisbane even! Hope you have a great road trip in the mean time.  Safe travels.

  • Cheryl

    Hope you can come to Brisbane, Joey :-), we’d love to have the chance to finally meet you!

  • Cuttingedgept

    Joey you will love the land down under. Please do come to Sydney. We will be waiting for our “Trainer for Life”.