Saturday, April 13th 2013

Beach-Ready-Body Tune-Up Update #3

ok - a quick update for you - with my personal tips and tweaks as well... After you read today’s update - you can check out where this all started a few months ago with: (If you look over to the right - you'll see them under "LATEST HOT POSTS") For now - let’s get into the latest-latest info... Here’s my current status: 1 - My weight has dropped a touch more, and I’m hovering at around 130-lbs 2 - Body-fat% is down to about 11% 3 - When I post the latest photos in a few days you’ll see a sure difference from the last set of photos, which I took about 3 weeks ago. 4 - Hearing more cat-calls from ladies of all ages during beach visits. While most of these are executed in tasteful and classy fashion - I’d still prefer a face-to-face “hello” and a gentle handshake. 5 - Noticing more double and triple-takes from both male and females out and about, usually during beach activities. Ok - so , here are my tips and tweaks for the last few weeks: A - I’ve gone down to one piece of all-natural/organic bread for my “late-morning”, Perfect breakfast sandwich. Going from 2 to 1 pieces hasn’t left me hungry at all. I do take smaller bites and enjoy every chew of this smaller, beach-ready-body breakfast. B - There were several mornings/mid-days where I was on the go, running errands of all sorts and I basically stopped in for a double-skinny-mocha at my favorite coffee shops (Whole Foods has an awesome coffee-bar here in Jacksonville) to hold me over until I could get back to home-base for some food. When I do this it thoroughly satisfies me for several hours - Awesome. C - I’ve added a few new recipes to my personal Spring/Summer menu. I’m usually just cooking for one - but I always make several days worth so I have meals for 2-4 more days - or I freeze some for future eating. Here are 2 of them: Each of these is a short pdf - you can click and print - then MAKE & EAT :-) They are both from the 500 Fat-Burning Recipes CookBook ( *created by Chad and the Team at Fit-Era* ) 1 - Fat-Burning Healthy Cookie Recipe
[caption id="attachment_938" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Fat-Burning Healthy Cookies"]Fat-Burning Healthy Cookies[/caption]
2 - Fruity Flaxseed Protein Muffins
[caption id="attachment_948" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Fruity Faxseed Protein muffins"]Fruity flaxseed Protein muffins[/caption]
I also have one for Fit-Body Buffalo Wings which I'll be sharing in the next day or two - so stay tuned for that... In the meantime - if you have any questions, comments of thoughts - just post them below :-) Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas