Tuesday, October 13th 2009


A Simple Fitness Lifestyle Lets You 'LIVE to the MAX' With a Home Based Fitness Program

BUY Tegrital (Brand) ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I've said this so many times - and I'll say it many more times to come; The best way to teach others how to do something is 'by example'... Acheter en ligne Tegrital (Brand), acheter Tegrital (Brand) bon marché, So, here is my example of a typical day (yesterday, canada, mexico, india, Australia, uk, us, usa, to be exact)... of how I 'LIVE to the MAX'.., Tegrital (Brand) withdrawal. New York. Los Angeles, California, 1 - wake up at 7am, put on my running shorts, Tegrital (Brand) 200mg, Buy Tegrital (Brand) online no prescription, running sneakers, grab a small towel, Tegrital (Brand) withdrawal, Tegrital (Brand) for sale, give my youngest daughter a kiss before she heads off to school - and I'm out the door for a 2.5 mile run (in Florida you can be outside all year - VERY nice!)

2 - back to Casa de Atlas - hit the shower, get dressed and fire up the espresso maker for a double, Tegrital (Brand) 800mg, 875mg, 900mg, Buy Tegrital (Brand) without prescription, hot-body, Mospresso.., comprar en línea Tegrital (Brand), comprar Tegrital (Brand) baratos. Online buy Tegrital (Brand) without a prescription, 3 - Check emails, answer all the important ones, Tegrital (Brand) 150mg, Tegrital (Brand) 625mg,650mg, make a phone call or two, double check my 'to-do' list, order Tegrital (Brand) online c.o.d, Tegrital (Brand) snort, alcohol iteraction, do a few things on the list.... then.., BUY Tegrital (Brand) ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

4 - Make a quick, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, Buy Tegrital (Brand) no prescription, late morning breakfast at about 11am; usually oatmeal with some raisins, etc.., online buying Tegrital (Brand). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, - OR - some type of whole grain, low-sugar cereal with extra flax seeds and organic skim milk.., 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg. El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington, - OR - a hard boiled egg with an apple or small banana...

5 - back on the computer to write an article or blog post (like this one), rx free Tegrital (Brand), Order Tegrital (Brand) online overnight delivery no prescription, and get some more work done...

6 BUY Tegrital (Brand) ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, - before I know it - its time for lunch (2:30ish) and my afternoon shot of Mospresso...

7 - then onto the exercise ball for about 10 minutes of back soothing, Tegrital (Brand) price, Purchase Tegrital (Brand) online no prescription, energy boosting stretches...

8 - then back to my desk for some more 'work'; writing, australia, uk, us, usa, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, planning, emailing, canada, mexico, india, etc...

9 - phone rings - Darah has a mild fever - so I go to pick her up at school - then back to the house to get her situated - and some more 'work' done...

10 - Dinner time rolls around - so I make a romaine, tomato & strawberry salad, baked chicken and some baked, sweet potato 'fries'...

11 - do homework with Darah, some reading, get her in the bath - and ready for bed.., BUY Tegrital (Brand) ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

12 - clean up the 'mess' from dinner...

13 - turn on some music in the 'fitness room' and start warming up on the Atlas Gym Unit. Spend 20 minutes doing a complete shoulder routine and then 20 more minutes doing a full body stretch routine.

14 - its now about 9:30/10pm-ish - and time to hit the shower. BUY Tegrital (Brand) ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I feel incredible, from the inside out. I also love what I see in the mirror - and despite the fact that I'm closing in on '40' - I'm in better shape than when I was in my mid 20's, the truth is undeniable.

15 - back to the desk to get some more "work" done and create a new 'to-do' list for the next day...

That's one example, one day - of how I 'LIVE to the MAX'... Not everyday is the same as life is never truly a carbon copy from one day to the next ...

But for the most part - we all control our lives, whether we know it - or not, BUY Tegrital (Brand) ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

How are you guiding your own life. How are you 'LIVING to the MAX'. Post below (click on 'COMMENTS') - I'd like to know...

Your trainer for life - your trainer forever,

Joey Atlas


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  • elaine0428

    sounds like a typical day at my house. I have 1 away at college and my youngest is sixteen I do my best to still be part of her life between school, boyfriends and whatnot. Are bonding time is when we workout together 3 or 4 times a week. It's a great time to talk and catch up and stay in shape. I hit the big 40 in March and I would rather not let gravity take over. My 19 year old will be home this weekend from school and hopefully we can catch up on the college scene during our morning run. I've missed them. Your workouts and advice have been great and we love doing the workouts thanks, Elaine

  • Name

    Excuse me for getting in something that I know is none of my business but I read Leah's comment towards you and she wrote that you should choose adding more healthy saturated fats(like coconut oil and butter)to your diet. I'm in a nutrition class and i just want to let you and Leah know that there is No such thing as HEALTHY saturated fats(healthy fats are called unsaturated fats),you should AVOID coconut oil and butter they are the worst kinds of lipids(fats) that you can use(give your body unsaturated fats instead). If you can you should try to see a nutritionist or take a nutrition class(I recommend this),it is the best thing to do.

    Good luck

  • misssweetmary

    sounds like a busy day to me; i truly understand

  • JoeyAtlas

    Wow! I walk away for a few hours and look at all this activity. Great stuff – keep it up everyone – Keep it clean – Keep the passion – but keep it up – Its all good here…


  • Suman

    Hi Joey,

    I love the new look of your websites. I am an old fan of yours but because of some major family loss, I could not start any of your programs. I bought both of yours ULBHT program and also a member of SBM online workout. Now I am out of that tragic phase, I would love to get my life back and start it again with strong, lean and happy body and mind.

    I want to lose 7 kgs of extra weight and want a more leaner and toned body. I am 5'5″ and my weight is 62Kgs. Please help me how can achieve my ideal weight and how can I use both SBM and ULBHT programs together effectively.

    God Bless!


  • Bubu

    Funny you say that to me, I know a bit more about food, nutrition generally speaking.
    But I don't see Leah mentioning anyhting about saturated fats and I quote “May I recommend? Look at the book Eat Fat Lose Fat… by Sally Fallon and Dr.Mary Enig.
    That's a symptom of Insulin Resistance.. which I have, and have been 'controlling' for years with their advice. :-)”
    So…I know though the books basic premise is that many chronic diseases can be healed by consuming coconut oil, cod liver oil, lard, and raw organic milk and butter, and they summarize the evidence that the vegetable oil industry has promoted oils which cause heart disease, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal insufficiency, reduced libido, allergies, hay fever, asthma, attention deficits, diabetes, hypoglycemia, food cravings, candidiasis, menorrhagia, immunodeficiciency, autoimmunity, irritable bowel, colitis, Crohn’s Disease, eczema, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes and so on.
    My question to you is have you ever tasted real real milk, like straight form a cow? But a cow that grows in the mountains let's say, eats a variety of foods, grasses and so on (not the cows grown fro milk in farms)? Have you ever ate an apple that is the “cleanest” ever, with nothing to pollute them in the air, soil and so on? And no, organic apples in the USA are not really that “natural”. I am telling you this because I have, and it is nothing you have ever tasted before. And I know how much trouble processed food has brought me, and allergies and stomach problems and so on. So I would never compare butter made at home with a butter bought in store.

    I personally do not really eat butter (except if it's in a cake, hopefully low quantity, otherwise I wont eat it), and I don't like coconut oil (except in my body lotion lol). I use extra virgin olive oil on my salads, and the rest of healthy fats I take from a lot of variety of nuts and seeds, all unsalted and raw (walnuts, flax seeds, sesame, pistachios, cashew and so on) and of course fish with omega 3, like salmon and herring. The saturated fats can not be avoided in some cases (like the ones coming from meat, eggs, even salmon.

    Thx for your concern though, very kind of you.


    PS: Eating foods that contain saturated fats raises the level of cholesterol in your blood.
    Coconut oil contains primarily saturated fats, but does not contain cholesterol.

  • Sharin L


    Hi! This is Sharin L. I have discovered Yoga! Having been an aerobic/step instructor many years ago, I kept in pretty good shape – teaching classes 5X a week. But, after 1997, I let myself gooooooooooooo….Shame on me! Well, I finally got it together again and am taking Yoga classes 2X a week and am exercising 8-10 min every morning b/4 going to work. Guess what? I feel better and am starting to look better and can get back into size 12's…I was in size 16's. (…this took me about a year…I was at 185-190 and am now at 168-172) . I am in law enforcement…and, I know that I am in much better shape than most of my fat-gutted donut-eating police buddies. I'm not being mean-spirited in making that comment. They used to tease me and now this fitness issue is on the other foot. Sometimes I slip up and sometimes I cheat. I know all the parameters of what being fit and not being fit can do to people. When I mess up, I don't beat myself up over it. I simply push myself a little harder the next day. Oh, I was going to a chiropractor for back and neck pain (e.g., work-related stress – DUH, do ya think?) Now since yoga, no more chiro visits. My chiro doc hates me!
    You have a FULL schedule. WOW! Oh, listen, I put in a good word for you to be on BIGGEST LOSER…what happened? And, what is your take on Jillian Michael's new reportoire (i.e., jumping on the fitness bandwagon – books/videos/supplements, etc)?

  • mirriam

    That,s sounds good.l do my work outs in the morning but not in the evening.lam also trying to catch a haelthier diet.l too feel good from the inside out due to the workouts l do every morning.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Very nice Mirriam!
    Keep at it and keep us posted.

    – Joey

  • JoeyAtlas

    Sharin – good work! Way to turn things around.

    Thanks for the Biggest Loser vote – but you must realize – they have their own agenda 😉

    No comment on 'Jillian' …


  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks Suman – great to hear from you…
    I've posted a detailed answer for you in the Private Client area at:

    See you there!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks for your great feedback Elaine – Way to go on all that you are doing, btw…

    I'll be hitting '40' in March (16th) as well – But I truly feel, act (and look) 'almost' half my age, as compared to the typical 40 year old man…

    Keep me posted on the 'family fitness' progress – I love hearing this stuff…


  • JoeyAtlas

    Yes – my wife (soon to be former wife) – does get the little one ready on most mornings – As I handle the night shift most of the time – Making her dinner, getting her bathed – and then to bed…

    So – most mornings I do have that flexibility – But I have my fair share of responsibilities later in the day – Along with running parts of the household… But, alas – we all have slight differences in the logistics of how a household is run on a day to day basis…

    “'how well you know women, and what they need' “
    – All too often – the typical woman is misled into believing she must be on a rigid gym based fitness routine – and a strict 'diet' to match – in order to get any kind of real results. Well, this is not only wrong – but it is what also prevents so many busy women from exploring the possibilities of a home based fitness/wellness program – that can deliver even better results than any health club membership can provide… In other words: most women 'give up' before they've even tried – because they think they can't commit to what is necessary on a daily or weekly basis.

    Now – in terms of fitting in my program – or another worthy program – With a day of work and kids, etc…

    This comes down to looking at your day objectively and deciding 'where' you can fit in 10, 15, 20 or maybe even 25 minutes of exercise. See, it doens have to be done in one straight 50 minute session – You can break things up to fit your schedule as it allows.

    IMPORTANT: You may need to let your spouse know that you are wanting to take better care of your self (and the reasons why) and ask for his support. Ask if he'd be willing to handle some of the daily responsibilities – maybe in the evening – to give you 30 minutes to 'take care of yourself', etc…

    When you get started – your energy will naturally start to increase – But you have to take the initiative. The power is in your hands – Its your choice to make good use of it – or not.

    Please keep me posted – I'd love to see you succeed.


  • joanne

    hi joey, have been away, have blown my diet for a week, angry at my self, how can i stay with my diet when with family going out to dinner, i always give in, but hey its monday morning get back on the right track, i have to ask you , it looks like you do all your early exercise without breakfast, you dont eat till eleven, how can you hold up that long ??? i thought the norm was to have a good breakfast [ how long should you wait before exercises ] then two hours or so after have a carb and friut to help mucsle developement. love the new look, much more cheerful thanks joey, joanne

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Joanne – thanks for the comps on the new site…

    Re the breakfast time: Its really a matter of doing what works for you. I dont need food before I workout in the morning – so I don't eat til later… I also dont worry about the nutrient 'timing' issues of eating at certain times/intervals after workouts…

    If you do want breakfast before exercise – again, do what works for you – the less you eat – the sooner you can workout and vice/versa…

    Re your eating well when going out, etc.. question…

    That's a big one – too much to 'answer' here – wont do it justice.. But I am working on a program to address this – Should be ready before the new year.


  • joanne

    hi joey, i am so pleased you have this new sight, i finely feel that i can voice my opinion,and see other peoples responses, and comments, thank you so very much for answering my qestions, i can see you have a totely different out look to exercise and eating to help build muscle, so i am trying it your way,i have found i often dont exercise just because i have eaten breakfast, i feel to heavy, so i would postpone it till later, sometimes that didnt happen, so i am pleased to hear what you have said. As i mentioned once before,my former program stated i could not build mucsle unless i ate more meat, and i had to have carbs and fruit after each exercise routine,although i did all what was asked it didnt work, so yes i am trying it your way now,i have now saved for your two dvds, lower body and stronger abs,i will be sending for it in the very near future. also will be looking forward to reading your article on [ eating well when going out, ] Mind you it doesnt help going to the food warehouse with my husband and daughter and buying a kilo box of carrot cake to take home, i have to really steel myself ahh. keep up the good work, i espeically like your frank comments. thanks once again joanne

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks for the compliments Joanne.

    Good stuff you typed above – Keep meposted on your progress with theese changes…

    Yeah – it can be a challenge when your family wants 'this' but you don't… It all comes down to finding balance – and sometimes the balance is inside you – You know what your goals/values are.


  • handmade35

    Hiya Joey
    I wanted to say thank you for your encouragement and emails; also your blog is encouraging us regularly. I was just over 312lbs a month ago and my clothes are already looser 🙂 I am 6' tall and I am still recovering from serious back injuries that left me almost paralysed 13 years ago.
    I'm really proud of myself. I'm slowly increasing the amount of movement I do each day, now I'm able to walk briskly and not fall over – ok it's not a 2.5 run but it might as well be as far as I'm concerned 🙂 I stop to do push ups against a tree – to protect my neck and back as I'm not strong enough yet to do them completely prone. So, I'm not quite up to doin UHTLBM yet but I'm on my way. All this combines to say that yeah I'm over weight, no I'm not using your workout every day, but yeah we (the Physio, Dr and I) are able to use the exercises you have provided to maximise the workout I can do with the minimum effect on a recovering body. So again thank you for your encouragement – I was depressed – funny that – now I'm getting better because I KNOW that I'm doing the best exercises in the world that will one day contribute to being the Hottest Mama in Dunedin, New Zealand. I am alive, I love my family and I am hugely blessed by your blog and the people who contribute to it. If I am anything to go by you can do anything you set your mind to, even with modifications 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    This is great stuff Handmade – and I GREATLY appreciate you sharing with me – and the world via the site…

    Your story is true inspiration – and will motivate many for sure… And I'm glad to be a part of your 'comeback' – I know you'll succeed – You are already on your way – and progress is being made… One day at a time will get it done.

    Keep on doing what you are doing – And 'spread the word'…


  • deejay43

    Hi Joey, your new page is awesome!! Your work schedule is great! It fits you perfectly, you work at home. I have really enjoyed the dvd on the upper and lower body workouts.

    I am a runner but I do use the workouts for strengthening and toning my muscles. Last year I ran in 14 5ks. I have never did that before in my entire life. When I first started it was in late Feb of 2009, I just started doing a little jogging about 2 times a week. My first run was in my home town, I knew I wasn't in shape but I did it anyway. My time was 40:04 and I was very out of shape and out of breath!! I don't know what happened that day, but somehow I got addicted to running and registered for another race the next weekend and the next one after that. My race time had went down to 32:17 around my 11th race! I was really enjoying it!! I lost a total of 30 lbs in 6 months, and for me that is great. This year I plan on doing at least 3 10k runs and one half marathon.