Tuesday, November 13th 2012

3 Red Recipes, 3 Good Photos and My 21-Item List

Cooking quick and easy meals for the fitness lifestyle gets easier and easier the more you do it... Here's yet another recent dinner I whipped up in under 37 minutes, end-to-end: 1 - Tangy Tomato Toss 2 - Razzle-Dazzle Wrap 3 - Sweet-Tooth Beet-Root
3 Red Recipes Quick Easy Healthy

Here are the quick, easy and awesome-tasting recipes:

1 - Tangy Tomato Toss

- chop a large tomato - drizzle with balsamic vinegar - sea salt and black pepper - sprinkle with a table-spoon of grated parmesan cheese - serves 2-3... maybe 4

2 - Razzle-Dazzle Wrap

- heat med/large pan on medium flame (add tablespoon on coconut or extra virgin olive oil) - on a flat plate; place 1/2 ounce of cheddar cheese on half the wrap (leave other half vacant so you can fold it) - place scrambled egg on top of cheese, then add to pan - sprinkle with: paprika, black pepper, curry powder and sea salt (and crushed red pepper is optional) - fold foodless side over to cover the egg/cheese side - when bottom starts to brown and cheese melts, flip over with spatula - brown bottom side to your liking then remove and let cool a little before eating - serves 2

3 - Sweet-Tooth Beet-Root

- pre-heat oven to 375 degrees - cut 3 or 4 medium/large beetroots into 1/4-inch thick pieces - cover large baking pan with e.v. olive oil or coconut oil and lay beetroot pieces flat in pan, then flip them over so they have oil on both sides - place in middle rack for 10 mins - take out and sprinkle with black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, anise seeds (these are AWESOME) - cook for another 10-15 minutes; but check them along the way with a fork - if it goes through easily then they are DONE - remove from oven and sprinkle with sea salt if you desire - serves 6-10 depending on size of beetroots, and how many My Fitness Food Shopping List During a few of my recent food shops, I realized how simple it would be for me to share what I buy, and show you too... This photo is half my groceries on the checkout counter - as the other half was already being bagged... Below this photo is a list of what I bought that day
ingredients for recipes snacks and meals

Healthy Grocery List - Foods and Ingredients

Most of these items are organic... 1: Almond Milk 2: Mixed Baby-Green Lettuce 3: Ciabatta 4: Whole Spelt Wraps 5: Apricot Apple-Sauce 6: Brown Rice-Cakes 7: Cheddar Cheese Blocks 8: Eight Chocolate Bars (mostly dark) :-) 9: Almond Extract 10: Garlic Powder 11: Curry Powder 12: Tomatoes 13: Carrots 14: Celery 15: Beetroots 16: Red Delicious Apples 17: Cane Sugar 18: Garbanzo Beans/Chick Peas 19: Eggs 20: Mixed Nuts 21: Balsamic Vinegar Any questions, thoughts or comments about the above info? Post in the box below... Want to share your food shopping list? You can do that in the box below as well :-)
joey cooking healthy wraps
Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas ps: the team at prograde has re-posted 2 Free Reports to help you gear up on proper info as the new year gets closer and closer: A: The Diet Pill Report B: What Your Doctor Never Told You About Fish Oil and Omega-3's

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  • Jenell_garcia

    Mr. Atlas, that grocery list looks like I’ll be starving..ahhaha :DD I love food :/

  • Mamaddy

    Love the list, but I would add raw milk cheese, salmon, free range chicken, and DUMP THE SUGAR.

  • Patnap

    I must have chocolate!  But why the sugar?  There are good sugar subs like stevia, lo han, xylito.  What about using dates or agave for sweetness?

  • Seashellskaren

    Everything looks good except the beetroots

  • Patnap

    Now that the holidays are almost here a good, healthy gingerbread recipe would be appreciated.  A gooy, moist cake, and one for crispy, swedish style cookie crisps.

  • Himmlisch

    Interesting grocery..please include orange, strawberry, spinanch, Lindt’s 99% Dark Chocolate 🙂

  • Timada11

    Hi love the easy recipies, I’m looking for some great weight loss smoothies, can you help?

  • Omaima

    Thanks Joey. I’m gona try one of them.

  • Alix_lorena

    Thank you, my cain of recipes, easy, good and healthy. .

  • georgina

    Will certainly pass it on to these beef-loving Argentinians for the healthy change!  Looking forward to the next recipes..  
    Have been taking cod liver oil for a long time and it did wonders to my arthritic knee. 
    All the best to our dear trainer for life!

  • Mvp0710

    thanks for sharing… additional easy recipe for me.  Will try it. 

  • Trishonda

    Thank you so much Joey for caring enough about our health to share these recipes and the healthy food shopping list.  That tangy tomato toss looks really good.  Gonna have to make it for us one day soon. lol  Don’t worry, you’ll love it!

  • Fatima

    Hello Joey,
    Thank you for all the information on healthy treats.  However, I live in Portugal and a lot of the ingredients needed for these healthy treats are not easily available here and those that are available are quite expensive. In the meantime I do try to cook as healthy as possible for myself and my family (eg. brown rice instead of white rice, normally only cook with extra virgin olive oil, fresh veggies and fruit, etc.)
    Ciao for now,

  • Cdavis2232

    where can i get the whole spelt wraps ??  Thank you

  • Adele

    I also don’t buy meat, its so overrated. (Chick)peas is my chicken substitute!

  • Juicyfiggy

    Hey Joey…nice list..Am glad to see i can get most of it right here at home in Seychelles, except maybe for the almond milk, the spelt wrap and the Apricot Applesauce..but will go take a closer look on the shelves..just in case i miss those…thanks

  • Retta Loffler

    I ordered and paid for the Cellulite exercise programme. I was sent the link, but before I was able to download it, my computer crashed. I have sent 3 emails requesting that the link be resent, all have been ignored.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Retta – it’s quite possible your emails are not getting through to my support team – so, open your email receipt (from Clickbank) and use the “support” link in that email… that will get to my team via the Clickbank support system.
    Thanks 🙂