Friday, March 16th 2012

3 Birthday Gifts for YOU

Today I give YOU 3 gifts to celebrate my 42nd Birthday:

1 - a fresh piece of wisdom 2 - a super-sweet discount code 3 - a mega-powerful fitness flashback First the wisdom: As my life progresses - the things which are most important to me become more and more clear. And I honor those things as best can by feeding them and nurturing them the best ways I know how. One of the things which has become extremely important to me is... my time. I’ve made a consistent effort to objectively look at all the ways I spend my time and energy. And I’ve made note of the various things which are time-wasters and energy drains. And then I’ve created simple steps to reduce or eliminate those things... Within one year - I have freed up so much time and energy; both physical AND MENTAL - that I actually feel stronger, healthier, happier, more fulfilled and MORE IN CONTROL of my life and my circumstances... Here's an example: I've put most of my monthly bills on autopay. This means they get paid automatically. No work or time on my part. I simple do a "quick-look" view twice a month to make sure nothing fishy is going on. ...Big TIME and ENERGY saver. That is just the tip of the ice-berg but I’m sure if you read it again, and think about it - you’ll begin to make sense of what I’m sharing. This is a bigger topic for another day - maybe even a whole podcast series - but; whichever way I cut it - it has been, and is, powerfully life-changing for me... In a VERY positive way. ..Maybe it can be for you too? Second - the super-sweet discount code (and why you may want to use it): The code is: bday15 And it is to celebrate Jayson’s daughter’s birthday (yep - same as mine!! :-) by giving you 15% off anything in the prograde store. You might want to use it for what I’ve just added to my nutritional regimen: Joey's Big Green Secret Weapon This time of year gets VERY busy for me with lots of soccer for the kids and beach time just a week or two away... This means it's time to implement my time-saving strategies I mention above. And this is one of them... On days when I can get to all the fruits and veggies I would like to - I simple make sure I get one serving of my Big Green Secret Weapon in - and I'm good to go. Like gold. I usually do it in the morning right after my espresso and it actually helps to shift my food calories to later in the day - helping me to get leaner and more "toned" for our very long and fun summer/beach season here in northern Florida. 1 look at the All-Natural ingredients label and you'll know why this is part of my overall "plan":
[caption id="attachment_641" align="alignnone" width="318" caption="DISCOUNT CODE: bday15"]Joeys Big Green Secret Weapon[/caption]
In my 20’s I wouldn’t have bothered with this type of supplement - but know that I’m into the 40’s - it’s a perfect fit for what my body needs - for my active lifestyle - and for how much more life I am planning to live in the future. If you want to see the rest of my nutritional support regimen - I’ve made it a part of my third gift to you: The mega-powerful fitness flashback - which is my birthday post from one year ago: My Anti-Aging Blueprint LOTS of good stuff in that post. A nice mix of wit and wisdom.... So, enjoy and please share these posts with anyone you know who will benefit from and appreciate them. They’ll thank you for it - and so will I... Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas

  • Hannelie Sass

    Happy Birthday dearest Joey! May there be many more and all of them good ones! Thanks for caring. :-))

  • Nahed_amer2010

    Happy Birthday, wishing you all the best

  • Sabbott7

    a very happy birthday and I am enjoying the stretching dvds

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    happy birthday to you joey

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    Happy Birthday Joey!!!!!! Have a good one.

  • Nora

    Happy Birthday Joey ! Thank yo so much for everything ! You rock ! Thanks for caring !

  • Mbg_star10

    Happy Birthday Joey!!! More birthday to come and God bless you with good health and happiness.

  • Peach

    Happy, happy birthday to you, Joey!

  • Peter8359

    Hey Joey HAPPY BIRTHDAY   same month as mine  I’m just 11 yrs older   live healthy live long

    cheers   Peter

  • Jackkee76

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 


    happy birthday joey may God bless you to see many, many more. enjoy your day

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    many many happy returns of the day u have many more happy

    birthdy to you.

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    Happy birthday-hope u had a great day!!x

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    Happy b-day!!

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    Happy birthday to you! Have a great day! Greetz Margriet (The Netherlands)

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    Happy birthday and have a nice day!

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    Wishes of a Happy Birthday!!! hope you enjoy your day surrounded by the loved ones!!!

  • Cutieroxas

    happy birthday and thanks for your gifts.. .
    more power godbless..

  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for spending so much time on us…I pray God gives you wisdom while he makes your dreams come true!

  • Mojomomof7

    Happy Birthday!

  • Jgblr

    Happy Birthday!

  • Elsa

    Happy Birthday, Joey!
    Thank you so much for the wisdom, I’ve just added 2 columns to my notebook to note down my time-wasters and energy drains… and then I intend to eliminate them all!!! 

  • Happy Birthday Joey. I really enjoy your blog and receiving the info filled emails. 

  • Georgina

    Many happy returns, dear trainer for life!  And thank you for the advice, the wisdom and the good energy you let us share.   

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    Happy Birthday : ))

  • annie

    Hi!Joey,Happy Birthday!!!!Thank you for being my trainer for my life and make my life beautiful and meaningful:)more power and god bless!LOVE LOVE LOVE:)

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    Thanks Joey… and happy birthday 🙂

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    happy birthday…….

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    Happy Birthday

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    Happy Birthday 🙂

  • Happy Birthday!!

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    Happy B-Day!!

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    Happy Birthday to you and your Daughter! Here’s to your health!

  • nati

    Happy birthday!! My brithday is today!!!! Its exciting to know we have just one day difference 🙂

  • Debbie Omarjee

    Thanks Joey – Happy birthday!! may you have a wonderful day – God Bless you!! (Greetings from South Africa)

  • Maltee Henderson

    Happy Birthday Joey and THANKS a MILLION for everything. You are the BEST

  • Janine

    Happy Birthday Joey, and THANKS a MILLION for everything. GOD BLESS YOU!

  • Wanda

    Happy Belated Birthday Joey. I just had my birthday as well. It was the 14th. I turned 34:o) I woke up this morning at 4:30 and did you abs of stone workout and it felt really good. My plan for this week is to alternate between the abs of stone and the ULBHT dvd in the morning. I will then focus on HIIT cardio for my afternoon workout. Training to run this 7 1/2 mile run in under an hour coming in May. Wish me luck:o)!

  • Sandyrealty407

    Happy Birthaday     Thanks you always 🙂

  • Vannessa

    Happy Birthday Joey, and tx for your inspiration, your time and all your advice! It is all really very much appreciated!
    Hope you and your daughter had fabulous birthdays! God Bless!! 

  • Fayzonlewis2010

    Hey Joey this is Philicia Happy Birthday to you ……..Thank you for your wounderful guidance through out my life.

  • David Haas


    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could
    email me?


  • paras

    belated birthday wishes dear…….doing great wrk….serving world with great ideas:)

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  • Lisa

    Hi Joey, just wanted to wish you a very very Belated Birthday! I ordered your ULBHT dvd set yesterday and I’ve been looking through your Live to the Max site ~ Latest Hot Posts and realized that you and I share the same Birthday! I love seeing who else shares the 16th ~ it IS an AWESOME day! …just sayin’ 🙂 Can’t wait tol I receive my DVD’s. Till then…HBB to the both of us!! Catch ya next year on our BD!

    Have a Great Holiday Season!

    Lisa Wentz

  • Anonymous

     HBB, Lisa! …yes – what a very… VERY cool day 🙂 …welcome to ‘AtlasVille’ – you’re going to love the ulhtm DVDs (awesome way to start!) – keep me posted on your progress!
    How did you come across the program??
    Happy Holidays to you too!

  • Lisa

    Hello…you know, I’m thinking that I found you on Pinterest, while on a mission to find a way to tone up and get rid of my very unwanted cellulite. I’ve been a Naked Beauty client since 7/3/12 and really loved the exercises, though I got abit discouraged after the first month; while my cellulite had diminished, my butt and thighs seemed to have spread. 🙁 That’s certainly not why I started with your program. Needless to say, I’ve stopped. Since then, I had been reading all of your emails and came across the ULHTM. So I’m hoping that this will help me to loose my cellulite and reshape with-out bulcking up. I’ll keep you posted…


  • Anonymous

     Ayeeeeee, Lisa – that was only 4 weeks! You say “while my cellulite had diminished”… See, the reversal started – that’s why the dimples and shadows were fading away – and what you actually felt was the muscles becoming more dense, firm and lifted. When you feel that this time around you’ll need to keep going and there will be a slimming/tightening phase… Every woman has a different personal “timeline” – and this depends on age, other lifestyle habits, nutrition habits, etc… BUT, you are TOTALLY on the right track – you just need to stick with it this time for good – and the cellulite dimples and shadows will be gone – and you will get the toned & tight lower-body you are aiming for. ..ULBHTM is more intense and a bit longer per session. You’re going to LOVE it 🙂
    Keep me posted on your success story!