Thursday, December 1st 2016

Beginner Fitness Training Program for Home or Travel

At the request of many readers and willing students of fitness, I've sorted and aggregated a handful of select videos from my youtube and vimeo channels, into several specific programs (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)... The first, Beginner, is below (once the others are done I will link to them from this page).

Important Step #1

The first important step before you even think about trying the any of these free programs, is to GET CLEARANCE from your doctor. This is a simple precautionary step and it doesn't matter what your age is. Just call your doctor's office and let them know you want to be cleared for exercise because you're "ready to get started" ... and feel free to SHARE THESE videos with your doctor's office staff so they know what you'll be doing.

Here is your general approach for this Beginner Fitness Program

After you get doctor's clearance for exercise. You'll start with Day #1 and simply aim to get through the session just one time. Do what you comfortably can and leave out what you might not be able to do in the early stages. Follow the daily sequence as outline below. Aim to go through each session just once, for the first 2 weeks. In week #3 aim to go through each video twice. In week #5 try stepping up to 3 times through each video. [*Any questions, please post at the bottom of this page.*]

Beginner Fitness Training Program for Home, Office or Travel

This program is a 5 day rotation sequence. You can start this any day of the week - so here is an example of how to place this into your schedule, so it becomes part of your lifestyle. Day 1 session on Monday Day 2 session on Tuesday Day 3 session on Wednesday Day 4 session on Thursday Day 5 session on Friday ------------------------ After Day 5, start rotation again: Day 1 session on Saturday Etc.... -------------------------

Day #1: Lower-Body Body-Weight Session


Day #2:Chest and Back Body-Weight and Resistance Band Session


Day #3: Shoulder Resistance Band and Body-Weight Session


Include in Day #3: Shoulder Stretching/Flexibility Session


Day #4: Biceps and Triceps Resistance Band Sessions


Day #5: Cardio Combo and Full-Body Flexibility

Basic Foundational Cardio: Anywhere, Anytime
Indoor/Outdoor Full-Body Flexibility

Some Tips and Pointers on Getting the Most Out of The Beginner Program

1 - If you miss a day, for whatever reason - NO WORRIES, just pick up where you left off. Simple. 2 - If there is a certain exercise or stretch that doesn't feel right to you, just skip it. Do all the things you can and keep with it. 3 - Consider this your 'foundation', as the weeks progress, this program will become easier, because you're getting stronger, more fit - and healthier. Eventually you'll step up to the Intermediate Program.

Any Questions? Just post below in discussion box: