Monday, September 12th 2011

Update from Kelly and New Case Study Bares All

OK - so, after the first post about Kelly it quickly became obvious to her and I that we need to share more of what people are not seeing right now. We exchanged a few emails in the last few days and here is where we left off... These are Kelly’s words: "Joey, I also saw some of their comments. So... I figured I should tell them my backstory to help them get a little clarity. Things I'll cover: (voicing out here so I don't forget later) - This is Asia (I'll post links to shops to help them see what I'm up against) - My work and why I need to be slimmer even if I'm deemed of a healthy weight ratio (I have pics of me working and looking not so fab - I can share) - The issue of cellulite - How keeping fit isn't just a problem for very large people, but for medium sized people too - Also, I'm young, but when I see people who are 30’s and in better shape, I realise it's not just something you're born with. You have to work for it. - I will also release my weight, body fat % and whatever other stats I can find Also, I will take pics of me in a bikini for future use and I'll see what I can do about a video of how I look too. We have to convince these guys that there are many flaws to be fixed and with you, I can fix them." Kelly and I have a skype/coaching call set up for 10pm EST tonight (it will be 10am Tuesday her time/Singapore) The goal for tonight’s call is to focus on the issue of her cellulite zones and create her weekly schedule of exercise sessions for: “Phase 1” of Kelly’s Body Reclamation Stay tuned for the info she plans to share listed above - and for now - here is her latest post: Not As Bad As I Thought (1st Lower-Body Workout) Now onto a case study with her own set of challenges. I need to emphasize - just like with Kelly, the open sharing of details in this case study is VERY personal - and it’s rare that I get the opportunity to share these types of step by step true-to-life examples... So I extend a HUGE THANK YOU to both Kelly and Leanne... Some of you know Leanne already, as she has designed a bunch of my websites/blogs, including this one - the Official Joey Atlas Blog. Yep - she’s good and you can see more of her AWESOME work here: She has already taken the painful “Before” photos and measurements. When the time is right we will be sharing these with you. For now you can read about her challenges, obstacles and how we are chipping away at each of them to get her closer and closer to her most desired goals. “Phase 1” of Leanne’s Body Reclamation And you can see Leanne's 5-Day personal fitness and fat-loss journal right here. That's her first official post since getting started last week. Watch this space and the blogs plus facebook pages of Kelly and Leanne to see the step by step actions, thoughts, strategies and successes they are openly sharing with you and the rest of the world in the hopes of inspiring and motivating others to do the exact same things. And listen, don't be shy - if you have some questions, thoughts or input - you can use the comment section below. :-) Your trainer forever - your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas