Thursday, December 30th 2010


The Attrition Syndrome: What It Is and How to Beat It

{attrition} def BUY Liv.52 Capsules ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, . Liv.52 Capsules 50mg, - a reduction in number of people; or size of a group/crowd/population

Next week millions of people will start their New Years Resolution of fitness/weight-loss/health improvement. Some of these people will be total newcomers and some will be “on and off” yo-yo ‘triers’.., reasons to buy Liv.52 Capsules online. Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California, By February 1st, about 46% of this “new years” crowd will have forgotten about their personal mission.., buy generic Liv.52 Capsules. Liv.52 Capsules price, By March 1st, another 18% of that original group will be history.., where can i buy cheapest Liv.52 Capsules online.

And by April 1st, the other 13% will have thrown in the towel and given up on their goals.., BUY Liv.52 Capsules ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, That’s 77% of the original ‘New Year’ crowd. And of the remaining 23% - only about half of them will make it to the end of 2011 finding success through self-commitment and lifestyle adjustments, buy cheap Liv.52 Capsules. Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, Think of how many people you know who have ridden the New Year Resolution “roller coaster” over the years.

The truth is - getting started is easy, köpa Liv.52 Capsules online, Osta Liv.52 Capsules online, Jotta Liv.52 Capsules verkossa. BUY Liv.52 Capsules ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, It’s almost like “the thing to do”. 400mg, 450mg, Everybody asks each other, “So, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, what’s your resolution for the new year?, blah, Liv.52 Capsules 5mg, Liv.52 Capsules 200mg, blah, blah...”

The “not so easy” part is sticking with your new mission for the long-term.., Liv.52 Capsules from canadian pharmacy. Købe Liv.52 Capsules online, αγοράζουν online Liv.52 Capsules, For-EVER.

Here are 5 strategies to help you (or someone you know) turn your ‘new year’ resolution into a New Way of Living.., Liv.52 Capsules samples. Buy no prescription Liv.52 Capsules online, 1 - Create at least one alternate option.

If you only give yourself one fitness option you are limiting your strategic opportunities for exercise when different situations in life pop up.

Example: If you join a health club then it would be wise to create a small home fitness area, BUY Liv.52 Capsules ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. This is critical because there will be days when you either don’t feel like going to the club or because of schedule conflicts you just can’t get there, online buying Liv.52 Capsules. Buy Liv.52 Capsules no prescription, In these cases it would be ideal for you to get your workout in at home - instead of not doing it at all.

2 - Plan ahead when traveling for business or vacation.

Many people “skip their workouts” when away from home, japan, craiglist, ebay, hcl. Kjøpe Liv.52 Capsules online, bestill Liv.52 Capsules online, And this is a top reason why people get derailed in their efforts of achieving their top fitness goals. BUY Liv.52 Capsules ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Most hotels have at least a small fitness room. Check for this amenity before you book your stay, Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee. Portland, Oregon. Buy Liv.52 Capsules from canada, If traveling to visit family or friends, bring some small exercise items which can fit in your luggage - such as: resistance bands, order Liv.52 Capsules online c.o.d, Liv.52 Capsules withdrawal, jump rope, your favorite fitness DVDs, El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington. Liv.52 Capsules snort, alcohol iteraction, And don’t forget your workout clothes, sneakers, 0.4mg, 0.5mg, 1mg, 2.5mg, etc...

3 - Learn how to workout on a playground.

When you learn how to use the typical playground as an outdoor gym you give yourself a priceless and powerful tool in your fitness arsenal. Playgrounds offer a workout options for all levels of users - from pure beginners to advanced fitness veterans, BUY Liv.52 Capsules ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Being able to step onto a playground also helps greatly with #’s 1 and 2 above.

4 - Change your choice if you don’t like it. Find things you like which “feel right” for you.

There are many starting points and path to choose from when beginning your health and fitness quest. If you try something that doesn’t feel “right” or comfortable - then look for something else that does. BUY Liv.52 Capsules ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Don’t wait until you are “really hating” your choice - because it will only cause you to quit outright.

Example: Some people may enjoy a weekly combo schedule of boot-camp style training classes and high intensity yoga - while someone else may prefer to jog/run 3 miles every other day and follow a total-body fusion workout program on the opposite days.

5 - Implement multiple concrete “fuel systems”.

Too often people embark on their “personal fitness mission” without clearly defined goals and MEANINGFUL REASONS.

A broad goal statement such as; “I want to lose weight and get healthier.” is simply too generalized. There is no “destination” - and without a desitination - you can’t follow the ideal path to get there.

The most effective fitness plans implement multiple sources of “fuel for motivation”, BUY Liv.52 Capsules ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Some of these will be internal and some will be external.

Examples: If you want to lose weight - choose a sensible “goal weight” you want to reach. You can always readjust your “destination” as you make progress.

If you want to improve your health/medical profile - create a goal list for your vital stats with help from your doctor. BUY Liv.52 Capsules ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Look at the numbers from your most recent check-up (blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc..) and set goal numbers for your vitals that need “positive adjustment”.

IMPORTANT: post these numbers (both sets) where you can SEE them regularly. It’s easy to forget your internal medical profile when you are not reminded by the numbers. Keeping a printout of your important health stats where you can be reminded of it daily is VERY powerful.

Infuse your mission with some type of material reward. Maybe it’s a beach-side vacation when you hit your goal weight, BUY Liv.52 Capsules ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Maybe it’s a sports car when you clean up your medical profile numbers and improve your health and life expectancy...

Or maybe you enter a contest where you can win all that and more. A contest adds a dimension that you can’t create by yourself. When everyone is aiming for the prizes and shooting for similar fitness goals - there is a special energy and powerful camaraderie which propels everyone to levels they only dreamed of before.

On January 4th - you can have this type of rare opportunity. Just click here to => Win the Car, the Money and the Dream Vacation and get instant access to the “Pre-New Year Training Materials” (ALL FREE) - and you’ll get the January 4th notice of this awesomely inspiring contest which has been created for people EXACTLY like you.

After you sign-in for instant access - you'll be on the FTFL Team blog and when you see all the activity/comments there - you are going to be pleasantly stunned, energized and inspired. TRUST ME ON THIS - you'll thank me later.

All my best to you and yours - and HAPPY NEW YEAR,

Your trainer for life,

-- Joey Atlas.

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  • Kat

    This blog seems too quiet…so let's get this blog started! We need to celebrate the end of 2010 and start this new year – 2011 – off right…

    Nope, Joey, I don’t have “the attrition syndrome” anymore – I beat it! Thanks to MYSELF and YOU! You have suggested some effective strategies to help stay on track forever – not just for a couple of weeks or months. Yes, we are always full of good intentions with the promise of a new year, but we are not full of self-discipline. We are very impatient – we want to see results now and we forget it took a while to gain the weight and it will take a while to lose that weight. You have to choose to change your mindset – you have to want something better for yourself. You need to be in this for the long run – it doesn't matter how long it takes as long as you’re moving towards good health.

    Although I am not “perfect” (even though I like to think I am ;-)), I am always striving to do better. I always exercise 6 days a week no matter what – it makes me feel good! I still haven’t reached my “ultimate body” yet, but I don’t give up – I know eventually it will all fall into place with persistence and dedication…because I believe! And even if I never reach that “ultimate body,” I know that I am healthier physically and mentally and that is REALLY what MATTERS MOST!

    Thank you, Joey, for being my inspiration! I know that I may have said it before, (hope you don’t get tired of hearing it) but I don’t want to ever take you for granted! I want you to know that to me, you are amazing!

    Happy New Year, Joey! To New Beginnings, New Hope, New Joy, New Love, New Blessings, and Sweet Surprises… 2011 will be the year for dreams to come true! 😉
    Always ~ Kat

  • JoeyAtlas

    AWESOME, Kat! Keep at it!
    – Joey

  • Kelley

    Joey – Thank you for the info on how to keep on keeping on beyond the New Year. I'm in agreement with rewarding ones self when reaching goals – – even small ones. Thank you for caring.

    Kat – Thank you for all the times you make these blogs interesting with such a loving touch. It's nice to see that there are people out here in this world that are so pure in heart.

    Joey and Kat – Hope that this year brings the pair of you together and that you find out just how much that you both seem to deserve one another – – the pair of you are a perfect match – – both so real and kind. Happy New Year!!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks Kelley!
    Spread the word 🙂
    – Joey

  • Kat

    Thank you for your sweet words and wonderful wishes, Kelley! Your compliments mean more than you could know. I'm especially appreciative that you hold Joey and I in such high esteem. Happy New Year to you too!
    ~ Kat