Friday, September 9th 2011

Meet The New Lady In My Life

I want you to meet the new lady in my life, Because... - Well - a few key reasons, really... First - I don’t mean “lady in my life” as in romantically involved, etc... No - she is someone I am working very closely with to help her get back into top form... (She has let herself get out of shape and she is NOT HAPPY about it...) Second - She has agreed to share her story and journal PUBLICLY (via videos, blog posts, facebook updates, tweets, etc...) - so you can follow along and watch her progress and hopefully be inspired to reach for higher levels yourself... This is something both men and women will want to follow - as Kelly is a very genuine, smart, honest and like-able personality.... (Guys, she works with ESPN a bit...)
[caption id="attachment_490" align="alignnone" width="199" caption="Kelly Latimer: Host and Voice Talent"][/caption]
So - I’ll introduce you now - and give you direct access to the first videos she did a few days ago Click on the videos on this page to play them and see where we are starting from: Kelly Latimer and Her Journey Back to Fit, Sexy and Healthy Here is: Kelly @ Facebook Here is: Kelly @ Twitter!/kellylatimer What she has agrees to share is very rare--But she understands how this can helps inspire many people to change their own lives Feel free to say “hi” and let her know I sent you... And also - please share this all with anyone else you know who can use this kind of insight, inspiration and fuel for motivation. Kelly has already taken a series of “Before” photos but we will not be sharing those until she reaches her desired “After” goal(s). And with me in her corner - you know it will be sooner as opposed to later :-) The kind of direct coaching I’m giving Kelly is not something I do often simply because of the time and energy it takes and it’s really not for everyone. To find out more about this you can check out my Personal Fitness Coaching page. If you have any comments or thoughts - no matter what they are (no profanity, please) - we'd love to hear from you so just turn it loose in the comment section below. That space is there for you... ALSO - there are a handful of incredible, special and amazing things going on behind the scenes here. I can't share all of them right now - but I will soon because these are projects which I know you'll be interested in no matter your gender or fitness level... STAY TUNED... - Your trainer forever - your trainer for life, -- Joey Atlas

  • VeganBride Com

    Congrats to you Joey for taking on a new, hopefully successful alignment. I must say however that reading ” …journey back to fit, sexy & healthy” seems a bit preposterous when we’re looking at a girl who IS fit, sexy & healthy-looking! You can’t see her that well from the photos/videos, but from what you can see, she looks as though she weighs all of 100 lbs! 🙂  (Not exactly the quintessential poster girl  for being UNfit & getting back into shape!:):) Anyway, good for her- she’s beautiful! Good for you for maintaining your passion as well…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comments, Vegan. We all have to remember ONE THING:

    Being fit, sexy, strong and healthy has many definitions. And for each person it is a state of relativity – not an “absolute”.

    Yes – she looks incredible – no doubt.. But… Fitness and health is not a “look”.. It’s multidimensional and there are intangibles involved as well (mind, body, spirit, etc..)

    If you ask Kelly – she’ll tell you – She is NOT where she wants to be and knows she has “let herself go”… She wants to get back to the top-end, positive zone of her own genetic potential.

    Onward we all go 🙂


  • so, what’s the attainable goal?  She’s already beautiful and built so about all she can hope for is toned musculature, and better aerobic capacity for walking up stairs, no?

  • Kathy_ann_punch

    I’m sorry, I look at this pretty little lady and I don’t see the challenge here. I’m hoping some how along the way it will be revealed that she had a a weight problem before she got to this point.

  • Anonymous

    OK – this is a fantastic photo of Kelly I posted, YES…. BUT – later on when you see the “Before and After” photos – you will see a clear contrast in body composition, health and personal fitness…. The photo shows you her face and a small section of her upper body… YOU DO NOT SEE the rest…

    Stay tuned if you wish…

    Joey (…and Kelly)

  • Gaudencio Obial

    Hi,nice to know you. You are indeed very pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! I get that a lot 🙂
    – Joey

  • Jimmy_rebutazo

    hi pretty girl nice to see you i love sexy like you god bless

  • VeganBride

    Well said! Though, you can appreciate how someone could be taken aback by seeing THAT woman described as needing to get back to “fit, sexy & healthy”, yes? It ALMOST could be the sort of thing that would make young, impressionable women/girls feel they have to be anorexic to appear “fit and sexy” (clearly NOT healthy).
    I hear your point & agree with you though that being healthy & fit is more than just a physical attribute…as a petite, “mostly fit but not as fit as I’d like to be” woman myself, I can also relate to feeling not as good physically as you’d like to feel, despite how you look on the outside. If she’s attempting to attain a whole new level of fitness that is beyond anything she’s close to now-i applaud her!  (It just seemed a bit anti-climactic to discover a woman w/model looks being used as the poster child for getting back to fit & sexy…you catch our point, no? )  I don’t know if you can ring the same bells & whistles about a woman who’s a size 2 or 4 getting into swimsuit model shape, as you can a woman who’s a size 16, getting down to a size 4…just one woman’s perspective. Keep up all the good work though!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Perception, perspective and other elements all play into how information is translated and consumed… The pic I posted is one of Kelly’s best… I could have posted one of her worst (very recent 🙂  and  changed the whole direction and feel of this conversation. BUT – this is good as I want to also bring to light – what you may see is not what is really there…. Yeh – a bit mysterious or maybe even confusing…. Such is life. STAY TUNED… It gets even better.

    — Joey