Thursday, February 3rd 2011


BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Back in the mid-90's I was in the midst of my first marriage. 26 years old - living through a volatile relationship and a turbulent time of life in many regards... New York. Los Angeles, California, Even with all my fitness knowledge, nutrition wisdom and exercise methods - I had let myself go...

I had reached so many rewarding highs in my late teens and early twenties - and then slowly but surely "life" pulled me down, buy Coreg no prescription, because I gave up... Buy Coreg online cod, These "before" photos give you a small glimpse into the eyes of a young man struggling with not just his body - but moreso his mindset.

What you can't see in these photos is my pain...

Emotional pain of not being able to stop eating destructive foods in unhealthy amounts.., BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Psychological pain of being at my worst when I had all the tools and information to be at my best... And physical pain of being so out of shape, Coreg from canadian pharmacy, overweight, Buy no prescription Coreg online, weak and unhealthy...

joey before A

I knew what to do - I knew exactly how to get back into awesome shape... But I didn't have a goal, Coreg 100mg. BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I didn't have something to aim for. Something to go after.... Where can i order Coreg without prescription, I let my choices and my circumstances bring me down to some very low and dark times..

I needed a big reward to fire me up - to ignite my competitive juices.

$50, Coreg 50mg,000.00 Was Enough to Light My Fire

That would show itself in the form of a $50, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, 000.00 cash prize jackpot - for entering an inspiring "Before & After" contest...

Joey before B

One quiet night, I opened one of my favorite magazines, Muscle Media, and saw the official announcement for the "Before and After" contest - including the $50,000.00 top prize for the best transformation story.., BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.

I decided right there - that I would go for it... I would give my absolute best effort in my own transformation to give myself a fair shot at winning the money - but also to truly achieve my best potential.., rx free Coreg.

The external factors were EXTREMELY powerful in terms of arousing energies inside me which would fuel my motivation and give me the desire to "stick to my plan"... Coreg withdrawal, The competition, the money, the group effort of the whole contest itself, Coreg price, all the other people deciding to take this unique challenge and the initiative of the people who put the whole contest together... BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, All these factors injected a level of inspired action in me that I had never felt before... Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, It was awesomely powerful in many ways...

And so, I got busy - because in just 8 quick weeks it would be time to take my "after" photos... I created my workout schedule, Coreg coupon, mapped it all out - allowed for "unexpected" changes, El Paso, Texas. Washington, D.C. Seattle, Washington, made sure my plan was flexible...

I outlined my eating plan... Kept it simple, where can i find Coreg online, but flexible - and then I put the whole plan into action...

In essence I simply changed my mindset and my daily habits to all be in-line with with my deepest goals and desires.., BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio,

Joey before C

I was feeling better by the day - in many ways...

Aches and pains were going away....

Stomach aches and headaches were disappearing.., order Coreg no prescription.

I was getting "happier"... BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, My self-confidence and self-esteem were getting stronger as my body and mind got stronger... Buy cheap Coreg, I also decided to grow my goat-T during this period of incredible self discovery...

After 8 fast weeks - here is what I looked like to the lense of the camera... These "after" photos were taken at Crawford Park, farmacia Coreg baratos, Coreg online kaufen, in Rye Brook, Reasons to buy Coreg online, NY by my brother Domenick

Joey After 1

I didn't win the $50,000.00 but I gained something worth far more than that. I won a deep level of respect and appreciation for myself and my intangible abilities - I won the realization of my potential - which is PRICELESS.., buy Coreg without prescription.

Joey After 2

The lessons I learned in my "before and after" transformation are lessons I live by today and use in guiding others to achieve their best.., BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION.
Joey After C

Since that period in my mid 20's - I have surely evolved... Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and so has the man who created that powerful contest...

That man is Bill Phillips - who is now in a new stage of his own life and working hard to reach out to a new, more mature crowd of people who also need this kind of inspiration, Coreg in cats, dogs, children, support and fuel for motivation... Comprar en línea Coreg, comprar Coreg baratos, You can find his latest book, Transformation, on

If we believe in you - then why shouldn't you believe in yourself???

The before and after photos above don't show a complete story - because I was actually in worse shape than the "before" photos show, Coreg 150mg. BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, I had already started dropping weight and getting things going when I took those photos...

And the "after" photos don't truly show my "best self". Coreg pharmacy, Sure the relative change was awesome - but I'm actually in better shape now at 40 (almost 41!) - as you can see in the recent photo below...

Here's what is so critically important in all this...

The before and after story during that tough, rocky time of my life was so powerfully important to me because it helped me prove to myself what I was capable of, buy Coreg from canada, once I put my mind to something. San Diego, California. Dallas, Texas. San Antonio, Texas, Yes - I wanted to win that $50,000.00, but most importantly I wanted to reach my best potential at that point of my life - and the money would have simply been a nice bonus.., kjøpe Coreg online, bestill Coreg online.

[caption id="attachment_23" align="alignnone" width="258" caption=" Joey at His Best: 40 years young"] Joey at His Best: 40 years young[/caption]

The blog post you just read took a lot of time to write, to dig out and scan the photos and to pull together into a cohesive, inspiring message.., BUY Coreg ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. It's not about telling you to "go buy this program"....

No - it's about giving you a few things which can change your life in profound ways... Proof, Hope and Faith...

This is my purpose - this is my responsibility...

The opportunity is yours to seize. The decision is yours to make...

Let me know your thoughts, feelings or questions - below in the 'comments' section...

Your trainer forever - your trainer for life,

-- Joey Atlas


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  • Thiesca_

    It shows it is up to you to change your life…. Congratulations for deciding you wanted to change, for assuming you were not happy with yourself and your life….. because the hard part is to start.. since you decide you will start taking care of yourself you allow your life to change for better… And you were aware of all the tolls needed to your transformation, you had the knowledge, determination and self steem… It is inspirational.. I hope others could learn with it and beginning changing their lifes…

  • Karen

    Inspirational, Joey, wow!

  • Missspiderabc

    It's mindboggling just how much brainpower, heart and soul you have put into this blog. Your commitment to your followers and non folowers and passion to your profession shines through in this very moving piece of work. Not all great people in this world get the recognition they deserve. So here's to you Joey Atlas for moving hundreds of people each day with your words that are real and packed with knowledge because you walked the road yourself before sharing it with others. You felt the highs, the very lows, and the exhilaration that keeps you moving forward and encouraging many others to believe in themselves and chance the journey. What an inspiration you are to so many who may have deemed themselves not having the capabilities to be successful and do what it takes to achieve happiness and inner peace. You certainly provide the motivation, but more than that, you really do believe in people and this comes through in all your work. Your most loyal fan, Mom

  • Desley

    Thanks for sharing your story with us triumph come in many terms for your personal self worth obviously
    needed a some loving attention and you soared through . Congrats and blessings

  • Lee907

    Joey, It's amazing how much you accomplished /W/ modivation, determination & devotion to become a better you! Your such an inspiration, thanks for always sharing your experiences & wisdom on becoming healthy & fit.
    Love Ya Joey!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Lee – Luv ya too!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thank you, Desley 🙂
    – Joey

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Mom! (How lucky am I? – my own mother not only reads my blog – but comments too!!)
    Love you, xoxoxo

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thx, Karen! :-))

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thank you, Thiesca!
    – Joey

  • JoeyAtlas

    Go, Johnny, go!!!
    – Joey

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thank you!!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Yes… YOU CAN!!!
    – Joey

  • JoeyAtlas

    Make it count, baby!
    – Joey

  • JoeyAtlas

    Mindset… Thoughts… Action….
    Think… Envision… Do….
    Go where you want to go.
    – Joey

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, T – I did win 🙂 ..and I'm still winning!!
    Blessings to you too!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Karen! …Stay tuned “OZ” is now in my top 3 places to visit next 🙂
    – Joey

  • Kat

    Dear Mrs. Gennusa,
    I would like to personally thank you for raising such a phenomenal man who is genuinely caring and compassionate! Joey has a real capacity for giving selflessly to others. He is an extraordinary person.
    You must be an AMAZING woman! And by reading what you have written, I know now how Joey got to be so wonderful. I see where he got his inner beauty from. It's nice to see such a touching bond between mother and son. Again, thank you…from the bottom of my heart!
    Kat Dunn

  • Kat

    Yes Joey, you are lucky to have such a great mom! It's nice to see such support and love between the two of you! Family is special!

  • Maria Valone

    That is quite a story, Joey. Very inspiring. Your story sounds all too familiar to me, in that where you were at one time, is where I am now. Mine is a result of a job that I took on 3 years ago that now consumes my life. As we get older we lose our confidence and we find ourselves afraid to make decisions that we know we need to make for a better tomorrow. I traded one dead end job of 25 years for another 3 year dead end job. And at my age and in this terrible economy, well, bottom line is, my confidence is gone. Everything that I pride myself in, my work potential, my physical fitness, my health and appearance….everything is at its lowest, and I don't know how to just merely begin the journey back again. Very depressing. Hearing your story reminds me that
    I can do this–I just have to start doing things for me first. Thanks so much.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thank you, Maria. I appreciate you sharing your experience here. You are already heading in the right direction simply by acknowledging the points you've candidly laid out above…

    You can and will do it. You still have a LOT of 'time' left here – you haven't even hit your prime yet. So, start taking the small steps every day. Map out your plan – and implement it slowly and steadily each day…

    Confidence, like willpower, is more of a choice as opposed to something you have, or don't have.

    Keep me posted – I want to hear about your progress on everything.


  • Kenielle Brown

    Kenielle Brown

    Hey Joey your story really helped me out today..I was really frustrated because I really want to raise my butt and define my wasit..I have your UHLBTH I just have not put it to use, but after reading this blog I have faith that I will do the program on the regular and that I will see the results that I would like to.

  • JoeyAtlas

    I'm glad this helped you, Kenielle. You know the answer – now it's time for you to take action. Stay consistent and please keep me posted on your progress!
    – Joey

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Kat – YES, she is “The Bomb Mom”.
    – Joey

  • Ktgod

    Wow that was an amazing story….I love your committment. I find it very hard and don't accomplish what I want so I just give up. I guess its because I never really put myself on the right program so to speak. Thank you for sharing.


  • JoeyAtlas

    Thank you , Kathy… Good stuff!
    What are your goals?
    And which of my programs are you using – or planning on using?
    – Joey

  • Debbe

    Those pics are amazing – how in the world did you transform your body like that in such a short time. I have three of your programs Naked Beauty, Leg,butt, hit and thigh makeover and abs of stone. I must say that I start off good but then get discouraged when I don't see results and slack off again. This January I joined Fast track to Fat Loss and was determined that between your programs and theirs, to get healthy and fit. I started off great and then came down with a very bad repiratory bug and the flu after the first week – I couldn't even work for two weeks. I was just sitting here depressed and telling myself that there was no way I could get in shape by summer. I am so tired of not being able to wear skirts, and shorts ,and a bathing suit and having to stay covered up to hide all my ugly cellulite. I am 57 years old and have always had a problem with this even when I was a teenager and weighed 90 lbs. I am totally disgusted with myself. I am afraid that I don't have a lot of self confidence. My mother was and is still very verbally abusive to me and I have been married twice – both men very abusive. I am in the process of divorcing the second one now. When I read this post on your blog Joey, something stirred inside of me and made me believe that it is possible to change my life. As soon as I am well enough I plan on starting and sticking to it this time. Thanks, Debbe

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thank you, Debbe – 8 weeks is a long time when you are focused and tuned-in… It's not a 'short time'…

    Lots can happen in 8 weeks if you are focused and un-distracted… Don't let your mother's verbal jabs stagger you and don't let a 2nd divorce get you down… These things are common in life – How you react is a choice. If you are alive – anything is possible. What is “right” in your mind may not be the same to someone else. Don't let their mindset steer you wrong – Go for what you want and don't settle until you get it. (let them live in the misery they are choosing). — Joey 🙂

  • Debbe

    Thanks Joey,
    You are one of the most encouraging and positive people that I know – don't ever change. You have been a real inspiration for so many of us.


  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Debbe – Our thoughts are a choice and our actions are too. Keep moving forward.
    – Joey

  • Julie Hoover

    Thanks for that Joey. That is so inspiring!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks, Julie! please spread the word.

  • Julie

    I went through a dark period like that a year after my first daughter was born, and like you I had all the tools to look my best. I'd already lost all my baby weight + more and was in the best shape of my life, 9 mnoths after her birth. Around the time she turned 18 months I fell off the eat-clean exercise path. In an 8 month period I had gained 18lbs. and I'm only 5'2″!

    I figured out I was going through depression, not getting enough sleep, and just worn out form being a stay-at-home mom and never taking time for myself. I was sad and lost my motivation. It wasn't a contest that got me back in shape, but having another child. During my 2nd pregnancy I vowed that after her birth I'd never let myself get like that again. Luckily I didn't gain a ton during my pregnancies, so that was a real help.

    Well I now have 2 children, my 2nd child is 7 months old, but I now feel I have learned the secret to keeping the weight off and sticking to your exercise. You have to take care of yourself and remind yourself everyday why you want to eat right and exercise. I tell myself “I feel my best when I look my best”. Joey I have lost all the weight I put on during that 8 month period + more in 3 months times after having my secong child. I vow never to go back to that dark place cause i now know, when you feel that way, you must stop and make a change immediatley. Our lives are too short and too precious to be miserable about the way we look and feel.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Julie, Thank you SO MUCH for shainrg this – VERY powerful and will motivate many others too.

    Keep me posted – I would love a “story”and pics to share in my newsletter and/or blog.

    Keep at it!!! You are in the ZONE!!!

  • Tlnnurse

    I am very inspired by your story , I am 43 and have cellulite from the waist down. Since the first of the year I have only lost 5 lbs I am very discouraged.I really need help with the dieting.You said that you mapped out your diet for those 8 weeks, did you eat the same thing day after day and did you eat out at all. Sorry for all the questions but just very inspired and ready to get this weight off! Thanks Tracy Nelson

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tracy – to answer your Q’s…

    No – didn’t eat the same thing day after day.

    Yes – definitely ate out once or twice each week.

    – Joey

  • Tlnnurse

    if I can ask one more question, I have to work out after 8:00 because of schedule, what is the best thing to eat then?

  • Vikrant

    Hi, I dont remember how I started getting emails from you, and have been ignoring them for quite some time – I would read a few – neglect many – delete a few…until today when i bumped into the article 3 exact tips to cook for your hot metabolism. I then accidently bumped into this article. I am 41, am over weight and suffer from high BP, always wanted to exercise but have all the excuses in the world. I am still wondering how to begin – but this article is very inspiring. Thank you for all your emails – I will never ever discard them any more !
    – vikrant

  • Anandsehrawat86

    Hey Joey ! u r a real success story mate….after seeing all your tips and experiences of life that you shared with others, are really nice. And we can also change the way of living standards , I am sure if some regular exercises and right diet is considered regularly it will be a great result……………… are true inspiration and motivation for people so keep up the good pace and…………………… r the best!………….Anand Sehrawat

  • James Lisa

    Joey you are an inspiration!!! And I love your shaved head! I have a thing for men in that regards. My husband has a shaved head too!!  Keep on loving what you do, and change lives the way we are supposed to.!! I am 48 years young and I have had four children and all of them are grown up, but I do take care of myself ( my body) and get many compliments . Of course my clothes are covering the worst of 4 births, but my shape I believe is great. Cant change skin :), just muscle.So  I keep on living life and moving forward and accepting I cant change this body without surgery. Not an option. Take wonderful care of those that are in your care, sincerely Lisa

  • Anonymous

    Lisa!!! thank you!! hail, hail to the hairless (and handsome) and fearless!!! Thanks for posting here – keep cranking away there – and spread the word!!
    Joey 🙂

  • Lisa

    Hey Joey, believe it or not this is a secret I am keeping , even from my husband. I wanted to surprise him. We will be married three years in August. He loves me at any size. He sees and comments on my changes in my body all the time.  My husband told me last night that I turn heads when I am walking with him.What a beautiful compliment! I cant let him in on it till later. I believed in the program, I bought it and I am determined to stick with it. We will be traveling alot and will not get to the gym so I also printed out the cheat sheets.  I do love all the treadmill, stair climbing exercises and such. And I love to lift weights and jog. I feel stronger than I ever have in my life. My new position at work will require me to lift and work with teenagers in Theater and here in Las Vegas there is alot of over weight children. So I will pass it on and I have three adult daughters that will be knowing about it soon too. They have cellulite at such a young age but they are not into working out like I have been all my life. So Joey, you will get the credit when this is all done and proven no doubt!  Love ya! Lisa

  • Anonymous

    GOOD STUFF, Lisa!! …Which program???? … Looking forward to your success story!!
    Sending love back!

  • Donald

    All I can say is “incredible”. You look amazingly hot as does “your girl”. Fantastic arms and thank you for not shaving the body hair. I hate that! Obviously you have terrific genetic material to work with, but you are correct in stating that it is all in your mind. Genetics won’t do anything for you if you don’t take advantage of them.

    You are beautiful within and without. Thanks for the inspirational pix. I would like to see you do a fullout bodybuilding posing session. Talk about inspiration!


  • Anonymous

    Hi Donald – thanks for the great thoughts, compliments and comments here. Much appreciated! How did you hear about my programs/websites? What goals are you shooting for? (…not sure who you mean by “your girl”???)