Saturday, July 12th 2014

#1 Fitness Food Tip: New Miracle Pasta – ZERO Carbs!

New Pasta Discovery Becomes a New Item In My Fitness Nutrition Arsenal Today, this is my "#1 fitness food tip"... Next week or next month, it might be something else. BUT, it won't make today's tip any less valuable. It will still be a "keeper" :-) So... As I mentioned a few weeks ago - I've had many new discoveries over the last few months while shifting into 'beach fitness/lifestyle' mode - and having my sister & mom in town for extended visits... My sister, Marisa - is also into the fitness lifestyle... Well, in her own style. Yes, she uses my programs for most of her training sessions - but she also has her own nutrition habits... And I was fortunate enough to have her introduce me to the idea of trying these "Zero carb, zero calorie noodles..." I made a VERY SIMPLE stir-fry dish with them - AND I WAS HOOKED. Fair warning though: You may LOVE these noodles - or you might despise them. I promise to shoot a few short videos of me making my quick & easy stir-fry dishes - so you can see exactly how I do it - and how you can too. Stay tuned for those... But for now - here are two videos I found that are worth watching (until I can record mine) if you want to explore the possibility of adding this neat pasta substitute to your fitness nutrition arsenal: Shirataki Noodle Facts and Recipe Video 1 More Shirataki Noodle Facts and Recipe Video 2

Here are 2 close-ups of the nutrition label:


Shirataki Noodle Nutrition Profile

[caption id="attachment_1244" align="alignnone" width="550"]shirataki noodle nutrition profile shirataki noodle nutrition profile[/caption]

Shirataki Noodle Ingredients

[caption id="attachment_1248" align="alignnone" width="550"]shirataki noodle ingredients shirataki noodle ingredients[/caption]
1 - Let me know what you think about today's post by using the space below... 2 - Let me know if you've ever tried Shirataki Noodles 3 - If you've never tried them - and do try them soon - please come back and share your feedback below, etc... 4 - If you're new here and just found this blog because a sweet friend shared it with you - I invite you to take a look at some of the other posts here - and feel free to sign up for all updates and future posts, to stay connected and in the loop.

AND.. Stay tuned for several other hot fitness & nutrition tips I'll be sending you during the next week...

Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas

  • Pat Melia1

    Will have to see if you can buy these in the UK,Thank you Joey..

  • sam hain

    Zero Noodles been in the UK for over a year

  • Clare

    I discovered Cassava flour at a local food festival, and found it a useful gluten-free alternative when making sauces, etc, but I haven’t seen any products. I will look out for them. I have started using a spiraliser to make carrot and courgette/zucchini noodles, which I actually prefer now – I steam them over the pan I am cooking the conventional noodles I cook for my husband and son, who remain to be convinced!

  • Melissa

    Calcium hydroxide? No thank you. One search on the web reveals how many drastically different uses that inorganic provides, none of which led me to believe its safe for consumption at any level. Regardless of what the FDA says. I’ll keep my carbs if it means avoiding an additive that is also used to treat raw sewage and make varnish. Thanks:)

  • Sara

    There is no way I would include calcium hydroxide into my nutrition on purpuse. If you want to avoid carbs just eat zucchini noodles, but stay away from food with these kind of supplements. I am shocked to find such a recommendation on this page.

  • Colleen

    I can’t wait to try these noodles. I’ve already forwarded this video to my sisters. Thanks Joey!!!

  • ampenny

    I tried the Miracle Noodles brand & it was like eating rubber. No thanks!

  • caroseed

    The ingredients give, per 45gm serving no fibre, no protein, no fat and 1 gm carbohydrate – so what is the rest? Also calcium hydroxide is a poison Sure it is here in tiny quantities but why eat it if you don’t have to?

  • ankita19871 .

    In India, many things mentioned are hard to find, specially if living in a very small town. Please send me some link (if any) to actually prepare that plain pasta base recipe. I mean that the pasta that we buy from the market in packets, I am interested in preparing it at home.

  • bambina47

    I tried them years ago and I could hardly choke them down. gag me with a spoon. I will stick to my gluten free pastas I have been eating for years. Simply add vegetables to them so one is eating less pasta and more nutrition. I also add feta low fat cheese. delish. dont forget a little olive oil and italian spices, garlic is a must,more than one way to skin a cat kiddos. take it from this fit 66 yr old. carbs are simply not the enemy.simple or complex is the issue. portions, portions and experimenting with new ideas.

  • Maple

    Joey where can i get to buy those noodles?

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Caro – I was hoping at least one person would bring this up – a few of you did.. So here we go 🙂 …First, we must make note this is FOOD GRADE calcium hydroxide…

    Second – you will also find it in MANY other food and beverage items.. Not saying we should be eating it in super high amounts… Just saying it’s in more places than you’d guess.

    Third – I’ve read enough material on calcium hydroxide to determine it is safe (for me) to consume in the amounts I desire… For example: Before answering these posts – I made a quick dinner of ‘Simple Shirataki Noodle and Egg Stir-Fry’ (see attached photo)…

    With my signature ‘To Live For’ Atlas Salad (photo and complete recipe coming soon).

    The ‘Simple Shirataki Noodle and Egg Stir-Fry’ (see attached photo)… came out to 2 hearty servings and here’s what went into it:

    1 tablespoon coconut oil
    1 package shirataki noodles (drained, rinsed and drained)
    1 large egg
    – sea salt
    – turmeric
    – black pepper
    – crushed red pepper
    – 3 tablespoons marinara sauce
    – a lot of chopped fresh basil 🙂

    When you look at all the good, health-promoting, cancer-fighting, anti-aging ingredients in that recipe (and add in the Atlas Salad) … then the small amount of food-grade calcium hydroxide becomes a non issue.

    And when you only have this once a week – it makes even more sense. Again – for me it does anyway.

    More to come!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hmmm – I’ve never eaten rubber so I can’t make that comparison, tehe…. BUT, I will say – with my recipe above – it has it’s own consistency, yes – but I still enjoy it.

  • JoeyAtlas

    No need to be shocked, Sara.. Check out my reply to Caroseed, above 🙂
    (btw – LOVE the zucchini noodle concept… requires an extra step of work – but worth it if you like zucchini!)

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Melissa – thanks for posting… See my reply to Caroseed above.

  • JoeyAtlas


  • JoeyAtlas

    You can also try the link i put in this post – pretty sure they ship to UK.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Let me know what you think!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Try the link I used in the post – pretty sure they ship worldwide.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Good stuff, here Bambina – thank you!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Try the link I used in the post – pretty sure they ship worldwide.

  • Kathy

    Thank you for sharing. I am going to make spaghetti with marinara today using the nasoya pasta zero shirataki spaghetti. Thank you!!

  • JoeyAtlas


  • Kathy Niemann

    I have try the pasta, Joey. And I find it very delicious. Thank you so very much for this information. I put marinara sauce and I shake some grated cheese on top, and it is very very good thank you so very much again.

  • Angela Clarke

    Yes, calcium hydroxide is listed as a permitted food additive in the European Union for use as a sequestrant and firming agent with the E number E509.

  • Kelpa

    I have been eating these in Australia for awhile it’s called slim pasta in comes in all forms spaghetti, fettuccine,rice,etc
    I love it but the smell when rinsing can be off putting but once u have your sauce etc it gives me that sense of eating pasta without the guilt which has always been my fav food .

  • marylinsanchez

    Hi, Joey:

    I’ve tried these noodles but the Miracle Noodle brand. I use them not only in all of my Asian dishes but I use them in my Italian and Cuban dishes as well. They are a great substitute for pasta and rice. The Miracle Noodle brand comes in rice shape (not sure what to call it) as well. The consistency is basically about the same; good enough to fool yourself into thinking you are eating the real deal. The taste for me is just fine. It really does take on the taste of whatever sauce and/or spices you put into it. I’ve served it to my family and my BF and until I mentioned it they didn’t think twice about it and liked the dishes I served.

    The only bad part is when you first open the bag it smells a bit but you rinse and mix it in with your stir fry or however you are going to eat it with and your good as golden.

    One suggestion if you have picky eaters or it’s-in-your-head eaters (as I refer to them) like I do, don’t let them know that your substituting the pasta with these noodles. At least not right away till you get them to taste it objectively.

    I never told my BF about the substitute. I made sure that he was watching TV or something while I was cooking. As long as he doesn’t know that something is low fat, fat free, gluten free, etc. it’s delicious, the recipe a keeper, etc. As soon as he finds out a couple of weeks or month down the line it changes to I knew you did something to it.

    Your call. 🙂

  • skbuckbee

    Thanks for the heads up. Thought they had found a good product but after going to the cite you posted I think I do not need these noodles.

  • susan

    Yes, I have to agree. Would never ingest foods with this poison. Stick to natural organic ingredients. I don’t believe in extreme diets either. Our bodies need and utilize carbs so I eat lots of veggies of every kind. Yes I that includes white and sweet potatoes! If i want pasta, i make it fresh. Only takes a minute and its pure and delicious…the healthy topping is the main course. And No preservatives! Thats the key. Personally I think this is what we should be focusing on not extreme NO Carb ideas. Please don’t resort to packaged foods!

  • JoeyAtlas

    My pleasure!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Yes – and for some people trying to break a carbohydrate/pasta addiction – this is their lifesaver… AND, they don’t have to live on it – they can then progress to a more “whole food” based eating approach… But every now and again – these will still come in handy 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    Right! and, apparently, the EU has pretty high standards on what is allowed in the ‘food chain’ 🙂 ..If I’m wrong on that, someone please chime in.

  • JoeyAtlas

    lol.. sounds like a typical guy, heh?

  • gluten free not by choice

    Great they are gluten free, is there any soy in this product?

  • JoeyAtlas

    Gluten free – no soy 🙂

  • Hatchetwoman

    Mexicans know about calcium hydroxide … it’s used as part of the process for making corn tortillas (and other dishes requiring corn dough, or “masa”). The corn is soaked in lime-water to kill mycotoxins and make the grains easier to hull. Americans know about it too — at the stage where the grains have soaked and the hulls have been removed, it’s called “hominy.” 🙂

    I’m willing to give these noodles a try.

  • San

    Sorry I’m completely changing the subject but I’ve emailed and not recieved a reply. Hi joey,
    I recently ordered your stimulast programme workout In order to get rid of my nasty cellulite. I’m only 23 and feel like I’m 60. It really depresses when I look in the mirror and feel so ashamed to change or show my legs to anyone even my boyfriend of 6 years 🙁 I really need your help please! I have tried to follow the 8 exercises and do them three times a week but haven’t really noticed much difference. The worst part of my legs are my front thighs and no matter what I do I can not seem to budge the cellulite from that area 🙁 with the programme do I need to cut out my heavy weight leg exercises? Also what types of food should I cut out? I’m completely stuck and would love it if you could email me back with some help. I really don’t want to look like this forever 🙁

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi San – please let me know where you sent the email?? (very important)
    (have you joined for private forum access to me, for guidance)? that is where i answer specific questions for people using my methods.

    How long have you been doing SYMULAST??

    YES – you must stop heavy weight training for lower body.


  • San

    Thankyou so much for your reply!! I sent it to the email address that senda out forward emails daily. No i haven’t actually joined it i had no idea that you could ask through there :s
    Ive been doing it for about two months now and have only just started adding the cardio for about two weeks now. I do feel like my muscles are toning but the appearance of cellulite is still there 🙁

  • JoeyAtlas

    ok – for some women 2 months is a good start – some simply need more time for the body to change – and the results to be seen on the surface. Keep at it and refer to the progression plans in the private client access area to see when to start going through the sequence 3x through on the days you do it – and when to add the bonus video sessions for the rest of your body 🙂


  • San

    Hi, is there an email address I can use in order to contact you please?

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi San – my support team handles all incoming email – please see the NB private client access page for the email address – or one of the emails you’ve rcvd from us.