Do you need a Fitness/Lifestyle Adjustment brain involved in your business project? Are you an agent looking for a top level pro to help your high level athletes or celebrities get into awesome shape? Are you building a home with a 'Home Gym/Fitness Center' for you and your family - but need some wise and insightful guidance? Are you interested in getting yourself into top shape, in the safest way and in the shortest amount of time? You're in luck - because you can hire me to work with you 'on-location' - Depending on my schedule, of course. That's a short list - but you get the idea. If it has to do with fitness, I can help. But I only do these types of consulting jobs on a very limited basis - and my schedule is usually booked for several months in advance. If you have an inquiry along these lines - just click to the CONTACT Joey Atlas page and send it over. I look forward to hearing from you. -- Joey Atlas