Monday, December 2nd 2013

Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method Featured on The Better Show

The video above is actually only half of the segment which aired on television - we are aiming to get the rest of the segment to share here in the next few weeks - so stay tuned for that, because it is GREAT material.

There are several important reasons why I am sharing the segment here, with you:

1 - To let the success stories of Jessica and Michelle inspire you to take action... To let their 'real life' examples fuel YOUR motivation to go after your personal fitness goals... to take care of yourself, knowing you have a special potential inside you - waiting to be realized. 2 - To show actual, validated proof that the dimples and shadows called "cellulite" can be targeted, reversed and defeated. Again, the 90 muscles of the female lower-body must be properly stimulated (to REVERSE muscular atrophy), so they get lifted, toned, firm and sculpted - thereby lifting, tightening and smoothing the skin on the surface. 3 - To give you a 3rd party, non-biased display of legitimacy to share with your friends, family and co-workers. If you've been around "AtlasVille" for a while, you know that one of my TOP missions is to help women avoid the endless supply of deceiving BS - and instead, give them helpful answers and effective methods for female fitness and health enhancement. So please share the link to this post any, and every, way you can think of. 4 - The segments shown on television only show a tiny summary of the whole story. And the most powerful & helpful pieces of info are revealed in "the whole story". So, this post is the start of several in which I will share the details... You'll be getting all the stats, measurements, progress photos and specifics on how Jessica and Michelle made my method and part of their lives - and more importantly, how they continue to do so.

How it All Started and What Happens From Here

In short, the producers from The Better Show heard through the grapevine about "a cellulite removal method, that is real and actually works"... So, they checked their sources - and then got in touch with me to see if I'd be willing to find 2 female, middle-age moms to put the method to the test. - so I sent out the email looking for "volunteers" back in the Summer (you might remember that email) - we got a TON of replies from all over the world, from women who wanted to do this so badly - but we really needed our volunteers to be in or near Westchester, NY - or- New York City - Liz C., a pro fitness trainer from Texas who is a BIG fan of my methods (she uses them in her work), sent my email to Jessica (who is a friend of hers) - and then, Jessica brought Michelle on-board. - and the project was set in motion :-) We all met and shot the "before" segments during my Summer visit to New York. Then followed 3 months of Jessica and Michelle being consistent with Naked Beauty/SYMULAST - and then the recent follow-up meeting back in NYC for the "after" segment, at The Better TV Studios. In the "before and after" clips in the video above - if you look at Jessica and Michelle's thighs, you can clearly see the ripples, dimples ("cellulite") have SIGNIFICANTLY been reduced, if not gone completely - and this is only after 3 short months of following Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Method. With further stimulation of the muscles - the results will get even better. Jessica has higher goals she is aiming for. Although she (and her husband, Mark :-) LOVES the changes she has already experienced - but she knows it can all be even better, and she is aiming to be her best self - her healthiest, happiest and fittest (yes, she has her eye on a sweet bikini for the Summer). And Michelle does too... See, in the past she was able to lose weight simply by "dieting". But, she admitted when we first started this project, that she "never did anything to tone-up and get into real shape. Another example, highlighting the fact that weight-loss DOES NOT equal health or fitness. Therefore Michelle has made it her mission to keep shedding the excess weight WHILE she focuses on proper muscle-toning, overall fitness and the short-term & long-term health benefits.

What You'll See In the Next Few Weeks and Months

- Footage of the "before" segment and my short interview with Rebecca Budig, hostess of the Better Show. - 3 months of progress measurements and photos of Jessica & Michelle - Sample outlines of their specific weekly schedules following Naked Beauty/SYMULAST - Sample food and meal menus they follow - And MOST IMPORTANTLY, you'll be seeing ongoing updates from them, into the New Year, Spring and Summer Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas PS: A - If you want to order the Private Online Version of Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Method - just click here B - If you'd rather watch the world famous video presentation first, then just click here C - If you'd rather have the DVD/Book set version shipped to you - then click here (we ship WORLDWIDE)

1 - Want to share your positive feedback and words of encouragement with Jessica and Michelle? Just type below. 2 - Want to let me know how handsome and charming I am on TV? Just type below. 3 - Want to share anything else that is positive? Just type below - that space is for YOU :-)

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi Amy – a few quick Q’s:

    How many times are you going through the NB method on the days you do it?

    Are you doing any of the bonus sessions I included with the main NB routine? (stomach, arms, total body toning, etc.)


  • JoeyAtlas

    As far as “cellulite” and muscles are concerned – a few drinks on the weekend doesn’t cancel any results you’ve worked for. However – don’t take that for me condoning the act of getting intox. for kicks and fun…

    If you feel guilty afterward – take that as an intuitive sign and listen to it. You can still have fun (lots of it) without booze… Maybe developing another circle of friends who don’t drink can become a new healthy goal for you?

    It could end up saving your life.


  • Amy Matthews

    Hi Joey! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!
    I’m only doing the program once on the days I do it (2-3 times a week) so perhaps I should be doing it more.
    I just want to know which exercises I should be really concentrating on to eliminate the cellulite in my stomach, or is the whole program going to help with that (including the bonus sessions)?
    Thanks again!
    Any 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    YES ! be sure to take a look at the sample schedules I’ve provided :-))

    They show you when to start doing the NB method more than just once through – AND I give examples of how to add the other sessions in a weekly schedule.

    Those will help GREATLY with the midsection issue you speak of.

    Going going and keep me posted!!
    Joey 🙂

  • Diana

    Thanks for your advice Joey you are speaking wise’s funny because my boyfriend and I just decided to not drink anymore as this also matches better to our strong faith and the willing to follow Jesus.. but let’s come to the great news now: I can’t believe how far I have gotten with my results..I am always amazed about how many dimples have gone! THANK YOU!! But the weird things is that it always also depends on the light whether I have more or less e.g. when I stand in my room in front of my mirror and it’s sunny outside but the sun doesn’t shine into my room I feel like my skin looks so good and much better than it ever did but when another day the sun is really strong and it’s beach weather I can see a loooot of dimples on my legs so that I still don’t feel ready for beach..this really confuses me because I don’t know where I stand with my results..nevertheless I am sure and I feel that my skin has gotten much tighter.. but I feel like I’m stucking with my results you know like I don’t get further .. maybe it is because my muscles develop very slowly..see I do the program since dec and I feel like the dimples started to first go away one or two months ago .. or is it maybe because I need a harder program now and my muscles don’t react to NB anymore? But well I still feel my legs burning and hurting while I do NB and I am still very dead after it.. what do you say to that Joey? How should I go on?
    P.S. I just started the NB diet two days ago and am amazed about what I am able to eat ..I love the NB meals because they are so varied and former I used to eat the same every day because the media made me believe that I am only able to eat potatos, vegetables and fruits every day and that everything else like milk, eggs, fish, bread, cheese, nuts, tea, butter, joghurt, meat etc etc etc makes me gain even more dimples.. that’s why I felt guilty the whole day when e.g. I ate an egg for breakfast and it made me really really desperate!! THANK YOU Joey that you took that guilt away!!! Your program is life changing!

    God bless you and your work,

  • JoeyAtlas

    This is GREAT to hear Diana – all of it! 🙂

    So a question:

    How many times are you going through the NB method on the days you do it?

    Are you also doing the bonus sessions on the other days? (flat stomach, toned arms, total-body toning)

    ps – I would love to know if you have ‘before’ photos of the dimples and shadows. In a few months – we can do an ‘after’ photo and then be able to share your success story with other women who need to see this is real and it works – so they can find the same success too.

  • JoeyAtlas

    Hi 🙂

  • Diana

    I am now on doing it 3 times through, the first 2 times with 10 reps and the 3rd one with 7 reps (try to go to 10 reps slowly) and I try to do NB every second day.
    Yes on the other days I do the toned arms 2 times through and 16 min cardio with my I don’t have much stomach and my boyfriend doesn’t like my stomach to be too flat I leave this stomach session out.

    And I DEFINITELY want to share my full review when I am finally seeing the results I train for but unfortunately I don’t have a before picture from dec and my boyfriend also doesn’t like me to put naked pictures into the internet .. well but I can understand that with pictures my success story would be even more trustworthy but I will share my whole cellulite story in detail and hope people will recognize that I tell the truth and that nothing but this special program helps!!

  • JoeyAtlas

    Ok – sounds good on the success story! Looking forward to it!

    Please ad the stomach session 3 times per week. Doesn’t matter which days you add it. But this will help with that area and it won;t make it “too” flat 🙂

    You also just started the proper eating plan a few days ago too – so let’s give this about 4 more weeks and then we can see what additional improvements have come.

    Also – don’t let bad lighting make you think you have cellulite, because even “Smooth” skin will show dimples and shadows when the light shines on the body at certain angles.


  • Diana

    Okay I am going to ad the stomach session to my workout plans but which area are you talking about? Do you talk about my cellulite on the legs because I don’t have any on my stomach just because I am very interested, is the stomach workout necessary for my cellulite on my legs?

    I am looking forward to the end of the 4 weeks !! Can’t wait until then 🙂

    I guess you are right because I sometimes see girls in hotpants that seem to have flawless skin but then they walk in the light of the sun and I can see dimples.. that always keeps me up in my self-conscious as I realize that the human nature and therefore also the skin never is perfect.

    Diana 🙂

  • Katz52

    Hi Joey, Great work. I love the program I have. But I like see how you tweaked some of the moves. I am interested to try them now too! Keep it up. 🙂

  • JoeyAtlas

    Right 🙂

    Yes – adding the stomach session will help the lower body.


  • JoeyAtlas

    Thanks Kat – keep me posted! 🙂

  • Diana

    Wow the body and the way every part is connected fascinates me everytime once again!
    We’ll hear from each other in a few weeks and I hope with GREAT news.
    Diana 🙂

  • Diana

    Hi Joey,
    I do add the stomach session to my workout now but I recognized that I can’t keep up with the NB diet since I am only 18 and have vacation now whererfore I spend a lot of time with friends outside and then also have to eat outside. My family has also been invited at a friend’s home for dinner yesterday and I know there will be more days where I have to eat somewhere else. Thus I saw that I cannot follow your diet plan consequently and e.g. also allowed myself to eat 2 pieces of cake at my brother’s bday 2 days ago.. nevertheless as I now know what food you recommend to eat (e.g. chickpeas, beans, cheese, fruits, salad, wild salmon etc.) I really try to order things like that when I am outside or try to only eat the healthy things when I am invited somewhere and just try to make some of your meals whenever I am home.. but I can guess that you have calculated a certain amount of calories, carbs, vitamins, antioxidants, protein etc. for each day with your meals. Unfortunately I have no idea if I have covered all those different needs for my body or if I overdid some of them with my other meals but I just try to not eat to many bad things and concentrate myself on healthy food.. do you think that trying to eat healthy is as good as following your plan consequently and that I will still gain my goals soon?