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Wednesday, July 16th 2014

Relationship Books I’ve Read to Help Me Live to the Max

The slogan of this blog, Live to the Max, transcends ‘fitness’ – it is applied to all aspects of life.

On that note – as promised, here is your follow-up post to my recent and quite popular “3rd, and Final, Wife” blog post I wrote a few weeks ago

Again, I want to thank EVERYONE who commented on that post. I’ve already ordered about 6 of the books recommended by others. And I’m loving them so far…

new books for relationships and love

Some New Books for Relationships and Love

The purpose of today’s post is to share some of the books I’ve already read over the last year or two – and hopefully share a few insights & thoughts that might help a few readers today – maybe even help myself as I put things into the written word (a VERY powerful exercise, btw).

Innocent & True Display of Affection

Innocent & True Display of Affection

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I love to read. Not so much for the sake of reading – but to satisfy my thirst for knowledge & enlightenment – mostly focused on:

A – living to my fullest potential (in all areas)
B – inspiring others to do the same
C – and in the spirit of this blog – Living to the Max.

Today’s focus? Finding/Creating an awesomely healthy love-relationship. So…

I’ve been on a torrid reading spree of relationship-focused books. (some days I read 5 pages – other days it might be 60-70).

One of the authors I highly recommend is Robert Johnson.

Here is a list of his top works compiled at

And here is a link featuring some great quotes from him – to give you a taste of his work:

I’ve read the following books by him, so far:

1 – We; Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love
2 – He; Understanding Masculine Psychology
3 – She; Understanding Feminine Psychology
4 – Inner Work

I dog-eared them the first time through – but I will read them again, with a highlighter next time – as there are certain sentences and paragraphs that hit home in profound ways and will surely serve as powerful ‘review-reminders’ as time and life progresses.

There are times when I’m reading and I’ll come across an idea or concept that makes me stop and think about how deeply what I just read resonates with me – how much it is a belief, based on my values.

Seeing these things in black and white, from wise teachers who’ve been around much longer than I, is reaffirming – and also a boost that pushes my ‘awareness’ a bit higher.

Writing that just made me realize that as I go through each day – it’s easy to see how most people just “go through the motions” – motions that are fueled by societal norms and habits.

It’s a challenge to ‘step out’ of all that – and requires work & discipline – but it can be done, and it’s worth it – many, many times over….

And the more you do, the easier it gets. And with time you’ll notice you tend to connect with others who are working on developing ‘awareness’ in their journey of life.

I don’t want to get too far off base here (maybe another day) – so I’ll close with saying ‘thanks’ again, for reading this today – and let me know your thoughts on Robert Johnson (or any other thoughts you might have). Please post below…

Your trainer for life,
- Joey Atlas

Wednesday, July 2nd 2014

The Inside Scoop On My 3rd and Final Wife

As I search the universe for my ideal mate to share the rest of my life with – I find I’m “looking” in different ways than I have in the past…

This is a good thing…

A VERY GOOD thing… And I plan to write more about this, in depth, in the near future…

joeys search

Who Will “She” Eventually Be?

LOTS of revealing info to be shared; such as – some of the recent relationship books I’ve read, thoughts I’ve had – and observations I’ve made…

One of these details (“looking” in different ways) has to do with make-up – or lack of it…

See, I’m realizing how much I LOVE the look of a woman who wears no make-up – or hardly any…

***It’s much deeper than the superficial look though… It SAYS something about how she sees herself – and her confidence in her own natural beauty… She is SECURE.***

Again – there are several layers to this – and I’ll be writing a full blog post about it soon – as I’m feeling slightly prolific again…

That being said – there are times when a woman wants to wear some make-up – i.e., special events, date night, etc… I get it – and I’m all for it every now and again…

BUT – I would say, even if only once in a while – if you place importance on what you put on your body (just like the quality of the foods/nutrients we put in our bodies) – then you’ll appreciate the unique beauty blog Andrea & Jay of R.A.L. have created here <= Visit their blog AFTER you finish reading the rest of my sweet post here :-)

I’ve made mention of their amazing product line in the past – and I still get lots of positive feedback about it… Not only that – but, my sister and older daughter are hooked on several of R.A.L.’s all natural beauty items (such as Rallye Balm)

ok – Before you go visit their fantastic blog and website... I’d love to know if you have any great relationship/dating resources that have helped you, or someone you know, at some point in your life.

I have a handful which have already helped me profoundly (I’ll be sharing those in my next post)…

BUT, If you know of a great book, a blog, podcast, etc – please share below because I plan to use some of that feedback in the next big blog post I write for this topic – which is important to me – and most likely a number of other readers here.

AGAIN – I’m scratching the surface in today’s post – and plan to go much deeper in the next one…

So, in the meantime, let’s also have a little fun with this: If you want to nominate someone for my ideal life-time match – then just post below – even if you’ve never played ‘match-maker’ in the past.

Your trainer for life,
- Joey Atlas

Monday, June 23rd 2014

Amazing Early Summer Fitness Updates from AtlasVille

Wow… It’s been over 3.5 months since my last blog post here.

There were so many comments on that last post – it was great to see all that feedback… Very MUCH appreciated – and it made me think even more deeply about “what might be next”…

These last 3.5 months have actually been a time of reflection, pondering, LIVING… and – Observing.

In February, I was able to finally find and secure a beach location for business activities…

Yes, the business of fitness as I live it – and that means the ‘LIFESTYLE’ approach of living to the max… Living FULLY. (I will revisit this later to delve deeper as there are several ways to interpret/misinterpret that).

One of the key reasons for doing this was to make it easier and more natural to live healthy – to expose my kids to opportunities of active living – interacting with nature – both mentally & physically – and also spiritually.

Doing this is allowing me to see, firsthand, how our environment and surroundings influence our daily habits and activities. It is giving me insights to share with others who are making efforts to lead the type of life that naturally improves health, fitness and quality of life… The enjoyment of living.

SO MUCH has happened here in the last 3 months, there would be no way for me to cover it all in this single blog post – but you can be sure I will be in touch more often from here forward and I’ll be sharing the most interesting & helpful pieces with you.

One thing I have decided to place on the back-burner is the idea of a ‘dating/relationship’ focused blog with podcast. (the one I mentioned in that last blog post)

Why? …Because I’ve realized how much time and energy it would consume.

And it’s not that I don’t want to share my perspectives, observations and new lessons – But, rather I don’t want to spread myself too thin and end up ‘burned-out’ by it…

See, when I do something – I put lots of emotional energy into it – not just physical… And with the other ideas I have in mind – I just wouldn’t have the capacity to develop that one fully.

I will, however, share what I can (i.e.; new books I’m reading, new revelations, etc…) right here on this blog – – as I journey forward. If I believe something is worth sharing, I’ll do it right here on this site.

I still do plan to create another site/podcast – most likely focusing on marketing – marketing through connecting with people through educational content. That’s the short version plan right now :-) …Stay tuned for more on that – Plus a few other things in the works.

OK – so, it’s time to give you a taste of what I’ve been up to in terms of expanding my ‘fitness lifestyle’ during the last few months…

About 3 years ago I started surfing. I’m still doing it and so are the kids. As a matter of fact, My youngest just started surf camp this week – (a camp hosted by the great team at Jax Surf & Paddle).

But we’ve found another awesome water activity to add to the mix – one that allows for more time in/on the water and more incredible experiences together… Let me explain:

Once I got here, the people I began to meet would often talk about “SUPing” – Stand-Up Paddleboarding.

I had seen lots of this going on, simply by spending more time at the beach the last few years – but since being here – I’ve slowly been pulled into this new culture of SUPing… OK, ok – maybe quickly pulled in, lol…

The final catalyst to get “on board” happened during a conversation with a new friend, about 5 weeks ago. She shared one of her ‘adventurous’ SUP stories – and I knew it would only be a matter of days before I was doing it.

First lesson, was on the ocean during a relatively “choppy” day. (Marisa, who handles most of the back-end support for Joe E Atlas, Inc. was visiting for biz development meetings, and she was all in when it came time to get on the SUPs).

We both got thrown around a bit.. BUT, we were hooked.

We then set-up up a group outing which included my two oldest kids (photos below).. And they LOVED it.

I bought a board ASAP from the awesome team at Jax Surf and Paddle …Here’s Jessica handing me my new BOGA:

Jessica Hands Joey His BOGA SUP - Neptune Beach, FL

Jessica Hands Joey His BOGA SUP – Neptune Beach, FL

joey walking with sup board
Joey Walking BOGA Stand-Up PaddleBoard Out in Atlantic Beach

joey heading out on sup
Joey Getting On and Heading Out

joey coming in on sup board
Joey Heading Back In to Shore

Group SUP Outing on Guana Preserve Waterway

Group SUP Outing on Guana Preserve Waterway

Daughter Impresses Dad with Headstand During First SUP Outing

Daughter Impresses Dad with Headstand During First SUP Outing

Wow – it took quite a bit of work and time to get those photos “into” this blog post – so I hope they tell a story that is of value to you…

If not – ponder this…

Just a few weeks ago NONE of us had ever set foot on a SUP.

Getting on a SUP requires the expansion of your comfort zone. There are risks – those risks create fears – some are healthy fears which are actually more a sign of respect for nature – and our close interaction with it…

On the waterway there are alligators and snakes (yeh, deadly ones are around).

In the ocean there are sharks. LOTS of ‘em… BUT, they don’t want to eat us….

6ft Bull Shark Within a Few Feet of Shore in Atlantic Beach - June 2014

6ft Bull Shark Within a Few Feet of Shore in Atlantic Beach – June 2014

As a matter of fact – this 6ft Bull Shark, above, had its chance to snack on 3 kids and one meaty adult. But, instead, it chose to eat a bunch of yummy fish as the kids and the dad ‘quickly’ stepped out of the water.

There’s a story to this photo – but for now let’s just say the sighting was quite surreal… AND we were back in the water the next morning :-)

But it doesn’t beat the story of paddling out, side by side with your 18 year old son, to coast into a school of dolphin – and have them greet you by swimming with you and coming up just a few feet from your board to “see” what we’re up to… SIMPLY AWESOME.

Or to see your older daughter rock a solid head-stand her first time out…. Or to have your younger daughter say; “Just put me on the board and hand me the paddle.”

All of our worlds have expanded by trying something new. Something new we plan to do for a long time.

Not surprising is the sweet fact – this new activity we have added to the mix has connected us to other new and interesting people. Go figure :-)

Yes, it’s been a while since my last post – and maybe I left some info out in the above post – but I’d love to hear from you… That is why you see the comment section below… It’s there for you…

Maybe you have questions about today’s post? Or maybe even a story of your own that has something to do with what I’ve shared today?

Either way – more to come from me soon!

Thank you for reading today’s post.

- Joey :-)

Friday, March 7th 2014

Big Changes Here Improve Your Life Profoundly

My Personal Evolution Is Impacting You Positively, Starting Right Now…

And from here forward this is going to become more powerful – and more obvious. Let me explain…

Pause for a moment and look at the website you’re on right now. Notice anything different compared to the last time you were here?


You see the bright blue theme – and the ‘whiter’ content boxes here… This may seem like a small change, but it’s not. It’s actually a symbol of my evolution…

My evolution which is taking me in a direction that will touch many more lives – in ways that may surprise you at the deepest levels. Before I explain the details – take a look here:

You may recognize the previous color theme for Yep “gray”… Not surprisingly, that design was created during a very “gray” time of my life, back in late 2009: late 2009 (gray) late 2009 (gray)

And if we go back even further, here (below) is what looked like in late 2005. During that time, I was just trying to keep the pieces of my life together (and was it ever a MONUMENTAL challenge).

This version of the site is symbolic of just that… “just keeping the pieces together, barely.”

joeyatlas late 2005 (first) late 2005 (first)

So, why the blue/white design update? And what powerful pieces are coming next?

During the last few years – my life has been getting brighter and brighter. Not by luck, or by chance, or by accident – But by specific thoughts and actions I’ve been taking.

So, not only did the colors on this website need an update to be more in line with ‘me’ – but I’m mapping out a full action-plan to build 2 more websites, which will be the vehicles where I am able to share all the things I’ve learned (and continue to learn) in order to improve my life – to levels of which I used to dream of as a child…

Want Specifics? …Ok

The current plan consists of 2 key components:

1 – I am outlining my design for blog/podcast combo that is specifically for people who desire to find/create the ultimate, intimate relationship.


Because the “homework” I’ve been doing, as I continue to prepare to meet my ideal life-partner (and create the opportunity for her to find me), has been a powerful awakening in the dynamics of dating, relationships – and FINDING TRUE LOVE. (Remember, I’ve been through 2 challenging marriages both ending in uniquely challenging, but powerfully formitive, divorces).

…So profound – that I feel I must share my experiences & insights – and also bring certain works, perspectives and life-changing lessons to your attention.

Part of this fulfills my desire to make this world a better place – by helping people in areas where they can use it the most.

I’ve realized I have a special gift for communicating, one which I want to develop even further – and I have to extend the reach as far and wide as possible, in order to make the positive and profound impact on every individual who is ready to connect, listen and re-think how they live, and consciously choose what actions they take.

2 – I love Marketing and I’m VERY good at it. More importantly, I have lots to say and share in this area – to help other entrepreneurs and businesses reach levels higher than they ever thought possible. (More to come on this).

Both of the topic areas above get my juices flowing, and give me energy when I talk about them with others. As the path continues to form – and I share more of the details regarding today’s post – the “reasons why” will become more evident…

Each of the 2 topics above will have it’s own website – and brand identity. They will stand apart from my fitness zone – and from each other – but all will be connected in certain ways, of course.

Even if only watching me “create” helps to inspire you to reach for your own potential – then that alone is all worth it.

What I mention here is partially fueled by my own desires… Desires to evolve toward my potential and help others in the process – and also fueled by strong encouragement from others who have had the chance to interact with me in the last few years, regarding the subject matters above.

That’s the short version of what I wanted to share today… And I’m interested in what you’re thinking right now… Whatever you’d like to say will be very helpful – so just use the space below and let me know :-)

Seriously – if you’ve been “quietly reading along” but have never shared your thoughts here before – I’d really like to hear from you too.

Your trainer for life,
- Joey Atlas

Friday, February 14th 2014

# 1 Biggest Problem with Our Daily Nutrition

# 1 Biggest Problem with Our Daily Nutrition

ok – Real quick here…

[NOTE - the bottom of this page has a box where you can post your comments and thoughts... If you reply by email it is very likely that I won't see it - and it also takes away from others benefiting from what you have to share here. So, post below!!]

First, I hope you had a Super-Sweet Valentines Day, if you chose to celebrate it… Now I understand, depending on what country you’re in – this day of ‘Cupid’ may not be on your calendar… And even if it is… You might be single…

Nothing wrong with that – I’m with you. Good things are in our future, if we maintain a strong level of discernment as we journey…

On that note – you might appreciate this article if you are single:
10 Men Christian Women Should NEVER Marry

NOTE: You can remove the ‘Christian/God’ references and it is still just as worthy a read. So, don’t let that throw you off…

Why am I sharing that article?

Well, part of my own relationship ‘homework’ is to take a look at some of the things women are reading when it comes to relationships. Smart right? :-))

ok – Second – the #1 Biggest Problem with the Modern-Day “Diet”…

No matter what country you’re in – just take a look around (take notice of how many out of shape/unfit people you see) – and also think about how many people you know who are suffering from various medical conditions.

I’m not saying to “judge” them… I’m just saying to take visual note of how society influences peoples’ food/calorie intake… Not just the quantity – but even more so – the QUALITY (or lack of it, actually…)

We live in a “consumption” society.. Food and beverages available almost EVERYWHERE…

And humans have become programmed to CONSUME. High amounts of poor quality foods.

And society is paying a price. A very steep price.

The health ramifications run far and wide – all because most people live with a blind faith that “someone else” is policing the food and beverage industry – so “us consumers are safe”…


It’s up to us – individually – and in groups where a common interest is shared – to decide what is right – and what is best for us… Both in terms of quantity – and QUALITY…

What we put into our bodies – BECOMES our bodies. It’s really that simple.

If you need more details to make that sink in – then this video clip should help.

Eye-opening material. And yes, go ahead and share it with anyone else you know who can benefit from hearing this pep talk.

Your trainer for life,

- Joey Atlas

PS – VERY Important: I’m seriously considering starting a new blog – to let me focus on the broader scope of life… It will be a platform for me to share insights and perspectives on various aspects of life… such as the business/work side of things… relationships… personal evolution/self-improvement – and how all of these things (plus more) intersect in the most interesting, and inspiring, ways…

You interested? Let me know below :-)