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Friday, March 7th 2014

Big Changes Here Improve Your Life Profoundly

My Personal Evolution Is Impacting You Positively, Starting Right Now…

And from here forward this is going to become more powerful – and more obvious. Let me explain…

Pause for a moment and look at the website you’re on right now. Notice anything different compared to the last time you were here?


You see the bright blue theme – and the ‘whiter’ content boxes here… This may seem like a small change, but it’s not. It’s actually a symbol of my evolution…

My evolution which is taking me in a direction that will touch many more lives – in ways that may surprise you at the deepest levels. Before I explain the details – take a look here:

You may recognize the previous color theme for Yep “gray”… Not surprisingly, that design was created during a very “gray” time of my life, back in late 2009: late 2009 (gray) late 2009 (gray)

And if we go back even further, here (below) is what looked like in late 2005. During that time, I was just trying to keep the pieces of my life together (and was it ever a MONUMENTAL challenge).

This version of the site is symbolic of just that… “just keeping the pieces together, barely.”

joeyatlas late 2005 (first) late 2005 (first)

So, why the blue/white design update? And what powerful pieces are coming next?

During the last few years – my life has been getting brighter and brighter. Not by luck, or by chance, or by accident – But by specific thoughts and actions I’ve been taking.

So, not only did the colors on this website need an update to be more in line with ‘me’ – but I’m mapping out a full action-plan to build 2 more websites, which will be the vehicles where I am able to share all the things I’ve learned (and continue to learn) in order to improve my life – to levels of which I used to dream of as a child…

Want Specifics? …Ok

The current plan consists of 2 key components:

1 – I am outlining my design for blog/podcast combo that is specifically for people who desire to find/create the ultimate, intimate relationship.


Because the “homework” I’ve been doing, as I continue to prepare to meet my ideal life-partner (and create the opportunity for her to find me), has been a powerful awakening in the dynamics of dating, relationships – and FINDING TRUE LOVE. (Remember, I’ve been through 2 challenging marriages both ending in uniquely challenging, but powerfully formitive, divorces).

…So profound – that I feel I must share my experiences & insights – and also bring certain works, perspectives and life-changing lessons to your attention.

Part of this fulfills my desire to make this world a better place – by helping people in areas where they can use it the most.

I’ve realized I have a special gift for communicating, one which I want to develop even further – and I have to extend the reach as far and wide as possible, in order to make the positive and profound impact on every individual who is ready to connect, listen and re-think how they live, and consciously choose what actions they take.

2 – I love Marketing and I’m VERY good at it. More importantly, I have lots to say and share in this area – to help other entrepreneurs and businesses reach levels higher than they ever thought possible. (More to come on this).

Both of the topic areas above get my juices flowing, and give me energy when I talk about them with others. As the path continues to form – and I share more of the details regarding today’s post – the “reasons why” will become more evident…

Each of the 2 topics above will have it’s own website – and brand identity. They will stand apart from my fitness zone – and from each other – but all will be connected in certain ways, of course.

Even if only watching me “create” helps to inspire you to reach for your own potential – then that alone is all worth it.

What I mention here is partially fueled by my own desires… Desires to evolve toward my potential and help others in the process – and also fueled by strong encouragement from others who have had the chance to interact with me in the last few years, regarding the subject matters above.

That’s the short version of what I wanted to share today… And I’m interested in what you’re thinking right now… Whatever you’d like to say will be very helpful – so just use the space below and let me know :-)

Seriously – if you’ve been “quietly reading along” but have never shared your thoughts here before – I’d really like to hear from you too.

Your trainer for life,
- Joey Atlas

Friday, February 14th 2014

# 1 Biggest Problem with Our Daily Nutrition

# 1 Biggest Problem with Our Daily Nutrition

ok – Real quick here…

[NOTE - the bottom of this page has a box where you can post your comments and thoughts... If you reply by email it is very likely that I won't see it - and it also takes away from others benefiting from what you have to share here. So, post below!!]

First, I hope you had a Super-Sweet Valentines Day, if you chose to celebrate it… Now I understand, depending on what country you’re in – this day of ‘Cupid’ may not be on your calendar… And even if it is… You might be single…

Nothing wrong with that – I’m with you. Good things are in our future, if we maintain a strong level of discernment as we journey…

On that note – you might appreciate this article if you are single:
10 Men Christian Women Should NEVER Marry

NOTE: You can remove the ‘Christian/God’ references and it is still just as worthy a read. So, don’t let that throw you off…

Why am I sharing that article?

Well, part of my own relationship ‘homework’ is to take a look at some of the things women are reading when it comes to relationships. Smart right? :-))

ok – Second – the #1 Biggest Problem with the Modern-Day “Diet”…

No matter what country you’re in – just take a look around (take notice of how many out of shape/unfit people you see) – and also think about how many people you know who are suffering from various medical conditions.

I’m not saying to “judge” them… I’m just saying to take visual note of how society influences peoples’ food/calorie intake… Not just the quantity – but even more so – the QUALITY (or lack of it, actually…)

We live in a “consumption” society.. Food and beverages available almost EVERYWHERE…

And humans have become programmed to CONSUME. High amounts of poor quality foods.

And society is paying a price. A very steep price.

The health ramifications run far and wide – all because most people live with a blind faith that “someone else” is policing the food and beverage industry – so “us consumers are safe”…


It’s up to us – individually – and in groups where a common interest is shared – to decide what is right – and what is best for us… Both in terms of quantity – and QUALITY…

What we put into our bodies – BECOMES our bodies. It’s really that simple.

If you need more details to make that sink in – then this video clip should help.

Eye-opening material. And yes, go ahead and share it with anyone else you know who can benefit from hearing this pep talk.

Your trainer for life,

- Joey Atlas

PS – VERY Important: I’m seriously considering starting a new blog – to let me focus on the broader scope of life… It will be a platform for me to share insights and perspectives on various aspects of life… such as the business/work side of things… relationships… personal evolution/self-improvement – and how all of these things (plus more) intersect in the most interesting, and inspiring, ways…

You interested? Let me know below :-)

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014

Why I Quit Drinking Wine

As of Wednesday morning of last week, I’ve quit drinking wine…


And here’s why…

Why I Quit Drinking Wine

Why I Quit Drinking Wine

I’ve noticed over the last 2 years or so – when I drink wine with dinner, my sleep suffers. The most common problem being that I’d wake up in the middle of the night, and would have to fight the minutes in order to fall back asleep.

I had actually stopped for about 4 months – but last Tuesday night, I was at a speaking/dinner event in Las Vegas and enjoyed a glass & a half of red wine with my dinner. I went to bed at about 11pm and by 2am I was wide awake and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Not good AT ALL.

So, I’m done with wine, even the sulfite-free Organic wines.

My sleep (and yours) is infinitely more valuable than enjoying a glass or two of wine with dinner.

Remember: Quality sleep is critical to optimal fitness, health and youth preservation. When our sleep is sacrificed – we pay the price in many ways.

Some of the ways we pay that price are:

1 – Increased Irritability and Moodiness
2 – Decreased Physical Performance
3 – Accelerated Aging (from looking like $#!% every morning – to hormone de-optimization)
4 – Limited Brain Functionality

Those are just a few – and those alone lead to several layers of other ill effects of bad sleep, such as:

A – Increased Body-Fat
B – Muscle Wasting
C – Sagging Skin
D – Loss of Libido (YIKES!)

There are many articles and resources that shed more light on this topic – all you have to do is search “Wine and Insomnia”

From here forward, I’ll simply enjoy an organic/artisan beer with dinner, when I’m in the mood (usually during the warmer months here in North Florida).

Again, our sleep is profoundly valuable to our wellness, longevity and the quality of our daily lives – all aspects of it. So, we must place priority on creating conditions that give us the best sleep-time possible.

More to come on the topic of high-quality sleep – soon.

Any thoughts, questions or comments? Just post below – that space is there for YOU :-)

Your trainer for life,
Joey Atlas

Wednesday, October 9th 2013

Naked Beauty SYMULAST Method w/ Lisa Balash

Naked-Beauty SYMULAST Method Interview w/ Lisa Balash: How to Kill Cellulite at Middle-Age

At 43 years-old, Lisa shares how, and why, this method has dramatically changed her lower-body – and how it is now part of her ‘anti-aging’ fitness lifestyle. Here’s a taste of what triggered us getting together to record this info-packed interview for you:

“I’ve been a fitness competitor and lived on cardio machines and weights and I have never gotten results like I have with your Naked-Beauty routine, and I love doing it as well…”

For all the juicy and inspiring details, just click
this little triangle on right to hear everything:

Would you like to get to know Lisa a bit better and learn what fitness coaching services she offers in the Las Vegas area? Then you’ll want to watch this basic Kettlebell workout sample and then visit her at the links below: (you can also get her Kettlebell DVDs via her website)

1- Visit Fitness Pro Lisa Balash on Facebook
Kettlebell Bombshell Lisa Balash on Facebook

2 – Lisa’s Website/Blog: KettlebellBombshell

3 – Visit The Kettlebell Bombshell on Youtube (she also has some GREAT pilates videos there)
Lisa Balash’s Youtube Channel

4 – And you can use the box below to write any comments, questions or thoughts you’d like to share with us…

Your trainer for life,
- Joey Atlas

Thursday, September 26th 2013

Combo-Cardio Using Bodyweight, Jump-Rope and Medicine-Ball

Combo-Cardio Using Bodyweight, Jump-Rope and Medicine-Ball

AS ALWAYS – PLEASE get your doctor’s clearance before doing any type of exercise routine.

These 2 videos can easily be combined for a more advanced, full-body cardio routine, you can literally do anywhere-anytime. Here’s a convenient Cardio-Combo Cheat-Sheet you can print and take with you, if you wish.

[Below the 2 videos are the moves outlined in the cheat-sheet.]

Here are some important and interesting notes:

A - Combining these 2 sequences will get you breaking a sweat – and you’ll have FUN doing it :-)

B - As I was putting this post together, I realized how much I’ve “evolved” from the first video to the second one (and also how much more I’ve evolved from the second one – up to the present day.)

If you pay close attention to the first video it’s easy to notice I was struggling with reaching the shape I wanted to be in… But, what may not be so obvious is my struggling “spirit”… I recorded that during a VERY challenging time of life. Everything I did was a true struggle.

There was a lot going on – and every minute of the day (& night) was a challenge to work through…

But I did it… And in the second video you can ‘see’ more of the real me.

Going through that phase of life is one of the ingredients that fueled my inspiration for the “LIVE to the MAX” mindset and lifestyle.

Maybe I’ll record a new video in the next few weeks, with some new combo moves – to see what further “evolution” we can pick up on film – both the obvious ones — and maybe the not-so-obvious :-) … Will be interesting…

C - ok, finally – Assuming you’ve gotten clearance to do this routine, please give it a try and let me know how you do with it by posting in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Your trainer for life,
- Joey Atlas

Cheat-Sheet Summary:
1 – Jump-Rope
2 - Up & Downs
3 - Jump-Rope
4 - Up & Downs
5 - Big Diagonals
6 - Big Vs
7 - Upside-Down Vs
8 - Up & Downs w/ Medicine Ball
9 - Up & Downs w/ Medicine Ball – Advanced

Again – any questions, comments or thoughts can be placed below… See the box down there? :-)