Friday, April 10th 2015

Playground Workouts You Can Do Almost Anywhere

I love working out on playgrounds…

The playground is actually what sparked the idea which has evolved into the new fitness studio concept I’m aiming to have open by the end of this year… So I want to share some of this great playground fitness material with you.

Watch these and aim to give at least the easy one a try this weekend.

NOTE: be sure to get clearance from your doctor before exercising, especially for the first time. Feel free to show your doctor the videos if you wish.

The “Old” Playground Workout

I made this one a LONG time ago (about 8 years ago) – but it is still a great training session you can do anywhere you find a playground (which is GREAT for traveling).


Chest and Back Focused Playground Workout

This one is about 2.5 years old – But still very close to what I do these days when I head outdoors for an upper body workout. While this might be challenging for beginners – you can start with the “old” playground workout up top – and then use this one as a goal to aim for in the future.

These types of workouts are part of my anti-aging regimen… They are part of my lifestyle. I don’t have to force myself to do them. I look forward to doing them, especially when traveling.

And every now and again – someone watching will be inspired into action. (The Ripple Effect)

Sure there’s time to relax – to sit at the edge of the water – or on a park bench. But that is earned… The body needs “work” first to let the “rest” feel that much more relaxing. There’s more to that story – so stay tuned for it.

Any questions? Please post below.

Comments, thoughts, etc… You can post those below too :-)

Your trainer for life,
Joey Atlas

Thursday, March 19th 2015

4 Critical Fitness Updates from ‘AtlasVille’ and…

As mentioned in the email. This is a super tight week as the kids are on Spring Break – and I’m in high demand here, which I LOVE…

So, here are the latest items I need to share with you:

1: Critical FDA Recalls
2: Big… BIG…. BBBIIIGGG… Thank you
3: Sweet Request
4: Preview of What’s Coming

1: Critical FDA Recalls

laced and tainted supplements

A – Weight loss/fat-burners being spiked with prescription drugs:

V6 coffee contains sibutramine

Bethel/Slim-k recall (tainted with sibutramine/Meridia)

Again – for anyone wanting a ‘helper’, while avoiding the dangerously laced rip-offs – then my #1 vote goes to Metabo-379 which is from our pals at BioTrust

B – This one is for men (or the man in your life).
It is specifically focused on the widespread scam of spiking weak “Male Enhancement” supplements with unregulated pharmaceuticals to give men the desired effect. Not only is this extremely devious, but it is incredibly dangerous.

From the FDA site:
“…Consumers may unknowingly take products laced with varying quantities of approved prescription drug ingredients, controlled substances…”

List of Tainted/Laced “Male Enhancement” Supplements

(On a side note – I will admit, some of the names at the link above did give me a few good laughs… Yes, my sense of humor is almost always on…lol.)

If you’re a man – or want to help give your man a “natural boost” while avoiding some of the dangerously laced items flooding the market – then give this natural & 3rd-party certified herbal combo a try.

Knock on ‘wood’, I don’t have the need for any ‘enhancement’ as everything is functioning at full capacity for me, so I can’t give any first-hand feedback on the K-20 for Men

2: Big… BIG…. BBBIIIGGG… Thank YOU

Already up to 541 comments on the last blog post for input on the name/logo ideas for the new fitness studio. 541…Wow – Totally feeling the LOVE there!!! So – I send everyone who has commented a BIG THANK YOU! xo

3: A Sweet Request for You


In efforts of reaching out to more women on facebook, I’ve had to build a totally new website with a new theme. FB’s rules are pushing biz owners to increase the quality of their presence and the quality of the helpful info being shared. On that note – I’m working with a company which specializes in exactly that.

And here is the fb page:

The Healthy Skin Insider on Facebook

It just went live in the last few days and it would be great if you’d take a look and ‘LIKE’ the page if you actually do like what you see. The more ‘likes’ the better – as what we have planned for the next stages will build on those likes…

4: Preview of What’s Coming and How YOU Can Be a Part of It <<<===

LOTS of work is going into the creation of the fitness studio I’m aiming to have open by the holiday season. So many readers have already helped in tremendous ways by sharing their votes and thoughts on the name/logo topic… And I love the feel of having everyone involved in this massive project…

The idea came to me to see how many people would be willing to share their success story, based on using my methods of fitness, nutrition & mindset – to be featured as part of the launch of the new fitness studio – of course, also based on my methods.

I’m posting this here because I realized there are many people who “quietly” succeed in big ways by using my programs, BUT, haven’t felt their story is ‘significant’ enough to be worthy of sharing.

I’ll say it here: Each and every success story has the mighty potential to change, even transform, someone else’s life. So, don’t ever underestimate “your story”. You matter in the biggest way, whether you realize it or not, and you have the power to influence & inspire others to reach their own great potential.

The Ripple Effect by Joey Atlas

So I ask, if you’re interested in helping me make the world a healthier & better place – then just let me know in the comment box below – and I’ll reach out to you personally, via email, to learn more about your story and how we can present it to the world…

You’ll part be of “The Ripple Effect”... And it would be an honor to include you as part of ‘the BIG project’.

Any questions about the above? Please just post below :-)

Also – as things progress with fitness studio location #1, I’ll be sharing all the updates and ‘behind the scenes’ peeks right here on the blog… So stay tuned for what will continue to unfold as the weeks and months progress…

Your trainer for life,
Joey Atlas xo

Friday, March 6th 2015

Help Pick the Hot Logo for My New Fitness Studios

First, again, I want to thank EVERYONE for all the input on helping narrow down the choices of names for my new group fitness studios. So grateful for all the comments, thoughts and input… It means a LOT.

As of now – it seems that SCULPTABODY Fitness is the most popular. This doesn’t mean I’ll be dropping the other names… Because there will be room for those to brand seasonal programs and other sub-programs under the main brand. So if you chose one of the others – no worries as you may very well see it being used for something :-)

…So I’ve been running a logo design contest on an outsourcing website and I’ve had almost 500 hundred submissions. Here are the top choices, narrowed down…

I’d LOVE your vote on which you feel would be the best one to represent the brand. And if you feel very strongly that one of these isn’t it – and I should consider another direction, PLEASE let me hear you… I wouldn’t see it as conflict – but rather, as constructive/progressive communication :-)












Keep in mind NOTHING is set in stone (i.e. – the word ‘Academy’ will most likely be dropped) so there will likely be some slight enhancements to the final logo version.

Knowing me – and knowing my methods & mindset… Which of these truly resonates with you?

Just post your vote in the comment box below ( just use the number you see above the logo) and a little comment about “why” it’s your choice.

– Joey
psstay tuned as we’ll be working on slogans very soon – and I also have a few emails I need to send you in the next few days.

Tuesday, February 17th 2015

PART 2: Help Name My New Fitness Studios

Things are heating up…

Today I share with you a status update – and a request for YOUR input on a few more names I’ve brainstormed (and have reserved the .com’s just in case one of these becomes THE ‘winner’….

First the status update:

A – The general zone for location #1 has been chosen. Tomorrow I start contacting retail space brokers/agents to secure the ideal spot. (I’ll be planting seeds for locations #2 & 3 during this process).

B – Preliminary franchise roll-out plan is being mapped out. (this will kick in toward mid/end of 2016)

C – a few secrets that will have to wait until “the timing is right” to reveal :-)

And next is… My Sweet Request:

If you gave input on PART 1 last week – I thank you dearly – and would also love to hear what you think of the 4 new possibilities below…

Keep in mind that any of the names/ideas that came up last week could be come a sub-brand/program under the main brand… any one of them can become a ‘seasonal’ program – or even a home program that clients can follow on days when they can’t make it into the group training studio, etc…

REMEMBER: this is a BIG decision that will set the stage for a unique fitness studio concept that can become a world-wide brand and help many, MANY people in the process…

So, just know that YOU are helping me ‘shape’ the world here.. And I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback. :-)

So… Here are the 4 additional names:

NOTE – I already reserved the .com’s for all 4 just in case one becomes “the one”.

1 – Rapid Shape Fitness

2 – Rapid Sculpt Fitness

3 – Quick Shape Fitness

4 – Quick Sculpt Fitness

And here’s a quick slogan that just came to me:

“The Best You – for LIFE”

ok – your turn – let me know what you think below – even if you
still like one of the original ideas from PART 1.

Let me hear it. Just post below…

Your trainer for life,
Joey Atlas

PS – as a side note – and possible inspiration for you… I wanted to add something more to this post to simply say “THANK YOU” for being here – and adding your energy… So I started to search my files for a good photo – and I found these.. So, I share this personal “before and after” photo of me at around 24 years old to illustrate something VERY important, insightful and hopefully – helpful…

joey's before and after at 24 years old

Joey’s 3-month before and after at 24 years old

Yes – although a photo says a thousand words – the point I’m making is this: Life is long and we all face challenges, “up & downs” if you will… The photo on the left was me reaching a “low” and deciding it was time to turn things around, hence my personal before and after mission. You see the results of the work – 3 solid months worth.

I’m human. We all are.
But we still are meant to be our best – and bring the world our best. The obstacles and challenges come along to help us focus more, to push us even higher…

I’m almost 45 now. And had several more “ups & downs” in the last 20 years. But I’ve never given up, never threw in the towel…

I hope I inspire you to do the same. Never throw in the towel.

Life has lots to offer. Even when things look dark…

So, Get After It!!

Tuesday, February 10th 2015

Help Me Name My New Fitness Training Studio

YOU are about to help me change the world – for the better…

See, by the end of this year (maybe even by late Summer) I plan to open the first of many unique fitness training studios based on my methods.

If you’ve been with me long enough, you already know I used to have a 1-on-1 training studio that I had to close down due to feeling “100% burnt out”. That challenging experience is what fueled me to start creating dvds and online programs, back in 2006, to reach people all over the world…

The online journey has been incredibly amazing and rewarding.

To know I’m reaching and helping people in every country is simply awesome. I’d have never thought my top program would be translated into 5 other languages at this point – but it is!!

The last 9 years have been an opportunity to think, envision and create. And with that, I’ve come full circle – ready to open a local studio again – based on a unique fitness methodology – and with the big-picture intent to have MANY of these locations all around the world (think “fitness franchise”).

It’s early stages right now – but many things are in motion behind the scenes – and as things progress, I will share EVERYTHING with you – right up to opening day – and beyond (videos, photos, etc…)

So, this takes me to the original purpose of this email… I would LOVE your input in helping me name the fitness studio.

So far – here are the 5 names I have come up with (so far). The key to these names are:

a – they are unique (words made up by combining 2 or more other words)
b – they are available (I was able to secure the .com domains for them)
c – they are trademark-able
d – they possess “branding-power”

1 – SculptaBody Fitness

I derived that one from “sculpt the body”.

2 – JuveBody Fitness

This one came from the idea of “rejuvenating the body” and/or “restoring youth (juve), anti-aging, etc.”

3 – BodyLiit Fitness

This one is based on one of the key ingredients in my method of training, which is: “Low-Intensity Interval Training” = Liit (OPPOSITE of the controversial HIIT approach, which is NOT realistic, or even necessary, for most people)

4 – LiitBody Fitness

Just a reverse of the word order above. A subtle difference, but a good one to consider :-) The neat thing about this “Liit” word is that is spawns some VERY catchy fitness slogans, such as: “Did you get Liit today?” “Time to get Liit.”, etc…

5 – LiitFit (or Liit Fit)

An even “tighter” variation. Could be a real winner :-)

Which One Do YOU Like?

Let’s keep this simple. If you like one of the above names, just post your choice below AND please share WHY you prefer one over the others.

ALSO – if you have your own unique idea – PLEASE DO share it below as well. I’m open to hearing all ideas :-)

And please feel free to share any other thoughts, comments or questions below. You know I LOVE hearing from you… I’ll be back online later to interact and answer any questions posted.


Your trainer for life,
- Joey Atlas