Saturday, July 9th 2016

SCULPTAFIT Studio Experience for Women Only

LOTS of time and energy have gone into this 5 minute video which will serve as the "who we are, what we do and how we can help you" video on the SCULPTAFIT Studio website... And... Since you may have been wondering why you haven't heard from me in a bit, I want to share it with you so you can see what we have been up to here :-) Click the 'Play' button and ENJOY!!

The SCULPTAFIT Studio Experience - for Women Only

Next week with be the 6th week "in business" and the feedback we are getting from our lovely Private-Clients is just out of this world... To say we are changing lives is an understatement... A few of them had me in tears with their early testimonials that were off the cuff and not caught on video (yet)... And you know I love hearing from you so please use the box below to share your thoughts, comments, questions... Thanks for watching!! Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas
Thursday, April 7th 2016

5 Things I’m Deeply Grateful For: Includes YOU

LOTS going on in 'AtlasVille'... LOTS to be grateful for:

So we dive right into it!! 1 - My good friends had a baby, and I got to visit them and give the little champ some love. My younger daughter came along and was able to hold the newborn cutie. She was DELIGHTED and it was sweet to watch. This new boy is a gem and his parents couldn't be more deserving. They are perfect parent material, in many ways. Love them. 2 - Speaking of my younger daughter (she’s 11yo)... Last Sunday, she asks; “Dad can you wake me up in the morning when you get up for your run?” I say; “Yes… but I get up at 5:40 am - why do you want me to get you up?” She answers; “Because I want to run with you…. The 1 mile run test we did at school made me feel good and I want to keep doing it.” Next morning she’s up BEFORE me :-) ready to go… We do the 1.75 mile run away from the house and then the walk/jog back. IT WAS AWESOME IN SO MANY WAYS… In the dark, street lights, moon rising - then the sun, birds starting to sing… The timing of everything was divine. And SHE LOVED IT. And was ready to go the next morning!! She had soccer practice on evening #2 - and on morning #3 woke up and said “I’m going to skip today because I’m feeling a little tired - so will take off this morning.” Awesome that she is tuning in to her own ‘capacity’ and also willing to let me know what she needs and when. 3 - Speaking of daughters… My older angel, who is about to graduate high school, is wrapping up her final high-school lacrosse season (she may play club in college) and at the previous game we had “Senior night” - this is where the parents walk with their child across the field, and the announcer reads a great summary/bio piece about each player/student. Each senior also gets a "player poster" - and we had some photo time with those too, as you can see here:
A deep feeling of happiness flowed through me…. Extremely proud of my ‘Lex’, and the woman she is becoming. 4 - SCULPTAFIT is in Forward Motion!… Too much to share here, but in short - we are steadily moving forward with purpose and power… I have my core team (I’ll be introducing them soon) and we are working daily & weekly to create all that is necessary for Pre-Opening - and GRAND Opening… I am blessed to have these 2 inspiring and smart women at my side, working as a team to turn the vision of SCULPTAFIT into a life-changing reality… More to come… MUCH more :-)

5 - YOU

I’m grateful to be able to help you... I’m grateful you’re reading this today... And I’m grateful that you are alive and striving... THANK YOU. Your trainer for LIFE, Joey Atlas PS - I have more to be grateful for - and will be sure to share in a future post here. So, STAY TUNED! :-) PPS - any questions, thoughts, comments, virtual hugs? Just post below, you know I love hearing from you.
Wednesday, March 30th 2016

My Springtime SHIFT Mode for Body-Fat Reduction

First I want to say thanks for all the sweet Birthday wishes everyone posted on my facebook page. MUCH appreciated! Turning 46 feels awesome. Seriously.... I put in the daily work to be in line with my values and my goals - and the results show. Of course, I also strive to inspire others to do the same. And by you living your healthy and fit lifestyle - YOU will also inspire others as well. Maybe not everyone - but some for sure... I was at our local coffee shop last week doing some work, and the table of guys behind me were talking, trying to figure out some local answers. I turned around to help them out - and we started a friendly conversation. One thing led to another and they asked my age... When I said "46" - they were all blown away... NONE of them thought I was out of my mid-thirties yet. It felt good :-) Ok - so on that note - here is...

My Springtime SHIFT Mode for Body-Fat Reduction

1 - I get up a tad earlier and add about half a mile to my early morning run/jog/walk. Nothing crazy - just a little 'shift' in distance & duration. 2 - I delay all 'heavy' nutrition intake into later in the day by only eating certain veggies & fruits for the first half of the day (carrots, peppers, cucumber, strawberries) - with the exception of my morning tea and coffee. (at around 10am I have a double espresso with almond milk, cacao powder, stevia, and some coconut sugar). 3 - At about 1 or 2 pm I eat what I consider my first "meal" of the day. It's usually 1 or 2 rice cakes with organic butter, peanut butter, cinnamon, ground flax seeds and a pinch of sea salt. 4 - At around 2pm (sometimes earlier) I get up from my desk and do a 25 minute bike ride. I crank it out for about 15-20 minutes and the rest is light riding and just enjoying the outdoors. If it's raining, I grab my jump rope, turn on some good music and skip rope for about 20 minutes. 5 - A light snack around 4pm consisting of my absolute all-time favorite, ANTI-AGING greens juice powder and some nuts (almonds or cashews). If I'm extra hungry I chop a tomato and sprinkle on some black pepper, sea-salt and balsamic vinegar - and I'm satisfied for another 3 hours... 6 - At around 5pm I do my 30 minute body-weight training session and then shift into dinner mode for me and the kids.... Which consists of a spring mix salad, maybe a veggie also, a protein (wild tuna or 2 hard boiled eggs or sauteed chicken or a turkey burger (no bun of course) ...I do add some carbohydrates at this meal. 7 - Green tea and some lite snacking before bed is fine. I'm just mindful to keep a limit on how much I put into my stomach about 2 hours before bed. At first (the first few days) my stomach keeps sending those "hungry" signals in the morning.. But with each day they subside - and my body gets in sync with the 'SHIFT' mode... My energy goes up and my body (and mind) feels more efficient. Every few days there's a definite decrease in body-fat. I can see it in the mirror, feel it by touch, sense it in how my clothes fit - and feel it in my physical performance. Use my 7-Point Outline to create your own version of the Springtime SHIFT and give it a few days to kick in. Keep it simple. Check with your Doctor if you're unsure (even slightly) about it being right for you or not. Any questions, thoughts, comments? Please write in the box below - that space is there for YOU :-) Your trainer for LIFE, - Joey Atlas PS - here's a fun photo Joe (Joey Jr) took yesterday when we picked up my truck from being wrapped with the promo graphics for the new SCULPTAFIT Studio: Joey and Joey SUV preview 2016-03-30 at 11.34.19 AM
Wednesday, February 10th 2016

The intriguing results of my latest annual health exam

Every year - I do what, strangely, lots of men (and women) don’t do… I go in for my complete medical work-up to make sure “all is good and well”... - Full blood analysis - Check all vitals - Prostate - Eyes - Skin scan - Organs - Blood pressure - Etc… Going the extra mile, I even do a complete STD panel between relationships. I believe everyone should do that. But this is a deeper discussion for another day... Now, I haven’t been in a new relationship since my previous, and my last STD profile was clean as a whistle - so there was no need to do it last week. (also saved me from having to give about 3 more vials of blood, lol).

Now - here’s where things get pleasantly interesting...

My complete vision exam was done by a specialist a few weeks prior. When he was done, he said; “Joey, this is rare, but I do see this every now and again… Your vision has actually improved since your last exam 2.5 years ago.” And I knew he wasn’t kidding because I’ve felt that my vision has improved some. 1 point for “aging in reverse”... Then during my physical, we double-checked my blood pressure because it was reading lower than my previous history. And I was in about 6 weeks ago for a spider bite - and even that day my BP was showing good numbers as compared to the last few years. What’s amazing about this is that I’m currently under HIGH stress demands every single day as I work toward getting the 1st SCULPTAFIT Studio open in the Spring. (here's a recent photo I posted on the SCULPTAFIT Instagram Channel )
[caption id="attachment_1680" align="alignnone" width="300"]The Future SCULPTAFIT Studio for Women The Future SCULPTAFIT Studio for Women[/caption]
When I say high stress - I mean HIGH... (I promise to write more about this in a future post). Even my mid-day, resting heart rate was lower. So, to see my BP and resting heart rate down in a much healthier range is very encouraging… This may be due to my daily meditation habit I’ve been including for the last 6 months… And maybe there’s more to it. But either way… Chalk up 2 more points for “aging in reverse”... Now, I say none of this to boast of course - but to share what is possible when we stick to the habits and lifestyle we know ARE GOOD FOR US. Too many people live in a constant state of self-disconnect - and as a result, their bodies and health deteriorate as the months tick by… They take no responsibility for their well-being - and they avoid living up to their best potential… They stay in “the trance” of common societal habits and avoid making the mindset shift which would take them out of the “life rut” - and onward toward optimal health, mental strength and vibrant longevity…

It all comes down to valuing yourself and valuing the 1 life you have...

Your life - your choice. What will you make of it? As always - I’m grateful for you taking the time to stop by here and read today’s post. Let me know your thoughts, questions, comments below - it inspires me to write more when I do hear from you... Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas
Tuesday, January 5th 2016

Latest Tainted Diet/Weight-Loss Pill Recalls and Bans

Below is a list of risky/tainted weight-loss/diet pills that have been recalled due to potential user danger. And although the warnings came from the FDA (USA focused) - International users will also need to hear this as many of these risky/tainted supplements can be purchased globally because of internet availability.
tainted and recalled diet pill weight loss supplements

On December 22, 2015, Bee Extremely Amazed LLC issued a voluntary recall of all lots of the following weight loss supplements, which were found to contain sibutramine and phenolphthalein:

- Asset Bold - Asset Extreme Plus - Evolve - Infinity - Jenesis - La Trim Plus - Oasis - Prime - Slim X-15 - Slim Trim U - Ultimate Formula - Xcel - Xcel Advanced - Zi Xiu Tang Sibutramine, the active ingredient in the obesity drug Meridia, was removed from the U.S. market in October of 2010 because it can substantially increase blood pressure and pulse rate in some individuals, and may present a significant risk for patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke. The drug may also interact, in life-threatening ways, with other medications a consumer may be taking. Phenolphthalein, once an ingredient in some over-the-counter laxative products, was reclassified by the FDA in 1999 as "NOT generally recognized as safe and effective." The FDA warned consumers not to buy or use Oasis Bee Pollen and Evolve Bee Pollen several days before this recall was issued. Consumers who have purchased these supplements should not use them, and contact their healthcare provider if they have experienced any adverse side effects. Consumers and healthcare providers are also encouraged to report any adverse reactions to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting Program If you feel you need "extra help" in your fat-loss efforts - and you already have a good fitness/exercise routine in place, with good nutrition habits - then adding help from a GMP certified, 3rd party tested source is the smart way to go about it. The non-stimulant Metabo379 from BioTrust (read details here) is one worth considering. The dangerous choice of using cheaper, non-tested, non-certified products, with outrageous & unrealistic claims is way too risky for anyone to attempt. And keep in mind, the FDA, and other global watchdog organizations do the best they can to watch over the supplement landscape - but the fact is the sea is way to large for them to be aware of everything that is on the market - and anything new coming into the market. So it falls on us to be wise in our searches and even wiser in how we make our choices of products we might want to include in our health and fitness lifestyles. Please do share this post with anyone you know who could benefit from knowing about the recalls and bans above. Looking out for you... Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas