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Friday, February 10th 2017

Meet MasterCoach MaryAnne and How We Help Women of the Future

Supporting 'Girls On the Run' is a new SCULPTAFIT initiative...

And You Can Help Too... But first - before I introduce you to MasterCoach MaryAnne, I just want to let you know you'll be seeing her again in at least one video when the "new video site" goes live - and she'll also be joining me for at least one podcast episode (you will want to hear what she shares, trust me :-) ... So let's show her some REAL 'AtlasVille' LOVE at the link below!! Girls growing up today need positive encouragement, loving camaraderie and caring guidance so they can truly discover their innate beauty and 'uniqueness' in a world that is becoming more focused on the 'external'... If you've been with me for a while, then you know "EVERYTHING good starts on the inside first..." Click the play button to check out what we're doing in the Studio as Master Coach MaryAnne gives you the scoop... And you'll also meet Nikki, Director of 'Smooth Operations' at the SCULPTAFIT location in Saint Johns/Mandarin, Florida.. And if you want to help this noble cause ==> Just Click Here to Make a Secure Donation That Will Support Growing Girls Today, Who Are The Women of Our Future Even if you can only donate $1 to this much-needed cause - it will be a HUGE help and it will change the life of a young lady. Every cent counts, more than you can imagine... THANK YOU :-) Your trainer for LIFE - Joey Atlas