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Wednesday, February 10th 2016

The intriguing results of my latest annual health exam

Every year - I do what, strangely, lots of men (and women) don’t do… I go in for my complete medical work-up to make sure “all is good and well”... - Full blood analysis - Check all vitals - Prostate - Eyes - Skin scan - Organs - Blood pressure - Etc… Going the extra mile, I even do a complete STD panel between relationships. I believe everyone should do that. But this is a deeper discussion for another day... Now, I haven’t been in a new relationship since my previous, and my last STD profile was clean as a whistle - so there was no need to do it last week. (also saved me from having to give about 3 more vials of blood, lol).

Now - here’s where things get pleasantly interesting...

My complete vision exam was done by a specialist a few weeks prior. When he was done, he said; “Joey, this is rare, but I do see this every now and again… Your vision has actually improved since your last exam 2.5 years ago.” And I knew he wasn’t kidding because I’ve felt that my vision has improved some. 1 point for “aging in reverse”... Then during my physical, we double-checked my blood pressure because it was reading lower than my previous history. And I was in about 6 weeks ago for a spider bite - and even that day my BP was showing good numbers as compared to the last few years. What’s amazing about this is that I’m currently under HIGH stress demands every single day as I work toward getting the 1st SCULPTAFIT Studio open in the Spring. (here's a recent photo I posted on the SCULPTAFIT Instagram Channel )
[caption id="attachment_1680" align="alignnone" width="300"]The Future SCULPTAFIT Studio for Women The Future SCULPTAFIT Studio for Women[/caption]
When I say high stress - I mean HIGH... (I promise to write more about this in a future post). Even my mid-day, resting heart rate was lower. So, to see my BP and resting heart rate down in a much healthier range is very encouraging… This may be due to my daily meditation habit I’ve been including for the last 6 months… And maybe there’s more to it. But either way… Chalk up 2 more points for “aging in reverse”... Now, I say none of this to boast of course - but to share what is possible when we stick to the habits and lifestyle we know ARE GOOD FOR US. Too many people live in a constant state of self-disconnect - and as a result, their bodies and health deteriorate as the months tick by… They take no responsibility for their well-being - and they avoid living up to their best potential… They stay in “the trance” of common societal habits and avoid making the mindset shift which would take them out of the “life rut” - and onward toward optimal health, mental strength and vibrant longevity…

It all comes down to valuing yourself and valuing the 1 life you have...

Your life - your choice. What will you make of it? As always - I’m grateful for you taking the time to stop by here and read today’s post. Let me know your thoughts, questions, comments below - it inspires me to write more when I do hear from you... Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas