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Tuesday, December 8th 2015

Naughty or Nice?

I'm making my list - and checking it twice... So, I need to know if you've been naughty, or nice... 2015 is coming to a close soon - and 2016 arrives in just a few weeks - so it's time for a quick reflection and time to look to the future - as the only way to have the future you desire - is to create it. So... Before you post your reply in the comments section at the bottom of this post... I guess it's only fair if I go first...

Truth is - I've been both naughty and nice...

First - the naughty: 1 - I've sworn a bit more this year than I've wanted to. But have already put the clamps down on it. It's a choice based on values really - not a reaction that can't be controlled - or a habit that can't be dropped. 2 - Been going to bed too late. I find myself still up at almost midnight and this has to be changed. I'm not doing anything bad in those evening hours... Just staying up late, after my youngest goes to sleep, to do some more work - or read for a bit... Even though innocently spending that time - I feel the need to shift my bedtime to an earlier hour (stay tuned). 3 - I haven't shared as much gratitude as I could. Some here and some there - but it needs to become a ritual. So, I may crack open a gratitude journal and aim for a daily entry - even if only one sentence. (those of you who do this know how powerful it can be). That's it for naughty, lol...

Now - the nice:

1 - I've started waking up at about 5:45am - to get a head start on the day - and finish my morning run and meditation before my youngest wakes up for school. 2 - I've cut-down the amount of organic beer/ale to maybe once or twice per month - on a weekend here or there. Not that I was taking in "too much".. but it has become important to me to cut back and just enjoy a little here and there... Sometimes I can go months without. 3 - Eating less chocolate. (still need some daily :-) 4 - Being even kinder and friendlier to strangers and new people I meet. Giving random, but genuine, compliments. (this can make someone's day). 5 - Being even more interactive with my kids. In efforts of total-life, continuous improvement - interaction with my kids is something I continue to work at (I sense they appreciate it.) 6 - Reading daily/nightly. I want to evolve into my full potential and reading is one of the strongest tools for this. I want to build a successful women's fitness studio brand (a revolutionary movement, actually), I want to create an awesomely amazing relationship some day, I want to live a life of wisdom and make an impact on people I come in contact with... I want to be an example for others to emulate - to make this world a better place... Reading, internalizing and acting on the new knowledge gained is how to make all those happen.

So, how about you?

Naughty? Nice? Or maybe a bit of both? I'd love to know - so please use the space below. Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas