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Friday, November 20th 2015

Latest FDA Regulatory Actions on Fraud Nutritional Companies

Most people glance these types of headlines over - if they even get a chance to see them... Because these types of new pieces aren't as magnetic as the ones loaded with nonsensical drama and mainstream brain trash...  
laced and tainted supplements
So I take it as part of my responsibility to pluck these out, feature them here and bring to YOUR worthy attention... So, here we go: Via NBC News: Feds Announce Sweeping Regulatory Actions Against Supplement Makers (arrests, sanctions, fines and shut-downs) The supplement categories and products highlighted range from 'libido/sexual enhancers' to 'weight-loss' to 'hormone aids' to 'sleep aids' and many more...

The article highlights some of these most recent offenses - plus the exact companies guilty of them:

A - Spiked/Tainted with pharmaceuticals/drugs... How dangerous (and sick) is THAT??! B - Adulterated ingredients... Dirty way to do business C - Absent of ingredients listed on label... Sleazy D - Grossly misleading claims... Downright unethical You can also read this official statement letter from The Center for Responsible Nutrition... All in all - when you read about the devious manufacturing practices and dangerous product offerings in the resources above - you can understand why I keep my supplement choices to a very limited few. Those limited few I use are: 1 - BioTrust (ships Worldwide) EVERY order placed feeds a hungry child - and they are also a partner of the 'Make a Wish' Foundation 2 - Prograde (ships to USA & CAN) 4.5 out of 5 Star Shopper Ratings 3 - Living Well Nutraceuticals Top reputation and Customer Support Have any questions, comments, thoughts about today's important post? Please just post below - you know I always love hearing from you. Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas
Monday, November 16th 2015

I’d Love to Hear From YOU

I have a big question for you...

What would you like me to focus on for   new blog posts as we move closer to   the New Year - and into 2016?

PLEASE write your request in the box below... I'm looking forward to hearing from you!! Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas