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Thursday, October 22nd 2015

Magical Moment In the Aisle of Whole Foods

A few weeks ago I promised to share the short story of a magical scene which unfolded in the aisle of Whole Foods - and here it is… If you’ve been following my updates for the last few months you know that I’m in gear to open the first SCULPTAFIT studio for women - ideally by Feb. 1st (as long as lease negotiations go to plan). So, with all the pieces of the puzzle I am pulling together - my mind is working on things 24/7 - both consciously and subconsciously. One of the things I’ve been pondering is my local marketing plan to reach my ideal clients. My general approach is to leverage all the ways I’ve been using the internet to reach people like you, in other parts of the world, in the same manner - to reach people right in my own zip code… The key is to “celebritize” myself in order to give the brand a human face and persona - more importantly - a story.. the “story” of where this unique fitness/wellness concept for women all came from… So, while driving to Whole Foods a few weeks ago - my mind pulled up a memory from a few years ago - when I was running into Walmart to get a small gear bag for my mountain bike… As I’m looking at the display rack - I sense a woman a few feet away from me - and she asks; “Excuse me, you look very familiar - I think I know you from somewhere…” (Jennifer, If you’re reading this please do say “HI” below in the comment section :-) With a smile, I reply; “Really? where do you think you recognize me from?” She replies; “Do you make fitness DVDs? I think I have some of your DVDs… Are you Joey Atlas?” (And as she’s realizing it’s me - she’s getting even more surprised about it.) Smiling even more - I say; “YES - I’m Joey - and I’m so glad to hear you have my dvds - and even happier you took the chance to ask if it is me!!” So we spoke for a bit and it turned out she only lived a few blocks away from me in the previous neighborhood I lived in (Bartam Springs). That episode really gave me a sense of the reach and impact I’m having on people’s lives. My global reach via the internet allowed me to reach someone just a few streets over. AWESOME. It also gave me a sense of the celebrity factor - and how it can elevate the perception of a person who is on a mission. And how it can fuel a person’s drive to create and build a movement - a constructive and progressive revolution - ultimately to help more people reach personal success… That morning driving to Whole Foods - recalling that Walmart encounter - made me realize I need to strive for making more of that happen in my local market in order to elevate the presence of SCULPTAFIT - even before the doors are open for business - all with the aim of reaching my ideal prospects who need and want what SCULPTAFIT will bring them…
So, I get to Whole Foods and I’m in gear to do a very quick shop - the ‘no cart needed’ type… As I’m turning the corner to go from one aisle into the next - I cross the path of a woman walking back to her cart - where her daughter is… I smile and say excuse me as I cross her path… I get into the aisle I was aiming for and I’m looking for a specific item in the freezer case (organic waffles for the kids)... And I sense someone to my right. I hear her say something but sounds like she was talking to someone else… She repeats herself and I realize she’s talking to me; “Do you write a fitness blog?” she asks… Smiling, I apologize for not hearing her the first time and say “YES, how do you know?” She replies; “Is your name Joey... Joey Atlas?” I say “Yes!” And then I ask where she knows me from… She replies; “I don’t know how I came across you - but about 5 years ago, when we were living in Pennsylvania, I found your blog and have been following ever since… We moved here to Florida and I knew it was around your area of Jacksonville…” She also asked about the timing and location for the first SCULPTAFIT studio and was very excited to hear (fist-pump style) that the location may literally be within a mile or 2 from where she and her family live. We spoke for a bit more - and I thanked her, sincerely, for making the connection there in the aisle and reaching out to say hi, etc… She really made my day by doing that - and the magical incident was the universe’s way of showing me it is listening to my thoughts, seeing my intentions - and giving affirmation that I am on the right path. Do you have a magical story to share, similar to mine above? Please share below... Do you live somewhere in Jacksonville, FL? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below… Or anything else you want to share? - please post below, as I’d love to hear from you. As always - thanks for being here - thanks for reading… I'm grateful to be in a position to make your life better. Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas
Friday, October 9th 2015

Want to Meditate With Me?

So, if you recall, in one of my recent emails I mentioned “I’ve officially started meditating…” And I also promised a blog post about it. Not just to tell you more about what I’m doing - but to also suggest why and how you can get started with exploring your own options for meditation… In efforts of being open and transparent - I want to share with you what triggered me to start meditating now - as opposed to last year - or the year before…


That’s one of the main reasons. Others are; for the sake of self development, anti-aging, enhanced cognitive and physical functioning, and more… But - back to the stress issue: Yes - I’m human - and I’m currently working through some common life stresses. One of the biggest advantages I have - is that I keep my daily fitness and nutrition as a top priority. Those are 2 of the biggest stress fighters PROVEN to help give us an advantage in managing it. But, as we know - life can still “bring it on” - and sometimes we need more ammo to help maintain some kind of balance.

Here are some of the stress sources I currently face:

1 - Back in May, we lost one of the teens in our extended family. We are a close family - so his passing hit close to home. The experience has changed us all. He was a fantastic and loving soul. Hard for us to understand the “why”. He’s in our thoughts and hearts everyday, as you might imagine. 2 - As a single dad, my time has become tighter - guiding me to be more mindful & proactive in time optimization. The process brings on some stress - but the outcome is worth it. 3 - Being discerningly single for several years now, I’m realizing the power of “healthy” companionship - and how its absence can leave much to be desired, on many levels - even for a busy, mission-driven spirit, like me. That absence, I believe, is causing a tiny bit of stress. No desperation - simply more ‘aware’ of the human need for well-matched connection. 4 - As you know, I’m working on getting SCULPTAFIT Studio location #1 open in the next few months. LOTS of pieces to a unique puzzle to put together. Lots of brain-bending - and big decision making through these early stages. Stress comes with that package. That being said - I feel blessed to be the one delivering this project to the world - I look forward to sharing more of this as the puzzle comes together. 5 - I’m releasing a very simple, but effective fat-loss program in the next few weeks. (a few subscribers have already gotten access to it for early stage use, etc..) Lots of women have been requesting this over the last few years - so I’ve quietly put something together that is going to be GREATLY appreciated by many. I’m hoping to release the full program toward the end of next week. Alrighty... As you can see - there is stress in my life. Again. Human… [Side note - make no mistake, I believe stress is normal, and REQUIRED in our lives, as there are positive aspects of it. BUT, when the levels rise too high - that’s where danger might be. SO, the proactive measure of managing it BEFORE it gets too high - is what I’m after here.] Hence the start of meditation. It’s been 10 days of "10 minutes every morning", FIRST thing in the morning. (I started with a free trial to the app: 'Headspace' ) and I’m most likely going to sign up as a client for ongoing access and progression to the next levels/zones. In short - meditation is bringing benefits. I feel I am able to reduce the amount of stress I create in my own mind - versus how much is actually “real”. I feel more relaxed overall. I’m sleeping better. I’m more in touch with my physical self - an enhanced mind/body/spirit connection, I guess we can say. I’m more content with life itself - the simple things. (I’ve always been this way - but am even better now during times of stress. This is a sweet breakthrough.) That’s the short version - and I plan on sharing more as time progresses as I believe this is a CRITICAL element of health, wellness and longevity for EVERYONE. (And I do plan to weave this into the ‘method/culture’ we deliver via the SCULPTAFIT Studios.) For now - I want to share some helpful resources if you want to dive deeper into this life-changing realm: 1 - this is the facebook page of Headspace: And this is the page about Andy from Headspace (great TED talk video on this page).   2 - Free Streaming Meditation Audios:   3 - Meditation for Sleep Enhancement A - Mindful Meditation Helps Fight Insomnia B - Sleep Relaxation Techniques Those resources should be good for now, a nice start - until I circle back on this topic later... I’ve re-opened the book “How God Changes Your Brain” (you might remember, I mentioned this book earlier this year) and am now in the sections addressing ‘mindfulness and meditation’... TRULY FASCINATING and helpful - no doubt. BTW - please leave comments, thoughts, experiences, questions below - as I’m interested in hearing from you about this topic. Oh - and don't forget to use the buttons below to share today's post with your friends, family and co-workers. You never know who you might help by sharing it. To be continued… Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas