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Friday, September 18th 2015

4 Latest Updates from AtasVille (1 may change your life)

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Here are the updates for this week:

UPDATE 1 - Over the next few weeks and months - you’ll be seeing a series of emails from me. Several of them will be to share the main website AND social media properties for SCULPTAFIT Studio #1 - and the reason I’m doing this is twofold: A - I’m going to be creating and sharing material via those channels (facebook, youtube, instagram, etc…) and what I share will be applicable to women everywhere. Yes, the aim is to raise our local visibility and highlight our expert status - but I want you to be able to benefit from all the information we create and share. Stay tuned for your invites to connect and be a part of the journey.
SCULPTAFIT white logo
B - There is strength in community. And even though the Studios will be operating on a ‘local’ level - we intend to leverage the ‘connectivity’ elements of the internet and common technology (smartphones, tablets, etc..) to create a global community sharing common bonds, values and aspirations - which consists of SCULPTAFIT Studio clients - and my clients & subscribers from around the world (this includes you, )
When people of common bonds, values and aspirations become connected - a powerful shift happens, and life takes on a whole new look and feel - in a VERY positive way. This is how we change the world for the better. (by improving individual lives).
  Also - It’s not unrealistic for you to imagine a day when there is a SCULPTAFIT Studio near you, as I plan to start franchising in early 2017. UPDATE 2 - There are rumblings of some new FDA food/ingredient bans and product recalls coming soon. As I learn of these I’ll be sure to share them with you so you can take proper action and share the info with your friends and family. UPDATE 3 - The holidays will be here before we know it, and for most people this means gaining some extra weight. My goal this year is to help everyone who struggles with this challenge. If it’s something you battle every year - my aim is to help you reverse that battle this year. So, I’m working on a healthy fat/weight reducing mini-program that should be ready in about 5-6 weeks. Once it’s ready I’ll be sending out pre-release notices for everyone who needs this. It’s actually going to be one of the food/nutrition elements we use with SCULPTAFIT Studio clients. So, I know you’ll appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness. I’ll also be sharing several brand new weight-loss/mindset video lessons from Professor Susan - (the first one may be ready next week). She used to be a size 16 (on a tiny frame) and overcame her food issues with some simple but unique mindset shifts. She'll be sharing her latest info and updates soon - and I'll be helping her get the word out.
[caption id="attachment_1619" align="alignnone" width="274"]Professor Susan, Mom of 3 Professor Susan, Mom of 3[/caption]
Susan has a very powerful "Before and After" story that resonates with MANY women. When you see her latest videos, you'll be glad you tuned in. She's already changed the bodies, minds and health of many people over the last 5 years - and she's not done yet. UPDATE 4 - Top 5 Fruits that Burn Fat; The team at BioTrust just released a new freebie report, and you can get a copy here==>> The Top 5 Fruits for Fast and Lasting Weight-Loss Ok, before you go - be sure to post any questions, comments or kind words of praise below; especially if you've never written to me before (when I know you're reading, and I hear from you - it inspires me to keep doing what I'm doing :-) Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas PS - don't forget to share this now. Just use these buttons to share where you wish: