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Saturday, June 13th 2015

The #1 Oil I Always Have On Hand

The #1 oil I always have on hand is... COCONUT OIL I'll share why in a second. But please know - this is in addition to my long-time staple: extra virgin olive oil (organic) - and a few other unique oils I'll share with you in the future. But for now - some key points on coconut oil... While J. Carney of 'The Alternative Daily' goes into full and complete details in Coconut Oil Secrets - I'll share some of my own "reasons why" here... 1 - It's an amazing alternative to butter. Don't misunderstand me here though. Butter can still be a healthy part of a well structured nutrition plan. It's when it gets overused, with the wrong foods, in the wrong recipes - and gets consumed FAR TOO MUCH, where it creates problems. So, when I do want some variety - I simply use coconut oil where I would use butter. On steamed cauliflower, or broccoli - for example. 2 - For roasting carrots and brussel sprouts. Since it is a "high heat" oil - it is perfect for longer cooking periods, such as when roasting. Add some sea-salt and black pepper and you end up with.... YUM! 3 - As a natural, high-strength moisturizer. my hands spend lots of time in the water. Between making salads, rinsing veggies & fruits - and ocean activities - my hands get very dry. So several times a day - and then before bed - I give my hands a good dose of coconut oil, rubbed in thoroughly. It works EXTREMELY well and has a pleasant smell, as well. Here's a photo of me showing my appreciation of coconut oil:
joey atlas coconut oil benefits
Here's a photo of my part-time office assistant (and daughter :-), just after her shower, with our big jars of coconut oil:
joeys office assistant helping with coconut oil post
Here's a close-up of the label:
organic coconut oil label

"Where can I get this specific coconut oil, Joey?"

I knew you'd ask that :-) If you're a member of Costco - you should be able to get it there as that is where I usually get mine. And you can always hit the "easy" button and just have Amazon ship it to you via this link. Of course - aim to get 'organic' - and keep in mind there are more good brands on the market - so depending on which country you live in - your selection may vary. If coconut oil is new to you, at least give it a try - as it is one more thing you'll be doing to enhance your fitness, strengthen your wellness and improve your quality of life. If you want to go deeper on the info side of coconut oil - I highly recommend J Carney's, Coconut Oil Secrets. Any thoughts, comments or stories about coconut oil? If so, I'd love to hear. So PLEASE post below. Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas