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Wednesday, May 13th 2015

The # 1 Condiment I Can’t Live Without

As a kid growing up in a traditional Italian household - food was an important part of everyday life... Every meal was sacred. And my grandparents naturally taught us this - simply by living example. One day when my Nonna (Grandmother) was making sauce - I was watching her add the spices, etc... As she held the jar of natural sea-salt and added just the right number of pinches to the sauce - I asked "What is that? She said "sale marino"... (which is sea-salt in Italian). And I asked why it looks and feels so different from "regular salt" that I'd see in my American friends' houses... She said; "Sea salt is a gift from the earth. A perfect creation of Mother Nature. When nature gives us something perfect - we shouldn't try to change it for any reason. And that's the problem with regular salt. It's been changed so it's easier and cheaper to make - and because of that we don't get the nutrients we are supposed to - and the food tastes like garbage." That simple explanation not only resonated for years and years to come... But the older I got the more I realized how right she was. Sea salt is PERFECT and it tastes worlds better than regular table salt. But, this should be of no surprise - as there are undeniable reasons for this. Sea salt is the # 1 condiment I can't live without: - because it's a full spectrum electrolyte - STRAIGHT FROM NATURE. And yes... - it adds a flavor to my meals that regular table salt can't even come close too - EVER. But there's more to this story. See - my favorite brand is Aztec Sea Salt - because the guys who started this little artisan company are PASSIONATE about what they harvest - AND the earth they harvest it from... They share their story - plus lots of other info you'll be surprised to learn about right here... Be sure to let them know you heard of them from me - and be sure to spread the word about their mission. These are the kinds of people who will help us make the world a better, more sustainable place. To give you a deeper view of when/how I add sea-salt into my daily nutrition - here are some photos... This is a shot of my daily salad. It's never exactly the same - but very similar from day to day... It really just depends on what greens I'm in the mood for - and what fruits I want to add...
my daily salad
This AWESOME salad above has the following in it: - Arugala - Avocado - Strawberries - Chopped Romaine - Raspberries - Turmeric - Onion Powder - Paprika - Garlic Powder - Black Pepper - Aztec Sea-Salt - Balsamic Vinegar - Ava Jane's Avocado Oil Below is s quick shot of me checking out my new Avocado oil as I get the magical salad together. The silver and black bag is my Aztec sea-salt bag
aztec sea salt
Highly recommended Items to add to your 'Health & Fitness Kitchen' (Note: these are ONLY available in the USA and Canada as of today) 1 - - Aztec Sea-Salt 2 - - Ava Jane's Avocado Oil As always PLEASE let me know if you have any questions about my recipe, if you want more recipes like this... If the photos are helpful... etc... Any thoughts or comments on how YOU use sea salt or avocado oil? (feel free to share YOUR recipes in the comment box below... Or anything else that's on your mind - just post below because I'd like to know... :-) Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas