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Friday, April 24th 2015

Mom and Daughter say Look at My Muscle

You may remember from past posts that I am not a fan of TV. ...Haven't had one for the last 5-6 years. Didn't miss it - didn't need it... Lots of other things to do... Most programming is horrible and detrimental to society. And the commercials??? Are you kidding me? Most of them are just unbearable... A terrible reflection of what resonates with society... (I know that is a generalization - but it is still bad). Anyway - This year I gave in (on a LIMITED basis) simply because me and the kids enjoy watching hockey ( GO NY RANGERS!), soccer - and some good educational shows (TLC, Discovery, Science, The Profit, etc...)... Again - some of the commercials are so ridiculous I can't even put it into words... HOWEVER - every now and again - we'll see one that can be considered good. And I want to share one of them with you as I think you'll enjoy it... Watch it once for a chuckle - then watch it again for a laugh. Good, clean, subtle humor.
Nothing trashy, nothing degrading, nothing to make you shake your head in disgust. Watch for these: "Money doesn't spend itself..." "Look at my muscle..." I'm curious to know if you thought the clip was funny - or not. Either way is good, we all have our own sense of humor... But I'm still curious to hear your thoughts. Funny - or not? Post your answer below. PLEASE :-) Thanks for stopping by the blog today!! :-) Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas
Thursday, April 23rd 2015

This Fitness Studio Is for Women ONLY

I value your opinion - so please share it below after reading what I've decided:

If you've been tuned-in to my last few 'Updates from AtlasVille'... you know I'm planning on opening a new fitness studio (based on my unique methods) by the end of this year. And then a few more in 2016 - and then franchising the model to reach & help as many people as possible.. And If you've only tuned in recently - well, now you know :-) But I've made a BIG decision in the last few weeks. And here's where I'd love to hear your thoughts.

The new fitness studios   will be for WOMEN ONLY...

for Women Only

I'm HIGHLY Aware of How Many Women AVOID Fitness Centers Because of the Co-Ed Factor

Truth be told, if I was a woman - I'd only want to go to a female-only studio. The co-ed factor would NOT work for me... Would be a HUGE turn-off. There are several other key reasons which led to this decision. But I'll share those in a future post. For now - I'D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS on this... - Do you like it? - Against it? - And also, either way - let me know the "why" behind your thoughts... Your comments mean a LOT to me - so please post below - even if for some crazy reason a voice in your head is saying "Eh, Joey doesn't want my opinion..."


Thank you!!!
Friday, April 10th 2015

Playground Workouts You Can Do Almost Anywhere

I love working out on playgrounds... The playground is actually what sparked the idea which has evolved into the new fitness studio concept I'm aiming to have open by the end of this year... So I want to share some of this great playground fitness material with you. Watch these and aim to give at least the easy one a try this weekend. NOTE: be sure to get clearance from your doctor before exercising, especially for the first time. Feel free to show your doctor the videos if you wish.

The "Old" Playground Workout

I made this one a LONG time ago (about 8 years ago) - but it is still a great training session you can do anywhere you find a playground (which is GREAT for traveling).

Chest and Back Focused Playground Workout

This one is about 2.5 years old - But still very close to what I do these days when I head outdoors for an upper body workout. While this might be challenging for beginners - you can start with the "old" playground workout up top - and then use this one as a goal to aim for in the future.  
These types of workouts are part of my anti-aging regimen... They are part of my lifestyle. I don't have to force myself to do them. I look forward to doing them, especially when traveling. And every now and again - someone watching will be inspired into action. (The Ripple Effect) Sure there's time to relax - to sit at the edge of the water - or on a park bench. But that is earned... The body needs "work" first to let the "rest" feel that much more relaxing. There's more to that story - so stay tuned for it. Any questions? Please post below. Comments, thoughts, etc... You can post those below too :-) Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas