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Wednesday, January 7th 2015

Unique Super-Power Fitness Coffee Recipe

Today I share with you my latest recipe for an nutrient-dense, power-packed "coffee", loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, antioxidants, full-spectrum proteins, EFA's and a host of other critical elements that are VITAL for "Living to the Max"... The reason why this is my mid-morning "meal" is simple: It helps me get MAXIMUM nutrition into my body, while keeping me "light" on my toes. See, I no longer eat 'heavy' during the day... But I make sure what I do take-in is HIGH quality - and that it's enjoyable. This is all aimed at optimizing my fitness & performance on a short-term basis - but also making daily nutritional "investments" for my long-term health, longevity and quality of life.

Snapshot of My Fitness Espresso-Zone.

Keeping in mind I'm making this one for myself - let me know if you notice anything funny in this photo (post in the comment below if you've picked up on it :-)
[caption id="attachment_1410" align="alignnone" width="640"]Joey's Super-Power Fitness Coffee Recipe Joey's Super-Power Fitness Coffee Recipe[/caption]

Joey's Super-Power Fitness Coffee Recipe

1 - Organic Almond Milk (unsweetened preferred) <= that is the brand I use. I order it by the case. The price is great and you can't beat delivery to your door :-) 2 - Organic Coconut Sugar <= that is the brand I've been using but I plan to try this one next. 3 - Organic Cacao Powder 4 - 2-3 shots Organic Espresso <= pound for pound and sip for sip this is one of my all time favorites. This is a 5 lb bag and the price for this level & flavor of bean is unbeatable. (I buy whole-bean, as my machines do the grinding). You can also choose a smaller bag on that page.  
5 - Organic Stevia Powder <= again, pound for pound, dollar for dollar, this is one of my all time top picks.  
6 - Organic Super-Greens Powder 7 - Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder (Chocolate) ...and this is the link to Vanilla for anyone who prefers this flavor. (for those who may be sensitive to plant-based proteins - a good whey blend protein powder option is this one )

Here are the Action Steps to Make This Powerful Java Re-Juvenator

1 - Pour about 4oz almond milk into mug (first pre-heat/warm-up on stove if you wish) 2 - Add 1 TBsp of each: cacao, protein, greens, coconut sugar 3 - Add 1 Tsp of stevia 4 - Stir briskly then place under magical espresso maker 5 - pump out 2-3 shots of max-strength espresso directly into mug mixture above 6 - Stir until mixture is mixed right 7 - add a few more oz. of warmed almond milk to create desired volume & taste 8 - ENJOY.......... IMPORTANT NOTE: I don't get crazy with "counting" calories when I make this mid-morning mocha masterpiece, because - yes it has calories, BUT they are all delivering HIGH-POWERED elements my body needs for optimum performance and long term wellness... This recipe is a prime example of fueling your body for fitness, optimum health, quality of life and 'anti-aging'... Before I wrap this one up - please take a second to share today's sweet post by using the buttons of your choice below. I just added those today and would love to get them going - but I need your help :-) Also - please share your thoughts, questions and/or comments about the 'Unique Super-Power Fitness Coffee Recipe' I've shared with you today. And let me know how you like this recipe after you've tried it for yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you! Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas