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Tuesday, December 16th 2014

5 Fitness Progress Photos with Hidden Messages In Them

Let me set the scene for you... This past Sunday, Joe (JoJo Jr) says; "I'm about to go to the gym..." ...and I surprise him by replying; "Cool, I think I may come along with you and make a guest appearance." He says; "Sweet, let's go..." This is out of the ordinary, because I rarely go into a gym these days. See, most of the time I work out at home, on 'The Atlas Unit' - pictured here in the far left corner - (and then at the bottom of today's post so you can get the full effect of the master-piece with all the attachments on.) But it was the PERFECT opportunity for some quality father/son time. I remember the days I used to do this with my father - and still do, when we visit NY - or when my parents come to Florida. So, I'll make note here of "The Ripple Effect"... My father never pushed fitness on us. He simply 'did it'. And I wanted to do it. Same for my brother and sister. We all do it now. And we've influenced our kids - their friends - our friends, etc... THE RIPPLE EFFECT.   So - to "the gym" we went... posing 2 with Joe Joey Jr 44yo VS 18yo   posing with Joe Joey Jr More Goofing Off  

After a few fun posing shots - Joe took a few shots for this blog post...

bodyweight calf raise and deep stretch Slow Body-weight Calf Raises & Deep Stretch favorite ab and core exercise One of My Favorite Ab/Core Exercises IMPORTANT NOTE: even though I went to the gym - I still did my thing. Mostly body-weight training, 'unconventional' as compared to what most of the members & trainers are used to seeing there... 'The Atlas Way'.. so, felt lots of eyeballs on me. A good sign... (The Ripple Effect). So let's talk about today's title: Progress and Hidden Messages...

Topic #1: Progress

In theses photos we have 3 examples of progress: A - My Personal Progress: I'm still maintaining my best levels of fitness & health via the strengthening of my mindset and all that goes into it. Still aiming higher - but with 'balance'. Optimal Aging and Living to the Max is a daily practice - and state of mind based on values... NOT just something to say I'm interested in - or "Oh I eventually need to do that." Now is the time. B - Joe's Progress: He's passed me in height - and he's aiming to pass me in "fitness" (muscle). He's come a long way in the last few years and has great potential with the drive to keep reaching for it. (My girls do too :-) C - Stay tuned for an update on this one!

Topic #2: Hidden Messages

All-righty - let's have some fun with this one... I'll share one - and then you can use the space below to share any you may have picked up on as you review today's post. Hidden Message #1: Yes, I'm not one to hit 'the gym' as I have everything I need for my physique and fitness at home. BUT, there's something to be said for being flexible, for the sake of our relationships - and sharing quality time with the people in our lives. That leads me to a hint for Hidden Message #2: Joe and I also used that 'gym time' to gather "intel" - to observe and glean insights into opportunities that exist in the fitness industry :-) Have any thoughts, fun comments, awesome questions - or just want to take a try at one of the other hidden messages? I'd love to hear from you - so please post in the space below - that's there for YOU. Your trainer for life, Joey Atlas