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Wednesday, July 16th 2014

Relationship Books I’ve Read to Help Me Live to the Max

The slogan of this blog, Live to the Max, transcends 'fitness' - it is applied to all aspects of life. On that note - as promised, here is your follow-up post to my recent and quite popular post The Inside Scoop On My 3rd and Final Wife Again, I want to thank EVERYONE who commented on that post. I’ve already ordered about 6 of the books recommended by others. And I’m loving them so far...
[caption id="attachment_1262" align="alignnone" width="480"]new books for relationships and love Some New Books for Relationships and Love[/caption]
The purpose of today’s post is to share some of the books I’ve already read over the last year or two - and hopefully share a few insights & thoughts that might help a few readers today - maybe even help myself as I put things into the written word (a VERY powerful exercise, btw).
[caption id="attachment_1260" align="alignnone" width="500"]Innocent & True Display of Affection Innocent & True Display of Affection[/caption]
As I’ve mentioned in the past, I love to read. Not so much for the sake of reading - but to satisfy my thirst for knowledge & enlightenment - mostly focused on: A - living to my fullest potential (in all areas) B - inspiring others to do the same C - and in the spirit of this blog - Living to the Max. Today’s focus? Finding/Creating an awesomely healthy love-relationship. So... I’ve been on a torrid reading spree of relationship-focused books. (some days I read 5 pages - other days it might be 60-70). One of the authors I highly recommend is Robert Johnson. Here is a link featuring some great quotes from him - to give you a taste of his work: I’ve read the following books by him, so far: 1 - We; Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love 2 - He; Understanding Masculine Psychology 3 - She; Understanding Feminine Psychology 4 - Inner Work I dog-eared them the first time through - but I will read them again, with a highlighter next time - as there are certain sentences and paragraphs that hit home in profound ways and will surely serve as powerful ‘review-reminders’ as time and life progresses. There are times when I’m reading and I’ll come across an idea or concept that makes me stop and think about how deeply what I just read resonates with me - how much it is a belief, based on my values. Seeing these things in black and white, from wise teachers who’ve been around much longer than I, is reaffirming - and also a boost that pushes my ‘awareness’ a bit higher. Writing that just made me realize that as I go through each day - it’s easy to see how most people just “go through the motions” - motions that are fueled by societal norms and habits. It’s a challenge to ‘step out’ of all that - and requires work & discipline - but it can be done, and it's worth it - many, many times over.... And the more you do, the easier it gets. And with time you’ll notice you tend to connect with others who are working on developing ‘awareness’ in their journey of life. I don’t want to get too far off base here (maybe another day) - so I’ll close with saying ‘thanks’ again, for reading this today - and let me know your thoughts on Robert Johnson (or any other thoughts you might have). Please post below... Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas
Saturday, July 12th 2014

#1 Fitness Food Tip: New Miracle Pasta – ZERO Carbs!

New Pasta Discovery Becomes a New Item In My Fitness Nutrition Arsenal Today, this is my "#1 fitness food tip"... Next week or next month, it might be something else. BUT, it won't make today's tip any less valuable. It will still be a "keeper" :-) So... As I mentioned a few weeks ago - I've had many new discoveries over the last few months while shifting into 'beach fitness/lifestyle' mode - and having my sister & mom in town for extended visits... My sister, Marisa - is also into the fitness lifestyle... Well, in her own style. Yes, she uses my programs for most of her training sessions - but she also has her own nutrition habits... And I was fortunate enough to have her introduce me to the idea of trying these "Zero carb, zero calorie noodles..." I made a VERY SIMPLE stir-fry dish with them - AND I WAS HOOKED. Fair warning though: You may LOVE these noodles - or you might despise them. I promise to shoot a few short videos of me making my quick & easy stir-fry dishes - so you can see exactly how I do it - and how you can too. Stay tuned for those... But for now - here are two videos I found that are worth watching (until I can record mine) if you want to explore the possibility of adding this neat pasta substitute to your fitness nutrition arsenal: Shirataki Noodle Facts and Recipe Video 1 More Shirataki Noodle Facts and Recipe Video 2

Here are 2 close-ups of the nutrition label:


Shirataki Noodle Nutrition Profile

[caption id="attachment_1244" align="alignnone" width="550"]shirataki noodle nutrition profile shirataki noodle nutrition profile[/caption]

Shirataki Noodle Ingredients

[caption id="attachment_1248" align="alignnone" width="550"]shirataki noodle ingredients shirataki noodle ingredients[/caption]
1 - Let me know what you think about today's post by using the space below... 2 - Let me know if you've ever tried Shirataki Noodles 3 - If you've never tried them - and do try them soon - please come back and share your feedback below, etc... 4 - If you're new here and just found this blog because a sweet friend shared it with you - I invite you to take a look at some of the other posts here - and feel free to sign up for all updates and future posts, to stay connected and in the loop.

AND.. Stay tuned for several other hot fitness & nutrition tips I'll be sending you during the next week...

Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas
Wednesday, July 2nd 2014

The Inside Scoop On My 3rd and Final Wife

As I search the universe for my ideal mate to share the rest of my life with - I find I’m “looking” in different ways than I have in the past... This is a good thing... A VERY GOOD thing... And I plan to write more about this, in depth, in the near future...
[caption id="attachment_1233" align="alignnone" width="500"]joeys search Who Will "She" Eventually Be?[/caption]
LOTS of revealing info to be shared; such as - some of the recent relationship books I’ve read, thoughts I’ve had - and observations I’ve made... One of these details ("looking" in different ways) has to do with make-up - or lack of it... See, I’m realizing how much I LOVE the look of a woman who wears no make-up - or hardly any...

***It’s much deeper than the superficial look though... It SAYS something about how she sees herself - and her confidence in her own natural beauty... She is SECURE.***

Again - there are several layers to this - and I’ll be writing a full blog post about it soon - as I’m feeling slightly prolific again... That being said - there are times when a woman wants to wear some make-up - i.e., special events, date night, etc... I get it - and I’m all for it every now and again… BUT - I would say, even if only once in a while - if you place importance on what you put on your body (just like the quality of the foods/nutrients we put in our bodies) - then you’ll appreciate RAL's Gluten-Free, Natural Cosmetic Line  <= Visit their blog AFTER you finish reading the rest of my sweet post here :-) I’ve made mention of their amazing product line in the past - and I still get lots of positive feedback about it... Not only that - but, my sister and older daughter are hooked on several of R.A.L.’s all natural beauty items (such as Rallye Balm) ok - Before you go visit their fantastic blog and website... I’d love to know if you have any great relationship/dating resources that have helped you, or someone you know, at some point in your life. I have a handful which have already helped me profoundly (I’ll be sharing those in my next post)... BUT, If you know of a great book, a blog, podcast, etc - please share below because I plan to use some of that feedback in the next big blog post I write for this topic - which is important to me - and most likely a number of other readers here. AGAIN - I’m scratching the surface in today’s post - and plan to go much deeper in the next one... So, in the meantime, let’s also have a little fun with this: If you want to nominate someone for my ideal life-time match - then just post below - even if you’ve never played ‘match-maker’ in the past. Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas