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Friday, March 7th 2014

Big Changes Here Improve Your Life Profoundly

My Personal Evolution Is Impacting You Positively, Starting Right Now... And from here forward this is going to become more powerful - and more obvious. Let me explain... Pause for a moment and look at the website you're on right now. Notice anything different compared to the last time you were here? Right! You see the bright blue theme - and the 'whiter' content boxes here... This may seem like a small change, but it's not. It's actually a symbol of my evolution... My evolution which is taking me in a direction that will touch many more lives - in ways that may surprise you at the deepest levels. Before I explain the details - take a look here: You may recognize the previous color theme for Yep "gray"... Not surprisingly, that design was created during a very "gray" time of my life, back in late 2009:
[caption id="attachment_1167" align="alignnone" width="300"] late 2009 (gray) late 2009 (gray)[/caption]
And if we go back even further, here (below) is what looked like in late 2005. During that time, I was just trying to keep the pieces of my life together (and was it ever a MONUMENTAL challenge). This version of the site is symbolic of just that... "just keeping the pieces together, barely."
[caption id="attachment_1168" align="alignnone" width="300"]joeyatlas late 2005 (first) late 2005 (first)[/caption]
So, why the blue/white design update? And what powerful pieces are coming next? During the last few years - my life has been getting brighter and brighter. Not by luck, or by chance, or by accident - But by specific thoughts and actions I've been taking. So, not only did the colors on this website need an update to be more in line with 'me' - but I'm mapping out a full action-plan to build 2 more websites, which will be the vehicles where I am able to share all the things I've learned (and continue to learn) in order to improve my life - to levels of which I used to dream of as a child...

Want Specifics? ...Ok

The current plan consists of 2 key components: 1 - I am outlining my design for blog/podcast combo that is specifically for people who desire to find/create the ultimate, intimate relationship. Why? Because the "homework" I've been doing, as I continue to prepare to meet my ideal life-partner (and create the opportunity for her to find me), has been a powerful awakening in the dynamics of dating, relationships - and FINDING TRUE LOVE. (Remember, I've been through 2 challenging marriages both ending in uniquely challenging, but powerfully formitive, divorces). ...So profound - that I feel I must share my experiences & insights - and also bring certain works, perspectives and life-changing lessons to your attention. Part of this fulfills my desire to make this world a better place - by helping people in areas where they can use it the most. I've realized I have a special gift for communicating, one which I want to develop even further - and I have to extend the reach as far and wide as possible, in order to make the positive and profound impact on every individual who is ready to connect, listen and re-think how they live, and consciously choose what actions they take. 2 - I love Marketing and I'm VERY good at it. More importantly, I have lots to say and share in this area - to help other entrepreneurs and businesses reach levels higher than they ever thought possible. (More to come on this). Both of the topic areas above get my juices flowing, and give me energy when I talk about them with others. As the path continues to form - and I share more of the details regarding today's post - the "reasons why" will become more evident... Each of the 2 topics above will have it's own website - and brand identity. They will stand apart from my fitness zone - and from each other - but all will be connected in certain ways, of course. Even if only watching me "create" helps to inspire you to reach for your own potential - then that alone is all worth it. What I mention here is partially fueled by my own desires... Desires to evolve toward my potential and help others in the process - and also fueled by strong encouragement from others who have had the chance to interact with me in the last few years, regarding the subject matters above. That’s the short version of what I wanted to share today... And I’m interested in what you’re thinking right now... Whatever you’d like to say will be very helpful - so just use the space below and let me know :-) Seriously - if you've been "quietly reading along" but have never shared your thoughts here before - I'd really like to hear from you too. Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas