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Friday, February 14th 2014

# 1 Biggest Problem with Our Daily Nutrition

# 1 Biggest Problem with Our Daily Nutrition ok - Real quick here... [NOTE - the bottom of this page has a box where you can post your comments and thoughts... If you reply by email it is very likely that I won't see it - and it also takes away from others benefiting from what you have to share here. So, post below!!] First, I hope you had a Super-Sweet Valentines Day, if more you chose to celebrate it... Now I understand, depending on what country you’re in - this day of ‘Cupid’ may not be on your calendar... And even if it is... You might be single... Nothing wrong with that - I’m with you. Good things are in our future, if we maintain a strong level of discernment as we journey... On that note - you might appreciate this article if you are single: click  NOTE: You can remove the ‘Christian/God’ references and it is still just as worthy a read. So, don’t let that throw you off... Why am I sharing that article? Well, part of my own relationship ‘homework’ is to take a look at some of the things women are reading when it comes to relationships. ralph lauren uk  Smart right? :-)) ok - Second - the #1 Biggest Problem with the Modern-Day “Diet”... No matter what country you’re in - just take a look around (take notice of how many out of shape/unfit people you see) - and also think about how many people you know who are suffering from various medical conditions. I’m not saying to “judge” them... I’m just saying to take visual note of how society influences peoples’ food/calorie intake… Not just the quantity - but even more so - the QUALITY (or lack of it, actually…) We live in a “consumption” society.. Food and beverages available almost EVERYWHERE… And humans have become programmed to CONSUME. High amounts of poor quality foods. And society is paying a price. A very steep price. The health ramifications run far and wide - all because most people live with a blind faith that “someone else” is policing the food and beverage industry - so “us consumers are safe”... WRONG. It’s up to us - individually - and in groups where a common interest is shared - to decide what is right - and what is best for us... Both in terms of quantity - and QUALITY...

What we put into our bodies - BECOMES our bodies. It’s really that simple.

If you need more details to make that sink in - then this video clip should help. Eye-opening material. And yes, go ahead and share it with anyone else you know who can benefit from hearing this pep talk. Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas PS - VERY Important: I'm seriously considering starting a new blog - to let me focus on the broader scope of life... It will be a platform for me to share insights and perspectives on various aspects of life... such as the business/work side of things... relationships... personal evolution/self-improvement - and how all of these things (plus more) intersect in the most interesting, and inspiring, ways... You interested? Let me know below :-)