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Thursday, September 26th 2013

Combo-Cardio Using Bodyweight, Jump-Rope and Medicine-Ball

Combo-Cardio Using Bodyweight, Jump-Rope and Medicine-Ball AS ALWAYS - PLEASE get your doctor's clearance before doing any type of exercise routine. These 2 videos can easily be combined for a more advanced, full-body cardio routine, you can literally do anywhere-anytime. Here's a convenient Cardio-Combo Cheat-Sheet you can print and take with you, if you wish. [Below the 2 videos are the moves outlined in the cheat-sheet.] Here are some important and interesting notes: A - Combining these 2 sequences will get you breaking a sweat - and you'll have FUN doing it :-) B - As I was putting this post together, I realized how much I've "evolved" from the first video to the second one (and also how much more I've evolved from the second one - up to the present day.) If you pay close attention to the first video it's easy to notice I was struggling with reaching the shape I wanted to be in… But, what may not be so obvious is my struggling "spirit"… I recorded that during a VERY challenging time of life. Everything I did was a true struggle. There was a lot going on - and every minute of the day (& night) was a challenge to work through… But I did it... And in the second video you can 'see' more of the real me. Going through that phase of life is one of the ingredients that fueled my inspiration for the "LIVE to the MAX" mindset and lifestyle. Maybe I'll record a new video in the next few weeks, with some new combo moves - to see what further "evolution" we can pick up on film - both the obvious ones -- and maybe the not-so-obvious :-) ... Will be interesting… C - ok, finally - Assuming you've gotten clearance to do this routine, please give it a try and let me know how you do with it by posting in the comment box at the bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing from you! Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas
Cheat-Sheet Summary: 1 - Jump-Rope 2 - Up & Downs 3 - Jump-Rope 4 - Up & Downs 5 - Big Diagonals 6 - Big Vs 7 - Upside-Down Vs 8 - Up & Downs w/ Medicine Ball 9 - Up & Downs w/ Medicine Ball - Advanced Again - any questions, comments or thoughts can be placed below... See the box down there? :-)
Friday, September 20th 2013

5-Minute Cardio FUSION Medicine-Ball Workout

Here's a 5-Minute Cardio FUSION Medicine-Ball Workout I recorded about 3 or 4 years ago. And I still do this a few times a month - depending on the weather. Sometimes I'll even combine this with jump-rope intervals for more intense, slightly longer session. The beauty of this little routine is that you can literally do it anywhere - indoors, or outside. Press play and watch me demonstrate:
- If you are a newcomer to 'AtlasVille', or if you're unsure about your fitness-ability, BE SURE to get your doctor's clearance before doing this, or any other type of exercise method. - If you're a beginner - you can substitute something VERY LIGHT, for the medicine-ball. For example: you can use a volley-ball, a basketball, soccer ball... Or even a pillow from the couch. Trust me on that :-) - If you're 'advanced', or just want to extend the cardio-session a bit - then simply repeat the sequence I demonstrate in the video. Do it twice for a solid 10 minute sweat-breaker... Three times for an even more challenging, 15 minute, fat-burning, body-toning cardio session... I'll take this over a treadmill or stationary bike any rainy or cold-snowy day of the week :-) Let me know what you think in the comment box below. Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas
Wednesday, September 18th 2013

#1 Best Protein Bar Happens to Be…

The #1 Best Protein Bar Happens to Be an awesomely complete meal replacement bar - and also one of my favorites... (it's also available in almost EVERY COUNTRY). But it gets even better than that - and here's why... It happens to be one of the largest meal-replacement protein/nutrition bars available - and because of this I can cut each one in half and GET TWO SERVINGS from just one bar. This means I'm getting them for about half-price if you think about it... And when you compare that to the cost of the average, health & body killing "fast-food" meal - it's more than just a bargain... It's PRICELESS. See, here's the nutrition breakdown of only HALF a bar: A - 148 calories B - 10 grams highest quality protein C - 5.5 grams healthy/essential fats D - 15 grams balanced carbohydrates E - 7 whopping grams fiber The beauty of this Belgium Chocolate Chip bar is that it is: 1 - 100% All-Natural 2 - USDA Certified Organic 3 - can be eaten whole, as a "Fast-Food" fitness meal solution 4 - Certified Non-GMO 5 - Certified Gluten-Free 6 - Certified Hormone & Antibiotic-Free 7 - NO Soy Protein 8 - NO Artificial/Chemical Sweeteners 9 - NO Maltitol or Glycerin 10 - can be eaten 'in-half' as pre or post-workout snack - or light breakfast/lunch [ NOTE: The Apple-Pie ala Mode flavor will be coming out soon. ]
[caption id="attachment_1030" align="alignnone" width="288" caption="Protein Bar Chart - CLICK TO SEE LARGE VERSION"]Protein Bar Chart[/caption]
Some Important Notes: 1 - I always order 4 boxes at a time - BECAUSE I THEN GET TWO BOXES FREE. 2 - I always order again BEFORE I run out, so I always have them on hand - and ready for travel too. 3 - They include a Free Smoothie and Shake recipe book when you place your order 4 - These bars are the type you can give your kids, knowing that everything in the is SAFE, NATURAL and HEALTHY Check these out for yourself before they run out, just click here.
Enjoy! ...I have a feeling you will :-)

Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas