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Wednesday, June 5th 2013

22yr Fitness Time Lapse & Side by Side Physique Photos

Latest Beach-Ready-Body Progress Update - and Then Some...

Ok - so, it's official - I'm "Beach-Ready" as you can see in the recent photos below... And for the most part - I'll just be on 'cruise-control' to stay in this great Summer zone... Let's go a bit deeper now...
[caption id="attachment_975" align="alignnone" width="536" caption="Joey Atlas: 21 y.o. VS 43 y.o."]Joey Atlas: 21 y.o. VS 43 y.o.[/caption]
"That Was Then, This is Now" - 22 Years of Wisdom & Tips Outlined Here: 1 - Many people say “It’s harder to stay in shape now that I’m older...” Well, right here, I’ll debunk that ‘myth’... It has actually gotten easier for me. My workout sessions are maybe one-third of what they used to be in the old days (in terms of time spent training) - and they are more effective. It has all gotten psychologically easier too. I look forward to all my fitness activities. In the old days, I had to hold a tough, demanding, iron-clad commitment to my training regimen and diet. I believe people use that myth to (attempt to) self-justify their behavior. Just sayin’... 2 - In the old days, my training took so much out of me, I hardly had energy for much else... My body needed a lot of recuperation between workouts... Now - my training enables me to do so much more. Sure I work out hard and give it all I got - BUT, the style of training, enhances not only the form of my physique, BUT also my ability to function at optimal levels for all the things I enjoy doing... Biking, hiking, kayaking, surfing, swimming, soccer, frisbee chasing... I can do it all - and still have energy to spare for whatever else I want to do. 3 - My fluctuations throughout the year were drastic and unhealthy in the old days. My weight could be anywhere from 125-LBS to 165-LBS depending on what time of year it was - and what things I may have been dealing with in my life at that time... Now, I maintain a healthy, strong and balanced body-weight between 125-LBS to 135-LBS (the 135-ish is usually during our Winter season). 4 - The evolution of my training methods & nutrition habits has dramatically reduced the aches and pains I deal with - and I mean DRAMATICALLY. 5 - Old friends (who used to be in awesome shape) see me know and just shake their head in wonder... asking “How have you managed to keep your physique in tip-top condition, even though we are in our 40’s now???” The reason is, staying fit and healthy has gone beyond just what I see in the mirror, or what I want others to see when they look at me... It is mostly about taking care of the one body and life I’ve been given... It’s about taking care of my health and well-being - being responsible for the condition I’m in... Giving myself the best life possible - and getting the most out of it in all regards. 6 - I want to continue to be “the example”... to show people what is possible - not “tell” them what might be possible without doing it myself... I want to walk the talk. There is profound power in that
[caption id="attachment_977" align="alignnone" width="279" caption="21 y.o. - Northeastern Natural USA"]21 y.o. - Northeastern Natural USA[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_978" align="alignnone" width="253" caption="43 y.o. - Beach-Ready-Body Update"]43 y.o. - Beach-Ready-Body Update[/caption]

New Updates from AtlasVille:

A- Many arrows and signals are pointing me toward securing a beach business location to enable me to bring you more of what you want - and more of what can help you stay fit for life. Today, I went to one of my regular spots in Atlantic Beach and did a full lower-body workout. Just me and the sand... Awesome - and my lower-body is feeling it right now :-) I am looking at options, to take this beach/outdoor fitness training to the next level - and things can get interesting in the next few weeks... Stay tuned for that. B - As mentioned in a recent email, you’ll be hearing about some new local fitness friends, who have some superb material they’ll be sharing with us during the next few months... This husband and wife couple have been through their own “ups and downs” of fitness - and have come up with some sweet and powerful solutions... 2 great, modest people in fantastic shape... And, yes - just like me - these ‘middle-agers’ catch eyeballs of the 20 year-olds when we are kicking around on the beach... You’ll enjoy their stories and the ultra-helpful things they’ll be sharing with you... So, stay tuned for that. C - It’s June - that means July will be here soon, and I’ll be heading up to New York (Westchester, Brooklyn, NYC, Long Island, etc..) for some Summer work and fitness activity - mixed in with visiting family and friends along the way... D - My support team has been getting email inquiries for reasons outside the norm - so I’ll answer some of them here: d1 - Yes, I do one-on-one, private fitness coaching (via phone or in-person) - ON A VERY LIMITED basis. d2 - Yes, I also do VERY LIMITED business development/marketing consulting. This is time-consuming, so I don’t do much of this. d3 - Some bold women have been asking if I’m married, single, etc.... Just for fun - I won’t post the answer here (...keep the mystery going)... BUT, those who’ve been following closely enough should know the answer - or maybe not :-) ok - that’s it for now... I’ll be expanding on some of the points above over the next few weeks and months - so you’ll want to stay tuned for all that... REMEMBER, It’s Father’s Day this Sunday (here in the USA) - so make it a great one for all the Dad’s in your life... I’ll be celebrating it on the beach with my 3 rabbits... The conditions are looking ideal for lots of fun activities (surfing, body-boarding, etc...) I always love hearing your thoughts, comments and questions - so use the space below and give it a go :-) Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas