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Tuesday, March 26th 2013

2.5 Week Beach-Ready-Body Tune-Up Progress Update

A few weeks ago I posted My Wild Before and After Experiment With Vulnerable Photos - feel free to read that if you missed it the first time... I felt timing these posts and updates around my 43rd birthday would give them more ZING and meaning :-) Spring has arrived and Summer gets here VERY fast in Florida - which means lots of time and activities outdoors and at the beach. So, here is my 2.5-week Beach Body progress update (the photos below were taken about 7 days ago.. this post is delayed by about a week due to a tight schedule)... 1 - As you can see, the upper body hair is gone (except for my forearms). 2 - light tan has started as more outdoor/beach time is natural this time of year 3 - body fat has dropped a little.. down to about 12.5% 4 - total weight is down around 2-3 pounds (around 132-LBS)
Metabolism/Food Intake Changes: A - My breakfast is now actually around 11:30am (I do have some black tea with stevia and organic skim-milk when I wake up, with my morning supplements - and then after my morning cardio workout, I do have some organic carrots and strawberries - and some more black tea.) B - My activity levels have increased a bit. The weather is warming up in north Florida... So, more outdoor time. Darah is now riding a bike WITHOUT training wheels, so I can run in the morning and she rides along-side me... Then we throw in 1 or 2 more rides throughout the day :-) C - I've shifted to "leaner" breads for my 11:30am breakfast sandwich. 2 slices max out at around 160 calories - and there is more protein and fiber content as compared to traditional breads. I'm getting the itch to start bringing steel cut outs and nuts into my breakfast rotation - so I may alternate between the two... D - I make sure there is always a supply of low-calorie, nutrient dense veggies and fruits - ready to go. These "feel better" in the warm and hot Spring/Summer months. And they fill in the "hungry" gaps during the day and evening, between the meals I already have planned. E - I get both doses of Metabo223x in before I eat lunch, which for me is around 3:30pm. So, dose #1 is with my morning black tea and the 2nd dose is around noon with some carrot sticks and strawberries. When it gets hotter in a few more weeks (lots more sweating during activities), I'll add my electrolyte supplement to this mid-day ritual. Stay tuned for the next update - I'm aiming to have progress photos and other insights for you in about a week to 10 days from now. Please share your thoughts, comments and/or questions below - I'd love to hear from you.

Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas

Sunday, March 3rd 2013

#1 food that killed my aunt at the age of only 57

Did you get a chance to see the article link from the NY Times I sent you yesterday? I don't know about you - but it really hit home for me. See, my mom has 2 sisters. One of them (Theresa) died at the young age of 57yo. (she looked much older than 57 - keep reading to see why).

God rest her soul - we wish she was still with us - as she was 'unique', full of love and always the source of good humor. BUT, her early departure was no surprise - as about 72% percent of her diet was 'SUGAR'… Yes, sugar kills. I witnessed it with my own eyes - a slow death that culminated at the age of 57 for my aunt. This was one of the events that inspired me to do the work I do today…

If you read the article I sent you yesterday - you'd have seen an important study highlighted in it. (go read it if you didn't yet).

This study, for the first time ever, conclusively pinpointed the #1 cause of type 2 diabetes and by extension, excess, stubborn weight.

They did, however, miss one incredibly important detail, which I'll explain in a second, but first, let's get to the good stuff that they DID get right.

The study showed that the link between this #1 cause of type 2 diabetes and by extension, extra, stubborn flab, was just as strong as the link between cigarettes and lung cancer.

So what is this #1 cause?

Sugar - plain and simple.

Shocked? I didn't think so.

But what WAS shocking is what this column goes on to say:

"All calories give off the same amount of energy when burned, but your body treats sugar calories differently, and that difference is damaging."

FINALLY -- someone from the mainstream media acknowledging what we've known for years, which is that not all calories are created equal… and that THE most devastating waist-expanding, artery-clogging, diabetes-causing calories you can consume comes from sugar.

HOWEVER, this study and this article miss one incredibly important detail.

It's not just plain old sugar itself that triggers your body to accumulate excess fat and causes type 2 diabetes - it's also all of the foods that our bodies quickly turn INTO sugar that does the SAME thing.

These are foods that most of us eat EVERY DAY - foods that we THOUGHT were healthy, but in fact are absolutely LOADED with sugar in various forms.

It's these hidden forms of sugar that you want to ban body -- they shut down your body's primary fat burning hormone while FORCING your body's primary fat storage hormone to overact, causing layers of unwanted body-fat to accumulate.

World-renowned nutritionist, Dr J Bowden, outlines all of these hidden forms of sugar - and exactly how you can avoid them, here:

==> Cut These 2 Foods to Avoid Excess Belly-Flab and Type 2 Diabetes…

I highly recommend tuning in, if you have any concerns about excess belly-flab, pre-mature aging or diabetes - and all the bad that comes with those...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and... Be healthy, Be fit & Be proactive in your quest!

Your trainer for life,

- Joey Atlas

P.S. He also explains exactly what type of foods you should eat instead (and gives you 5 delicious examples) to help fire up your metabolism and start chipping away, day by day, any excess fat that may have accumulated over the years:

==> 5 Delicious Foods that Fire Up Your Metabolism

Saturday, March 2nd 2013

My Wild Before & After Experiment with Vulnerable Photos

One of the biggest challenges of living an effective fitness lifestyle is making it work in modern day life. Over the years, I’ve discovered some subtle but powerful keys to make this work. One of these keys is the ability to ‘fluctuate’ throughout the year - in a healthy and balanced way. See, this allows us to stay in a ‘fit range’ - instead of one absolute state of physical fitness. For example - in the high Summer, I usually weigh in at 129 Lbs - and maybe 9% body-fat. Keep in mind, I’m 5’2”, when you’re thinking about that 129 Lbs (far from “too skinny”)... And in the middle of Winter - which is what it is right now - (yes it gets a bit “cold” in North Florida) - I usually go “up” in weight - to about 134 Lbs - and maybe around 13.5% body-fat... I took the 2 BEFORE photos below, AND measurements, just a few hours ago. (Please take notice of the "old-school $5 sweats" which I am working hard at bringing back into style). [caption id="attachment_863" align="alignnone" width="838" caption="March 2013 - at 43yo some of those awesome white hairs come out at mid-chest"]joey winter march 2013[/caption] [caption id="attachment_864" align="alignnone" width="775" caption="March 2013 - look at that crazy hair swirl in the middle!"]joey winter 2013 back view[/caption] Now that 5 Lbs might not seem like a lot - BUT, when you see the difference (in about 6 weeks) it may look dramatic. I’m doing this NOW, because it looks like this will be the last, or one of the last, “cold” weekends here in North Florida... And once it starts to warm up and daylight time gets longer each day - I tend to be outdoors and more active - more often - especially on the weekends when the kids want to be on the beach... What naturally happens is what creates the change you’re going to see when I post the “after” photos in April or May... You’ll benefit from this in several ways - some of which won’t be evident until I post the ‘after’ photos. Here comes part of my point: Without my light Summer tan - and with all my Italian body hair grown in to keep me warm during the Winter - my physique looks VERY different. Different people will use different words to describe this difference - Feel free to post your comments, thoughts or questions in the box below this post. Over the next few weeks and months - I’m going to share the things I do as Spring/Summer gets closer - and I make slight adjustments to drop the Winter body-fat - and also “lose” the layer of upper-body hair that can feel like a sweater if left unshaven in the warmer seasons. NOTE - if you have any personal experience or insights on the subject of laser hair removal, PLEASE share below as it is something I am considering for my upper body. (I did try waxing about 20 years ago - and IT WAS FREAKING TORTURE.. enough said there :-) One thing I’ll be doing is trying at least 9 of the recipes from the Unleash Your Thin recipe books that I bought a few days ago - I just got the whole package today. Here’s a photo I took today right before I took the shirtless photos above.
UYT Recipes and program
I got the U.Y.T. whole package - digital version and the 3 books and CD’s. For the average person this is GOLD material. For me - the recipe book alone is priceless because it give me more variations of what I already do - but it saves me lots of time, energy and guesswork - and the kids LOVE these types of recipes too... Life get’s easier :-) Post your comments below - and STAY TUNED for my detailed “transformation” updates and photos over the next few weeks and months... My "after" photos are going to be pretty cool... And, there will be priceless lessons, tactics and strategies for you to pull from the events that are going to be unfolding from now - until it's time to post the afters... On paper, the changes won't be drastic - but to the eye - they will be quite dramatic. The same can be true for you too. Your trainer for life, - Joey Atlas